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  1. If i can quote family guy ..."We've lost the values but we've kept the weed..." -brian Thab about sums it up
  2. Hey...HEY! Back off shadow, these are MY cookies... ...and they better have some 'swiftthistle' baked into them
  3. Gah! *runs off the cliff after vilmah* ... If your warboss jumped off a cliff, would you? Tubruk: Why not?
  4. Oh come on Sula my grandpa can still break a bar stool over a mans head, and he's 80! So noy your letting your little rock guys do your work for ya, eh? I see how it is. and Upae- Thats why you cover the gnome from head to toe in EXPLOSIVES :twisted:
  5. haha, don't be. You had to cause someone *cough cough sulajin* hits like a girl
  6. yeah but the barracks won't scream on its way over picture this. "Allright men! Move out and take the outpost, the day will be hard, the battle fierce. In the end the might of our arms, and the strength our heart will win the...HOLY SHIT WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT? "EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEeeeeeee" *SPLAT*
  7. I'm not sure which sounds better, that or capturing certain alliance races and using them as live ammo...
  8. Flogging Molly- Rebels of the Sacred Heart ...I'm hooked on irish rock for the time being...
  9. Zasien, if we all rped normal characters how boring would this be? I mean sure we could all be alliance hating savages but I kinda like the soap-operaesque stuff going on on the side. Gives this place a unique flavor And Vil- don't worry, I'd never turn Tubruk really evil per se, things will just get complicated for him for a little while
  10. Already writing the story for that, expect it early December. As for the sex change...Neithan has the lock on that particular skill. Maybe he should turn into a demon thinh? oooh or a hooker!
  11. Noooo I can't stand that song/band/album and its being played everywhere! Dropkick Murphy's- I'm shipping off to boston (heard it on the Departed movie, thinking about buying the cd now)
  12. I almost joined them, but I decided to go Horde. They got a website on guildportal, so it should be pretty easy to apply.
  13. I like the buffer look...almost want to roll a BE male myself... But I just started Tubruk and it will be a trick getting some lvls on him as it is. Plus since I just got WoW the original I haven't gotten ready to get the expansion...so I estimate I'll never get it before enlistment makes me change :cry: That said...I say Trolls need more muscle
  14. I would love to have a protrait drawn up for Tubruk but gold is hard to come by at lvl 18... Would ya accept an IOU? Just something to replace this avatar with...