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  1. <p>Happy Birthday man!</p>

  2. ((RP it or it didn't happen... That's right I went there))
  3. The air high above Gadgetzen crackled with electricity as if some unseen thunderstorm was looming overhead. The sky itself split in two allowing two figures to fall through. Malakim and Kiwi began falling through the sky as fast as a falling body will. "Gnomish engineering at it's finest eh Kiwi?" Kiwi squawked loudly, he was not amused by the joke as the earth came at them faster and faster. Malakim began frantically searching his bag for something to help their current situation. Tossing aside several scourge parts, a few pieces of ore, and the heart of some long dead beast. Kiwi squawked again. "No I can't do anything with any of that, who do you think I am Mack Diver?" They were almost on the ground and Malakim grabbed onto Kiwi. "It's been a strange time eh friend how fitting that this is how it ends?" Kiwi squawked and reached his beak behind Malakim, tugging at his cloak. The air created a rather loud boom as it rushed through the troll's parachute cloak expanding it outward and allowing the two to come to a rather interesting landing. Crashing hard into the packed dirt of the Tanaris ground. Malakim stood up coughing as he walked out of the dust cloud that a falling troll and tallstrider will make when they hit the ground. Kiwi ran out of the cloud as fast as he could, jumping up and down and being generally excited that he was still amongst the living. Malakim patted his excited friend on the head, "Well how long do you think we were gone?" Kiwi looked at the ground scratching complex math equations into the ground before squawking out his reply. "A week or so not too bad." Kiwi looked at the scribbles again, scratching something out and moving the decimal point over before squawking out again. "A few months!?" Malakim sighed as he rubbed his head with his hand. "She is going to kick our butts you know that right?"
  4. Fhen doesn't count as a real person anyway.
  5. Well you once compared yourself to Batman, I suppose I could hire Bane to snap your back.
  6. Kind of like giant signatures? /smiley face
  7. Pretty much, it's more an annoyance than a better way to get your point across in my eyes at least. To me it's like reading a used college text book that has all kinds of random highlights in it. It makes it harder to read the whole thing and enjoy it because my eyes are too busy jumping around from highlight to black text. In the case of some of the stories here from blue to red to orange to yellow. I can only deal with it very irregularly like one specific line or two in the whole long story is in a different color. Every other line is just turning writing into Skittles, and I have a hatred of Skittles.
  8. <p>Nope.</p>


    <p>I'll come back in the expac but probably as a warrior, we'll seee.</p>

    <p>I may just stick to moon guard as Errigal but he really is the best character I've written about, he's like my way more evil Jafar <3 He's had way too many Jasmines though.</p>

  9. <p>Your face.</p>

  10. <p>All hunters are bad, what's your point?</p>

  11. <p>Bad. That is all.</p>

  12. Epilogue Theme The flash at the transporter in Gadgetzan was brilliant those close to it looked away from the blinding light and when they turned back Malakim and Kiwi walked out of the transporter and stood on the desert sand for a moment. "Well that was quite the adventure eh Kiwi?" Kiwi chirped and squawked. "Ya, I am getting hungry too friend." Malakim looked up at the sky to see that the sun was setting over Azeroth and dipping below the ocean. "Crud! dinner time! She is going to be so ticked at us for being late." Malakim looked at Kiwi who was covered in dirt, blood, mixtures of random demon goo. "You look awful, and if you look this beat up I can just imagine what I look like." Kiwi did a quick loop around Malakim before shaking his head back and forth making a noise almost like laughter. Malakim tried to dust himself off, patting his hands all over his armor and skin, but it was of little use there was too much to get off. "Well, I suppose we better get home before it gets any later. Maybe there is still some food leftover for us." Kiwi squawked his tummy rumbling at the sound of food and the two ran as fast as they could for their home. Malakim stood in the doorway of their hut holding out a flower for his Kiva. It was dirty and some of his blood had dripped upon it but there he stood happy to still be alive and home with those he loved most. As he held the flower up to Kiva he smiled at her, "I got this for you."
  13. But without Illidan she is nothing.
  14. Malakim and Kiwi walked over to where the rest of the group was fighting off the rest of the demons that were trying to run and scatter after all their leaders had fallen. The troll himself fired off a few arrows to get the point across as well to a few of the stragglers. Styxen and Saitoros stood side by side and waved to the troll approving smiles on their faces. Even though he wouldn't admit it Asmodeous was happy that everyone made it out alive, after all none of their names were on the list so it wasn't a serious problem for them to live. Korrin jumped up and down throwing his arms in the air and cheering, "Dat will show dem what we Darkspear are made ah won't it?" Malakim smiled and nodded, "After all we Darkspear have to stick together right?" Ofanim walked over to Malakim, "So it seems you were capable of defeating your darkness after all." Malakim lowered his head. "Yes, but I could not have accomplished this all without all of your help, everyone of you has my thanks. Should the need arise I will always be around to offer my aid to any of you." Styxen moved forward. "Well, I don't know I do hear that hunters aren't that great. I mean you almost died back there. Though I suppose we could make an exception since your bird seems to know what he is doing." Malakim extended his hand to the group, "Well, the offer is always there, and I am very happy to have met you all." Korrin put his hand on top of Malakim's, "We all 'ave ta do what is right sometimes." Styxen and Saitoros added their hands to the pile as well. "Well I do suppose if I didn't come out here I wouldn't have found my friend again, so it's been good." Asmodeous extended a skeletal hand to the mix, "I do suppose there is some competence from you all, perhaps one day we will accomplish another goal." Ofanim placed his large bear paw on top, "Well now is this not an awkward gathering of people, amazing how much stronger we are as a team then by ourselves." Kiwi dropped his beak on the hand pile and squawked. Malakim laughed, "I do suppose he is right, people do normally say something in this kind of situation." Korrin looked around, "Ja ba what?" Ofanim looked at the group, "Well, I have always been partial to... Cowabunga." Everyone looked around confused for a moment and shrugged before shouting out. "COWABUNGA!" Ofanim chuckled, "I made a funny."