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  1. Funny thing is, the one on the bottom could easily still be a paladin.
  2. Both swords have demonic origins, Frostmourne having been crafted along with the Lich King's armor at Kil'jaeden's discretion, and the Warglaives made for one of the most powerful pit lords, Azzinoth, whom Illidan killed and took them from. Ner'zhul's power doesn't come from Frostmourne; it's certainly powerful in it's own way in how it devours souls, but it's not the source.
  3. Not for that part. I've done all the quests in Storm Peaks, and the ones involving Brann are vastly different.
  4. That's what I get for playing Horde, the Alliance version of the questline getting more...
  5. It's not the exact same model, but similar, maybe another of Freya's avatars. Mimir and Freya are both Titans, and no longer on Azeroth. Hodir is dead.
  6. Keep this thread about the lore of Ulduar, not about the raid mechanics. Use the thread I created in the WoW Discussion forum for that.
  7. Done. I've glanced through it, and it seems pretty accurate.
  8. The male dragons take care of the eggs all the time, I.E. Sartharion watching the twilight dragon eggs in the Obsidian Sanctum. Of course, the mothers are usually closer, but dragons, as a whole, are very protective of their eggs and young. Deathwing was royally pissed off when Khadgar and the others of the Alliance Outland forces destroyed the eggs he had taken to Outland, even when facing down Gruul and his sons at the same time.
  9. The cosmetic limitations of the character creation system shouldn't have that big of an impact on the details of a character, unless it matches completely.
  10. Did I not post mine here? http://angstflamme.deviantart.com
  11. The Scourge are definitely the more direct threat to the mortal races of Azeroth. The Old Gods, although certainly more powerful individually, are still imprisoned and slumbering beneath the earth, and can only act through their psychic links to weak-willed mortals and the Elemental Princes, who aren't very civil with each other. The Burning Legion works more subtlely before they launch a full invasion, and require the help of others to do so, corrupting groups of people to get them to open the portals that would summon their forces in, so they can't directly attack Azeroth. The Scourge is all present and active on Azeroth, however, and always gradually gaining strength, despite how many blows are dealt against the undead. People willfully and unwillingly join it, sometimes in great numbers, like the Vry'kul. Except in very rare cases, they are absolutely loyal to the Lich King and carry out his will to the word, at the exclusion of any other activity. Their labor is unending, always working to arm themselves and get even stronger, requiring no rest or constant supply of food. The characters are supposed to feel desperation when facing the Scourge, it's what the developers and the undead both want.
  12. After you kill Balnazzar, who was masquerading as the leader of the Scarlet Crusade, Abbendis takes control of the Scarlet Crusade, taking it to Northrend and renaming the Scarlet Onslaught. There, she surprisingly is found by the survivors of the first expedition that was sent years before, led by Admiral Barean Westwind, who takes command from her. I'm not going to go too much further into that, as it's a pretty big spoiler, but the dreadlords have been extensively manipulating the Scarlet Crusade. Balnazzar was the one who tricked Mograine's son into killing him, and had been working with Varimathras the whole time.
  13. Kalecgos and Anveena, and Tyrygosa and Jorad, although nothing's come of it, since Anveena sacrificed herself to reignite the Sunwell, and Kalec and Tyri are supposed to mates. And Arator was around a lot longer before Rhonin's offspring.