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  1. The Chingasos are interested depending on which date
  2. So, I wonder if today's downtime is the 10,000 banhammers being dropped on pvp botters...
  3. And there was ogre crap EVERYWHERE!
  4. -Your main character for PvE - Belicoso - Zul'jin -Your main spec: Arcane -Your alt characters for PvE - Zazaine - Zul'jin -Your alt specs: Destruction -Your gaming schedule. Raid on Friday, Saturday and Sunday evenings -Your PvE experience. 6/10 BRF N -Can you lead a raid? some days yes -Can you lead a challenge mode group? no -Can you lead a heroic group? dungeons, yes; raids, maybe... -What's your preferred setting for PvE? (Heroics, raids, challenge modes) Raids Availability for raids will depend on lockout schedule, although Highmaul will most likely be open. Belicoso#1645 (since I am on another server)
  5. Brace yourselves; he's coming... Chingasso - Horde (time may be limited due to raid responsibilities on Zul'jin server, but I can be reached through RFID via Keraph). ...and maybe a completely made-over Gorvena (hint, what do the new orc female models remind you of?).
  6. <p>I forgot that your avatar was Jean-Baptiste Emmanuel Zorg, and it immediately made me smile.</p>

  7. Gorvena

    Horde Meetup

    RFIDs can come from other realms, yes?
  8. News from Beta-land. It's true, no more secondary stats, and no reforging. That's going to save me a ton of time. Not impressed with the content so far-but this is pretty early in the test period. Lvl 92 available through first zone. And a note about garrisons; if you farm Sunsong Ranch for mats in MoP, you've already played this mode, just smaller. From what I've seen so far, anyway. There's no NDC, but the wonkiness of early beta makes it hard to answer very many questions. For class/mechanics questions, I recommend the forums at Icy Veins.
  9. Gorvena


    Zazaine sat on the clean sands of the Echo Isles, her robes folded neatly beside her, her minions waiting in the nether. She had finished her weekly ritual of bathing in the clear waters of the bay, including a thorough scrubbing with the fine sands of the beach, but somehow still felt tainted. She had been one of the mindless Voodoo troll thralls of Zalzane until his fall, when she and her kind were freed from his control. She wanted to train in shamanism, but did not have the skills of the elements, so she followed the path taken by most of the other liberated Voodoo trolls and trained as a Warlock. It turned out she was quite adept, but she had always kept her eyes down, ashamed of her past. One day during training she had met the mage Belicosa, who referred to herself as "the orphan of Sen'jin Village." As they became friends, Belicosa told her of her childhood, how her arcane powers had come naturally, even though she was scorned by some of the other children who were training as shaman. She told Zazaine of how she had at times lost her temper, setting a tormentor's hair ablaze or freezing their feet to the ground. The she explained how she had counselled extensively with Vol'jin, learning not only to control her volatile temper (which still occasionally got her in trouble with the Kor'kron) and embrace her power to be the best she could. They became fast friends. "Zaz" as she was known to her friends got up and went back into the water, making sure all of the fine sand was rinsed from the dense blue fur of her body. Then she returned to the beach, donned her robes and arms, and set out for Pandaria. She had work to do. She was determined to be there when the fool Garrosh was unseated as warchief. She owed her tribe, her saviors, her leader, that much.
  10. Gorvena


    Goroka sat contemplatively on her small patch of farmland near Halfhill. While it still irritated her to be referred to as "Gorvena's like sister and junk" by the now hated Kor-Kron, it still suited her to lurk in the shadows. She reflected on Orgrimmar, how a once easily defensible but comfortable place had become the abomination created by Garrosh after the fire which had claimed the life of her father. She thought about Gorvena's best friend, Belicosa, and how she and Chingaso's mate Orugasa had become little more than mercenaries, although Belicosa swore complete allegiance to Vol'jin, and where Belicosa went, her trusted group of fighters followed. Rummaging through the fresh soil to claim her crop of ghost iron and trillium, she decided that things were going too slow for her. Sure, mining and engineering kept her busy, but she didn't join the Horde to do chores. Someone was going to have to die. And that someone had a name...Garrosh.
  11. Gorvena


    Belicosa walked defiantly through the Valley of Spirits. The numerous Kor'kron guards simply glared at her, since the first guard who had affronted her was still wandering bewildered wondering why he had taken the form of a sheep. As she stalked by the deserted bank, auction house, cooks and scribe huts, her anger built dangerously and arcane power crackled about her entire body. As she entered the Valley of strength, with only a moment of hesitation, she pulled herself to her full height and entered the stronghold of the Warchief of the Horde. She stopped just inside the door, very aware of the guards flanking her. Garrosh looked up and glared at her. "You dare enter my chamber Troll? And wearing the tabard of your Tribe. A bold move. Do your job, messenger, and remove your unsightly person from my presence." Belicosa snorted in derision and virtually spat her reply. "Belicosa not be messenger, traitor of Horde. Her just wanted last look before you fall. You kill Cairn and try kill Vol'Jin. And Vol'Jin been like father Belicosa since her young. Know this, so-call Warchief, Belicosa be there when you depose." As she spun on her heel to leave, Garrosh let out a roar of fury. Belicosa unleashed a blast of frost, freezing all in the stronghold to the floor, ensuring her safe retreat from the confrontation. As she summoned her Blazing Drake, her treasured gift from Alexstraza, she ruminated that it would be quite some time before she would be welcome to openly walk the streets of Orgrimmar, not that she had cared much for the city since her friend and mentor Deino had gone to Northrend to avenge her brother."
  12. Yeah, the skulls on spikes shoulders made it badass. The T6 set might have been a good concept (the wings) but it was poorly executed imo.
  13. I'm actually using the DS "tentacle rape" set on my lock right now, although I would like to have the mage set recolors from BWD/To4W/BoT. The decision to make that a mage set never made any sense to me. And actually, most of the BC gear I use is dungeon blues, except for the rogue set. And I love that you can transmog the Headless Horseman's Helm.
  14. The only thing that irritates me about world pvp right now is the level 90 Emerald dream kiddies who have nothing better to do than camp places like Stonetalon. Have not done much else, been too busy trying to keep three raid toons current.
  15. I'm still running BWL every week on the rogue to try to get all of the Bloodfang pieces (only two so far and all of the pet drops), currently using the T5 "skeletor" set. And I will admit that not all of the new gear is horribad, but all of the gear for my three raiders certainly looks awful. The mage set proves me wrong when I said that there couldn't be a dumber looking mage set than the T13 gnome pajamas, and the warlock set looks like someone ate a giant bag of skittles and threw up on them. IMO/YMMV