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    **** Flashback – 1 Week Later. Shadowmoon Valley. **** Two male Blood Elves ride through the wastes of Shadowmoon Valley. They wear the full armor of the Scryer faction. Large pole arms are strapped to their backs. Their armored hawk striders constantly survey the horizon as the pair slowly makes their way along the ridge, patrolling the areas controlled by the horde near the entrance to the Black Temple. They are arguing back and forth and the sound drifts on the wind. “I am telling you, my hair is ten times shinier than it used to be!” The guard says, brushing his blonde hair back from his face with one gloved hand. “Whatever.” His companion replies. “You’re just cheap and you don’t buy the right conditioner.” The pair crests the top of the hill and look down into a small valley. The lead guard pulls back on his reins, slowing the strider to a stop. “Wait…what is that?” Down below them in the shelter of the valley lays a young Netherdrake. Its large green head raises up to regard the pair, but it makes no attempt to move. “That’s odd isn’t it? I thought they never landed in this area. Aren’t they afraid of the orcs?” “That’s what I was told, maybe it’s injured. It might not be able to fly.” The lead guard replied. “Let’s get a closer look.” The pair dismounts and cautiously makes their way down the hill. The drake watches them approach but still makes no attempt to flee. As the two elves approach the young dragon they notice the leather saddle still strapped to the creatures back. “Hmm, looks like we have a bonded Drake here. But it still shouldn’t be lying on the ground like this. I wonder where its rider is.” As if in understanding, the Drake lifts one large translucent green wing. On the ground tucked against the creatures stomach lays a small body. “Oh dear Gods! The smell!” The second guard stumbles backwards, retching loudly; the lead guard sighs and looks up into the eyes of the Drake. Its sadness was evident, it seemed it would rather lie here defeated, gaurding the corpse of its rider, than fly away and resume a life alone. “You poor beast. I’m sorry but you can’t stay here like this, it’s too dangerous for you. We will take her to the base.” He reaches up and gently pats the Drakes neck. “She will have a proper burial.” The young dragon moans. An eerie multi-toned sound. But it complies, raising its wing higher, tucking it against its back, exposing the body completely. A gust of wind blows, sending dirt and dust skidding by. The guard kneels down and gently rolls the body onto its back. It appears to have been a young female of his own race. Long red hair obscures the ruins of what must have once been a beautiful face. Her chest and stomach were covered in ragged tears and smaller scratches, and what was left of her plate armor seemed crushed into her skin. The guard gently wiped some hair back from her face. One eye was completely missing, whether from her initial injuries or the Drakes attempts to drag her here he couldn’t be certain. The empty socket still oozed blood and yellowish fluid, it dripped through the already dried blood into pale streaks down the side of her face. The lead guard sat back on his haunches. He glanced over at his partner who was now standing a discrete distance away, one hand plugging his nose. “I may not remember much of my medical training…but dead bodies don’t bleed. Do they?” The second guard answered back in a nasal monotone without removing his fingers from his face. “Not az a general rule, zhey doez not zir.” The first guard looked back down at the body, his eyes widening in horror. He reached a tentative hand towards the girl’s neck. He placed two fingers on the side, searching for a pulse that his mind assured him could not possibly be there. He stayed that way for several minutes. The green Drake craned its large neck around; trying to see what was going on. Finally he took his hand away. He reached down and took a small communicator from his belt and brought it to his lips. “Attention base, I need an immediate rescue team to my location. Contact Shattrath and have them prepare a trauma bed in the clinic. I have a Blood Elf female with multiple critical injuries, repeat MULTIPLE critical injuries.”
  2. ****Flashback – About 2 years ago. – Black Temple.**** “Leave her, there’s a patrol coming! We have to move, now! Hisses and growls echo down the hallway. The guards that patrol the sewers had discovered the breach. “We can’t leave her, call for a priest!” The orc rogue looked at his companion; the young female should not have come on this expedition. It was she who had caused this cave-in with her poorly wired explosive charge and buried one of their paladins under several tons of rubble. “A priest!? Look at her! There isn’t enough left to scrape up worth saving! Now move!” Grabbing her forcibly by the arm, he steers her away. Maybe there was still time to find another shield before their exit hole was blocked. He cast one last look back at the bloody pile of rubble. “At least she got us in.” Then they were around the corner and gone. Several minutes later there was a buzzing. It was slight at first, and then grew more persistent. Everything was dark and she couldn’t move. She opened her eyes. There was a rock... “bzzzzzz” “What’s that? Hello? Can anyone hear me?” Her voice came out in a whisper and her throat hurt. The rock was about two inches from her face. She tried to move and couldn’t, everything seemed numb. Was that good or bad? She couldn’t seem to think clearly, everything was jumbled. “Bzzzzzzzz” Why do I feel like I’m wet? Something is dripping down my back, and my arms. I think its on my face too. If I could move my hands maybe I could get a towel. Did I fall in the fountain? The water is so warm. “BZzzzzzz” What is that? Its annoying. And where is the rest of my group? Wasn’t I in the middle of doing something? “Hello? Some help? Barely a sound escaped this time. But in the distance she thought she could hear the noises of battle. The clanging of sword on shield and the prickling sound of magical spells. But it was so faint it could have just been imagination. “BZZZzzzzzzz” Leave me alone, you’re a sound inside my head. How could they leave me? Those ungrateful bastards! I’m a Blood Knight Dammit! “BBZZZzzzzzz” Light that’s getting loud. I’m not that bad. Come back you cowards! After some time and thought she manages to move one hand, the one not crushed underneath the rocks. She slides the hand along her thigh and over her stomach. She feels around the area. The sensations don’t seem to fit. Her stomach, it feels…different. She pulls the hand carefully to her face and examines it. Its dripping with blood and thicker things. “BBZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ” What is that? Sausage?! But I didn’t bring any sausa….” Her last thoughts are of the Glory denied her and the Drake circling obediently overhead. Then the buzzing grew louder and devoured the world.
  3. (( And again with the ooc, but did they really kill Thrall? Because if so SS or it didnt happen! )) -Karnya
  4. Karnya in reality knew no one outside the walls. This was in fact only the 3rd time she had set foot inside the gleaming city. The first time she had come for a guild meeting of The Grim, to show their support of these new additions to the Horde. The second time had been a bit more complex. It was to this occasion that her mind was drawn as she exited the city and crossed the bridge into the sleeping countryside. There had been a wedding; she remembered hearing about it over the communicator. Quite a few Grim were going. It wasn’t the wedding of a tribe member, more of a friend of a friend. Karnya forced herself to remember the promise she had made to her sister. The one that said she would be more sociable and open with strangers. That she would try to talk to people and make more friends. Not to mention wearing the specialty tailored dresses that hung dusty and unworn in the back of her bank vault. So she had asked to for an invitation to go, and after a bit of arranging it was decided she would go as an escort to the Dread Mage Lupen. She rode through the city along with Warneshi, and they all stood respectfully throughout the proceedings. It was quiet and beautiful. Afterwards she had paid her respects and said hello to the groom, a well-spoken black haired elf by the name of Morgauth. Even though Lupen had disappeared without a word after the ceremony, it was a lovely evening, and she had enjoyed herself. Karnya shook her head as she rode. She should have tried harder; things should not have come to this. The Sin’Dorei had never done anything to her. They had never attacked her village, hurt her friends, or even threatened violence at all. Now here she was, stalking around in the night, outside their homes, preparing to hurt them. She felt vaguely ashamed, and more than a little annoyed. She hoped that Baxxter’s plan worked when the time came. She rode north around the city, eventually coming to the shores of the great sea. A full moon hung heavy in the sky above, throwing silver light on the tips of incoming waves. There on the beach she dismounted and gave Molli the signal to hunt. The Raptor bobbed her head once, then turned and dashed back into the woods. Karnya reached down and laid a hand on the back of Luxa’s neck. Together the pair walked through the soft sand father down the beach. Here the shore gave way to sparse grasses and farther up a small hill the lush green of a manicured lawn was visible. The hunter could make out the outline of a house. She looked around, the area seemed fairly deserted. This would have to be the spot then. She crept closer to the dwelling and waited.
  5. She slept for most of the Zeppelin ride and came awake in time to repack her saddlebags before they docked. She made her way down the hillside and into the main gates as quietly as she could, she wanted to attract as little attention as possible. She made a right and went up a small flight of stairs. Here in a room with a broken ceiling, exposed to the elements, with no fanfare or sign to mark its location sat a small orb on a pedestal. This was the translocator to Silvermoon City. Karnya dismounted and walked up to it. She looked around, it was well past dark and she saw no one. She tightened her grip on Molli’s reins, Luxa squeezing up next to her. She reached out a hand and grabbed the orb. She had the normal unpleasant wave of dizziness and the brief tightness in her chest. Only this time she stumbled forward into what appeared to be a throne room. It was actually a small greeting chamber set up on the city side of the translocator. Its gilded walls were hung with rich tapestries and every available surface was polished to a mirrored gleam. A small elderly looking elf with silver hair, obviously a concierge of some sort, leapt up quickly from the velvet couch he had been dozing on and ran towards her, his hands extended for her bags. “Good evening…er…’madam. Let me take those for you, we don’t usually get travelers this late.” He had bustled up to her and taken Molli’s reins from her hands before she had time to react, his eyes scanning and counting her parcels with practiced precision. “I shall contact the hotel and make arrangements immediately for the boarding of your animals.” He had almost successfully taken off with Luxa before Karnya snapped to her senses and reached a hand out to the much smaller Elf. “Eye Dere…Wait a minute!” The concierge stopped, turning around. Molli shot a sheepish glance over her shoulder at the Hunter. “Yes Madam?” Karnya walked forward and took the raptors reins; the Elf released them without protest. “I…don’ need a ‘otel. I ‘ave a friend dat lives outside da city. I’m jus’ gonna ride ‘dere.” The smaller man looked up at her. “Oh, excuse me then, by all means. I apologize. Would the….lady…care for a glass of wine or a snack before she departs then?” “No…I’ll jus be goin.” Karnya mounted and rode out of the building into city. The old elf stood in the doorway watching her, after a few moments he went back inside sat back on his couch
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    Ah 'ave had da honor of fightin beside Chaindog a few times. She is more den competent, an I would trust 'er ta stand beside me anehtime. *Nods head* -Karnya
  7. *Raises an eyebrow at all the elves lounging around, then glances down at Luxa* "All dese Elfies are so short..." She whispers, the cat rumbles in response. I met dis Elfie Skafloc da other day, when I was 'elpin da young Grim Lovely wit a few tasks. 'E was verah polite, if ah bit forward. "e made me want ta know more about da Elfie culture... An a promisin 'unter, 'e jus needs ta focus more on 'is aim an less on....other tings. Karnya blushes, and walks out of the room.
  8. I met da little Elfie jus' da other day. An I be tellin 'er dat everahone deserves a second chance. I was impressed, doh she is a little formal, wit all dem Elfie traditions, She seems ta be verah confident in 'er abilities, an i tink she will be ah great 'ealer someday. Dat Elfie Skafloc doh...'e got a fresh mouth. -Karnya
  9. The Cleft was just as she remembered it. Veiled figures scurried back and forth between shops in the fading twilight. Quiet deals placed just out of earshot, secret exchanging of goods, curious glances. She chuckled to herself. Karnya rode down the hill and towards the upper ring. Here the buildings were partially carved from the rock wall. She went to the familiar hut of Baxxter the Shaman. They had practically grown up together, but there paths had diverged and while she had chose the path of the wild, he had chosen a more spiritual, city based life. His house sat on the top ring of the cleft and did a brief business in alchemy supplies and interesting relics found on the Outland. She rode up to the front steps and dismounted. A small white mountain picked itself up from in front of the door. It turned towards the approaching Troll and raptor with its nose in the air. It took a great sniff, its ears perking up. Karnya smiled and jumped up the steps, she dropped to her knees and wrapped her arms around its furry neck. The big cat purred deep in her throat and rubbed her head against the Troll woman’s chest. “’Ello Luxa, ‘ow you doin? Da medicine been ‘elpin?” She pulled the big head away and looked at the cats eyes. They still held the milky white glow that they did before. She didn’t have very much time to examine any progress that may have been made because there was suddenly a large toothy head resting on her shoulder. Molli the raptor had come onto the steps, she also wanted to greet her friend. She was flicking her tongue out over Luxa’s brow and making small squeaks of greeting. Karnya left them to their reunion and opened the door. She walked in to the front room. Baxxter still seemed to be doing well for himself. Long tables covered every wall heaping with various items, forming the space into a large semi-circle, in the middle of which sat a large hookah and a small fire-pit. The Shaman himself stood with his back facing the door, tinkering with some vials laid out on the table. Bubbling noises could be heard coming from the far corner, where a fairly elaborate assortment of beakers and burners stood. Karnya could see several other pots set to boil, and the rank smell of boiling plant matter was thick and heavy in the air. Karnya waved a hand in front of her face as she walked; the stench was enough to make her nauseous. She stopped in front of the fire pit and yelled. “Baxxter! What in da Loa are ya doin in ‘ere?! It reeks!” The Shaman turned around, beaker in hand. He had on a well worn smock with the words “Gnomes. Its what’s for dinner.” Overtop of some grey pants. He also had an eye patch of shiny black leather. “Eye Dere! I didn’t ‘ear ya come in. Good ting I didn’t drop da beaker, I be chargin ya money!” She raised an eyebrow. “From da smell of it, Id be doin’ someone ah favor.” She pointed to his face. “An wat ‘appened? ‘Ow did ya lose yer damn eye!?” The Troll straightened up momentarily. He reached up and lifted the eye patch, revealing a perfectly healthy eye underneath. He grinned. “Oh dis? Ah like it, it makes me look distinguished dontcha tink? Besides…ya can ‘ardly talk ta me abowt fashion…What ya all dressed up like dat for?” “Well, since ya brought it up…” The Hunter proceeded to explain the situation to the shaman. After a time they moved to the center of the room and Baxxter began filling a pipe. He asked questions occasionally and she did her best to answer them. When she had finished speaking and only ashes remained, Baxxter closed his eyes and leaned back. They remained in silence for a time as the Shaman tried to communicate with the spirit world. Baxxter’s face became lax and his mouth hung open. “Digging…ripping…pulling…burning…pain.” He muttered. His body shivered for several minutes and then was still. Karnya sat, impatiently waiting for him to come out of his trance. Finally his eyes opened and he turned to face her. “Well…wat did da spirits say?” She asked. Baxxter stood up; he emptied his pipe into the fire pit and brushed ashes from his apron. He began to walk back to his work table as he spoke to her. “Dey say dat dis is an old spirit…and verah evil. It mus’ be destroyed. It ‘as bad plans dat ya Shudnt be getting yerself mixed up in.” “But I hafta fini-“ She started. “I know da situation yer in, I tink I may ‘ave a plan” He interrupted. “Go and get dat elfie. I need ta try a few experiments ‘ere. Use dis.” He picked up a small vial from one of the tables and threw it at her. She caught it and looked up. “Wat is dis?” She asked. “It’s a sleepin potion…should last about a day, make da elfie take it, keep ‘er quiet. I’ll try ta get in contact wit ya before ya make it to da rocks.” “Baxxter…wat is at yer planning ta do?” “I don really know, da spirits will tell us more, now ya should go. An don be telling anyone else wat ya be up ta. In case ya didn’t ‘ear, dem elfies supposed to be Horde now, ya bettah watch yerself.” He walked towards her making shooing motions with his hands. Karnya complied and went outside. Luxa and Molli were still rolling around in the front yard, they came apart and walked over to her as she exited the house, Luxa leaned against her leg and looked up at her hopefully with her white sightless eyes. “Eh...why not.” She reached down and stroked Luxa’s head. “Ya bin sitting ‘ere, doin notin and bein bored, of course ya can come.” Karnya walked back over to the stairs and gave the totem sitting there a quick kick. It came to life with a brief sparkle and the smell of burning ozone. It wouldn’t do to leave Baxxter’s house unguarded. Together again, the three rode out of Orgrimaar, soon they were on the Zeppelin heading to the undercity.
  10. The flight to Shattrath was uneventful. She went directly to the boarding stable in the lower section of the city. She dismounted and fastened a lead to Ocum’s collar. Walking into the spacious enclosure, she inhaled the soft scent of hay, mixed with the sharp smell of animal sweat. This stable housed only the larger creatures used for mounts. The deep rumbling of Kodo’s could be heard, as well as the warning growls of some of the larger cats that the Night Elves preferred for their transportation. Saddles of every shape and variety lined one wall, a long shelf holding brushes, rags and shampoos lined the other. She crossed through the main room and into another hallway lined with stalls. A few others were wandering around as well. A tall creature with curving horns and black hair turned towards her and gave a slight bow, extending a hand for Karnya’s receipt. Karnya blinked at it. It was a female…one of those hoofed Draenei. She began to reach behind for her pack when a commotion erupted further down the line. Everyone stopped what they were doing to look up. A great coughing chirp could be heard accompanied by furious banging. Karnya shook her head. “Nevah’mind dat paper. Dere she is…” She handed the wyverns reins to the stunned girl, turned and began walking down the corridor. She stopped in front of a spacious stall, inside of which a large red raptor was trying to gnaw the latch off the door. It picked its head up to glare at the Trolless. It growled at her around the chunks of wood in its mouth. “ Some Greetin! Yes…I know. Ya bin ‘ere to long. I’ll start makin it up ta ya right now, we ‘ave ta head back ta Orgrimaar. Ya can go play in da river.” Molli glared at her some more. The Draenei came hurrying down the hallway towards them pulling a large wagon. Ocum following closely behind her. Inside the wagon sat the raptors familiar armored saddle, and her feathered headdress. “See, ‘cmon an be good now. I know ya wanna get back on da road. Ya gonna behave?” The raptor bobbed her head sullenly and allowed herself to be led from the enclosure. Karnya led the young wyvern inside the pen as the Draenei began hoisting the armor onto the big red lizard. By the time Karnya got the male calmed down and bouncing happily around in the straw, Molli had been fully outfitted and her mood seemed to have improved considerably. She chirped and shook her head, sending the feathers on her helmet waving back and forth. By the time they reached the city center and the room of portals, she seemed just like her old self. Karnya did feel a bit guilty for having spent so much time with Ocum. But he was young and needed some training, plus she herself needed to learn the finer points of commanding an animal that could fly in the very nether itself. She wished she could take him with her to Azeroth, but the air was “different” there….or something…. As always, she took a moment to collect herself before riding through the portal. Hers was not a life of magic, and occasionally the experience made her dizzy. She took a deep breath and spurred Molli forward through the shimmering portal to Orgrimaar. The world swam out of focus, colors swirling. There was a sensation of falling, and a brief tightness in her chest that eased as they stepped forward. Orgrimaar was beautiful. The setting sun shone down on the small pond in the valley of spirits, illuminating the hillside with color. Karnya rode straight to the drag; she went up a small path along one wall and came shortly to a small hut. It had a flower box in the front and a beautifully maintained garden. This was the place the Karnya had given her sister and her lover to stay, they had done much with the place and Karnya was most impressed. She was also very grateful that they weren’t home. She dismounted and went inside. The next few days would require a bit of stealth, and that wasn’t accomplished by heavy chainmail armor. She went through the doorway. Simple homemade furnishings decorated the main sitting area. Karnya could smell the remnants of some cooked meat, and possibly pie. A small curtain separated the bedroom, Karnya went through. Luckily the young shaman was a bit of a clothes horse. Karnya rifled through several chest on the floor before she found what she was looking for. She pulled out a tight fitting pair of black leather pants and a top of the same style. She also grabbed a hood, it looked to be made of cloth, but it was also black and would serve to cover the bonfire that was her hair. After she had changed, she made sure to stuff her own gear to the very bottom and cover them up with clothes. She left a small note for her sister, saying that all was well. The Huntress strapped her gun to her back and went back outside. She hoisted herself onto the raptors back, and steered her down the hill. She had one more stop she needed to make before she caught that nights zeppelin to the Undercity. She headed towards the cleft of shadows. She needed to visit with the Shaman and find out the spirits perspective on this matter.
  11. (( If anyone was interested in a more detailed story of the events directly leading to this, they can be found in The Gallows End Tavern.)) It had been several weeks since Karnya’s confrontation with the Demon. It had come to her in a cave above Shadowmoon Village, it had been watching her for some time, and was well aware that her training had reached an end. It demanded that the time had come for her to begin repayment of the pact she had made many years ago. The Demon had been very quick to point out that without its intervention her village would have been razed to the ground before her eyes, her mother and sister slaughtered, and Karnya’s dream of future glory scattered in the ashes and blown out to sea. Karnya had made an effort to resist, and the Demon had struck Luxa, her feline companion, blind. The powerful huntress had little choice but to agree to the Demons demands. It really was a simple matter. The Demon wanted souls…lots of souls. Karnya had spent the time since fulfilling her end of the bargain. She signed up for front line duty, and spent a lot of time patrolling the skies throughout Outland. Many Alliance fell at her hands, and after each bloody end the Trolless could be seen kneeling over her victim, red hair blowing in the wind and green fire bleeding from her eyes. She would lift a small blue gem from her pack and hold it over the lifeless form. It did its job cleanly, removing the soul in one fluid motion. After a few bright pulses, the gem would grow quiet and Karnya would place it back in her bag. Which brings us to the present… Karnya flew high over the Shadowmoon Valley; she already knew where the accursed cave was. She inclined her legs forward as she had been instructed. Her mount, a young male by the name of Ocum, responded eagerly to the order to dive. They came to a swooping skid inside the cave mouth. A large greenish cloud was already forming from the shadows. Karnya ignored it; instead she took her care in dismounting from the winged beast. She murmured a few reassuring words into his silky purple mane, and gave him a small fish from the bag tied to his saddle. When she was satisfied that her newest animal was in order she turned to face the Demon. “You are fassssster than I expected….you have what I wanted?” The cloud hissed at her. Karnya reached into the pouch at her side and pulled out the blue gem, she tossed it in the dirt beneath the creature. “Ma debt has been repaid Demon. Dese are da souls of many warriors. I ‘ave paid ya for wat ya did. Now we are even.” Karnya began to turn her back. “Not jussssssst yet. I have one final tasssssssk for you to do.” The Hunter arched an eyebrow at the darkness. “Oh really?” The cloud grew brighter; it pulsated with a sickly greenish glow. “Yessssss, I do, and before that mouth of yourssssss getsss you in any more trouble, know thissssss…” A tendril of green smoke snaked out from the cloud. It came towards the Trolless. It stopped several yards in front of her and formed a circle. Inside the circle an image began to form, a familiar image. Against her better judgment, Karnya moved forward for a closer look. She could make out small figures; running back and forth, there was a light blue color, a light tan color and tiny patches of blue and red. She squinted. The image was so recognizable, and even though her brain denied the picture, her heart knew what she was seeing. Tiny Troll children playing on a beach, their little braids bobbing back and forth as they splashed in the shallow water. Karnya raised her eyes to the cloud. “Ya monster…wat trickery is dis?” “Yessssss, jusssst keep watching…” It whispered. The image in the circle bent and contracted, it swirled as a shadow passed over it. The children seemed to stare off in the distance, their little faces contorting in confusion and fear. A scream could be heard, the noise of it tiny and muffled as it came through the nether. And into the frame of the image stepped a Felgaurd, its massive sword raised as it came bearing down on the young ones in the water. Karnya roared in anger, her arm coming up to tear through the image. The image faltered and disappeared as the green smoke that constructed it dissipated in the air. She glared at the Demon. “Ya wicked ting..I get it. Wat is it ya want? Its not like I really ‘ave a choice, do I?” The cloud seemed to chuckle. “Your loyalty makes you ssssssuch easssy prey. Lisssten clossssely.” The glow pulsed as the being spoke. “Thisss will be you easssiest tasssk. Bring for me a body, and blood for ssssacrifice. I have my own agenda that I would sssee fulfilled, for thisss I need a form. You will travel to Sssilvermoon City and acquire a young female elf. This form would sssuit my needssss perfectly. You will then meet me in one week at the Red Rockssss. They are sacred stones located in Mulgore. There we will perform the ritual, giving me flessssh to walk the earth. I will then conssssider your debt to be repaid in full.” Karnya blinked. She was too stunned to do much else. “Ya want me ta kidnap one of dem Blood Elfies?” “It matterssss not what they choossse to call their race now. I need the actual form as a disssguise. It isss none of your busssiness anyway. Issss thissss offer acceptable to you?” Karnya tapped her front tusk absently in thought, finally she looked up. “It is…I meet ya at da Red Rocks in one week den.” The Huntress walked to the cave’s entrance, Ocum’s large scorpion tail wagging back and forth like a great dog. She swung her leg over the saddle and nudged him to turn around. He jumped back and forth excitedly, then took off at a dead run for the cliffs edge. Karnya closed her eyes. He reached the edge and kept running, his claws scraping at empty air. With an exuberant grunt he flexed his shoulder muscles and opened his wings, they caught the air with a great whoosh and sent the pair gliding higher into the sky. Karnya opened her eyes. Ocum was staring over his shoulder at her, his tongue lolling out and a hopeful expression on his face. “Dats a good boy, ya did good. Dat was a really nice takeoff.” She patted his head. Karnya glanced back the way they had come; the mouth of the cave was dark. It gave no external indication of the pain that could lie inside. She sighed and steered the wyvern towards Shattrath. She would need to pass through a portal and return to Azeroth. She would need to kidnap an elf.
  12. To Garla’jin Shadowscar – Shadowprey Village - Desolace Dear mama, I know it’s been awhile since I wrote and that my last letter was far from respectful, but with all the recent events, I know you’ve probably been worried. I just wanted to let you know that I was alright. I’m sure word reached you that some kind of portal opened and demons from some other planted attacked a few settlements. I wanted to let you know that I was safe in Orgrimaar the entire time. But I heard it wasn’t really that bad out there so anyways…I can’t believe you tried to sic my big sistah on me!! I can’t believe you even found her! But anyway…She found me and now I have a permanent scar on my arm where her huge frickin hellcat took a swipe at me! It wasn’t that bad…I think she’s mellowed out a lot, no more of that creepy staring into space thing. I even got her to bathe and take her armor off for awhile. She gets along with Kurt alright….and about that…I want you to know that I won’t put up with any more of your negativity; he is a strong warrior of the horde and that is something to be proud of. Even Karnya has accepted him and you know how she is about that whole “honor” thing. She gave me quite a bit of gold and we got a small apartment in the Undercity. Ive been practicing my alchemy and helping out at the apothecary. As for Karnya, she and that nasty cat of hers took off with some small army towards that portal thing. You should see Molli!! She has all this armor and stuff!! I made Karnya let me polish it before they left so that it was all shiny. So she left, as far as I know she crossed through the portal. I’m sure whatever was going on over there must be done now, so you shouldn’t worry yourself. So that’s it, I just wanted to let you know that I wasn’t attacked by demons or anything, I’m sure the stories were greatly exaggerated. Your daughter, Karnia Shadowscar
  13. Sorchea

    Closing in

    She had been dedicated, honorable, and steadfast. She had used resources and spoken civilly to others on more than one occasion. But so far the search for her sister had been met with mostly dead ends. She had tracked the pair all the way to Tarren Mill only to be told by the innkeeper that the couple had decided to take a few weeks vacation. A vacation from what exactly Karnya couldn’t be sure of, they were barely out of basic training, but she couldn’t do more than perhaps make it a point to check back in a month. Besides, it had been to long since she had checked with her contacts in Orgrimaar. She took the Zeppelin back to Durotar, arriving in the late afternoon. She approached the front gate of the city. As always she was flushed with pride at what her people had accomplished. With the city they had created from the bare dirt of this rocky place. The beauty they had made from nothing, which sheltered and protected their tribes. She saluted the guards at the large front gate as she rode through. She rode into the town proper and dismounted in front of the inn. She gave her saber Luxa a small motion with her hand and the cat bounded off. She made a few rounds, stocked up on her ammo, then climbed back on her mount and steered her deeper into the city. She rode through the drag and made a sharp left onto a small path that led deeper into the canyon. The sky grew dim as the light was blotted out by overhanging cliffs that seemed to close in from the top of the path. It was by definition the most secluded spot in the city, and was chosen by some as the location of most nefarious activity. It was in this area that her informant made his home. She arrived outside his dwelling and dismounted. She gave Molli a quick pat and looked up at the entrance. A small path wound its way up to what was essentially a large cave carved by hand from the cavern wall. There were rough wooden stairs and a few small sticks with obligatory human heads fastened to them. She climbed the stairs and knocked on the small wooden door. “Cmon in.” Rumbled a voice. She opened the door and stepped inside a large circular room. Thick candles flickered from the walls where they had been affixed to nooks and crannies. Against the far wall a Troll stood at a long wooden table. Its surface littered with vials, beakers, some of which bubbled and emitted various noxious vapors. The troll turned around, he held a mortar and pestle in his hands. His eyes widened, but his face lit up none the less when he saw the hunter. “Karnya! I wasn’t expectin ya. How you doin?” He asked. “Fine, thank you Baxxter. I was passing through; I was hoping you would have some time to exchange information.” The shaman put his finger to his lips and tapped his tusk in thought. “I always love talkin to ya, but I was having a seers meeting this aftahnoon, I thought you were actually one ah my guests arrivin.” He motioned to the many cushions on the floor. “But stay, we can talk, you can even stay for da meetin.” Karnya didn’t really have time to mull this over, he was correct about the time; a pair of orc women were coming through the door. One wore the ceremonial dress of a shaman, the other a pale grey dress. They waved to Baxxter and settled onto cushions giggling to themselves. Karnya made a nod of greeting and resigning herself to being social yet again, she picked the cushion farthest away and flopped onto it. Her armor making loud clanking and sliding noises. The orcs stopped their giggling and stared at her. She stared back and shrugged her shoulders. It’s not like she even owned a dress, and armor wasn’t meant for cushion sitting. The room filled up rather quickly, after the orcs came a steady stream of trolls, tauren and a few undead. They all packed side by side on the cushions in a large circle around the room. Karnya hadn’t noticed before, but she did now and her eyes widened in surprise. There was some sort of huge tentacled contraption sitting in the center of the room. Everyone that sat down reached out and grabbed a tentacle and pulled it into their laps. Baxxter circulated among them, handing out drinks in small wooden cups. He completed the circuit and came to sit down next to Karnya. “Welcome everyone. Please take a piece for the pipe.” Baxxter said. He reached out and grabbed two and handed one to Karnya. “Are we about to do what I think we are?” Karnya whispered. “If by that you mean seeing spirits..then yes.” He whispered back. A skinny undead in a flimsy blue dress stood up and walked to the center of the room. In her hands she held a large black stone bowl. A faint mist rose from the top to twine through the girls stringy hair. Karnya watched her tip it into the bucket on the top of the hookah. She caught a glimpse of the plants as they fell, purple and green and shades of yellow. When the girl had finished shaking the last bits from the bowl she knelt and set the stone bowl on the ground. She stood back up and looked around, her lidless eyes carefully surveying each person in turn, after assuring that each person had their pipes at the ready she held up a hand. Tiny buds of bright red flame sprouted from her fingers like rosebuds. She brought her hand up to the metal bucket and placed it inside. The crackle and hiss of burning plant matter filled the room. Everyone lifted their nozzles and placed them into their mouths. Karnya placed the nozzle into her mouth. Why she was doing this she couldn’t understand. She should have just offered to come back later. She could have been cleaning her gun or finally getting around to taking some polish to Molli’s saddle. Instead she drew a great deep breath of the smoke into her lungs. She held it, and then released it. It tasted sweet, like some spice she tasted before. The fragrant smoke filled the cave, it became hazy inside. She could see tendrils trying to escape through the cracks in the front door. She breathed deep again through the tube. She looked over at Baxxter to see him fill his cheeks with smoke like a woodland creature and blow it out his nose. Karnya giggled. Baxxter stopped moving and stared at her. She realized what she had done and clapped a hand over her mouth. Baxxter threw back his head and howled with laughter. “Big Bad Hunter Trolless got da giggles!!” He shouted. There were some good natured chuckles from around the circle. Karnya glared at the shaman and took another drag from her nozzle. She looked around the room again, the other side of the room was barely visible through the smoke now. Some people appeared to have their eyes closed. Where they seeing visions? Was that crap really true? What the hell. She closed her eyes. mmmmmmm….the fallen one…..yessssssss. She opened her eyes. What the hell was that. She looked at Baxxter, his eyes were half lidded. Besides, it was a female voice. Karnya looked to her other side, there was an undead male with crazy patterns shaved into the sides of his head. “Did you hear that?” She asked. He didn’t respond. She poked him with a gloved finger. He tipped over to the side slightly, a tendril of drool hanging from one corner of his mouth. Obviously not getting any help there. They looked like they were enjoying themselves. Karnya closed her eyes again slowly. Huuuuunter…..yessss…..the exile… It was a soft voice, a female, it slid like silk over Karnyas mind. You wish to redeem yourself… must listen to me…..the time comes soon… Karnya tried to speak. “I don’t need to redeem anything!” She replied angrily. “How do you know these things? Are you a vision?” She couldn’t see anything except the back of her eyelids. Yoouu can protect them….save them….. “Save who!? From what!? What is thi-“ LISTEN! The silk changed to broken glass, a small trickle of blood came from Karnya’s nose to run down over her lips. THE DARK PORTAL OPENS SOON, A NEW SUNDERING WILL BEGIN. Karnya growled with pain, her hands involuntarily coming up to cover her ears. “OW! You Bitch…what are you babbling about!? The dark portal is not open. There is no sundering.” There will be….and there will be death….much death. But not for you…….no not for you….. There was the ghost of a chuckle. Karnya felt her blood growing cold, felt it seep along her veins. “Explain yourself; I grow weary of you games.” Youuuuu have been touched…..the taint that will save you…fallen one…..with it you can save them….with it you can lead them…… them….. Karnya growled. Her hair stood on end. “Enough, I don’t want to hear these lies, you creature of the nether.” The last words came out in a snarl. You muuust lead them…..lead the fallen….the portal will open….they will need you…. Karnya stood up. “I said enough!” YOU ARE FALLEN…YOU MUST LEAD..A CHIEFTESS OF YOUR CLAN…. She opened her eyes. Everyone in the room was staring at her. “…So all that was all out loud then? Great.” She picked up her polearm and started trying to make her way to the door. “Wait Karnya…what was that?” It was Baxxter, he had stood up as well. “I don’t know, and I don’t really care. I try not to pay attention to the trickery of demons.” “This weed does not attract demons, I grew it myself!” It was the tiny undead girl, she had also stood up. In fact everyone inside the cave had stood and they were all staring at her. “We all saw your vision Karnya, I admit most of it doesn’t make sense, but we should look into it. Remember the prophet and Thrall. You must trust to da visions. It said you are a chieftess.” Karnya laughed. “Oh really, and where is my clan exactly?” They all shuffled their feet and looked at each other, then looked back to her. “Then it will be us” Baxxter said. “I need to find out more about this..” Baxxters sentence ended in a mumble as he retreated back to his workbench. The others stood and stared at her as if expecting orders. “I cant deal with this right now, I have to go.” She rounded on her heel and went outside where she took a few deep breaths. She unhooked Molli’s lead and started walking down the path. She let forth a sharp whistle to call Luxa to her. A few moments later the cat came bounding to her, looking very unhappy. She ran to Karnya and nudged hard against her leg. “Now what in the name of Trall is your problem! I don’t have the patien….Is that blood on your face?”
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  15. Sorchea

    Closing in

    Karnia came out of the small fishing shop with a towel wrapped around herself. She was a little embarrassed to be swimming here in the pool near the waterfall. This was a fairly busy section of town. Directly across the street was the building that housed the Warmasters, and all of the soldiers passing through Orgrimaar who wanted to sign up for front line duty had to go in there. Already today several of them had stopped their mounts in the road and whistled at her. She had finally gotten sick of it and decided to get out for awhile and have a snack. She stood now again on the small dock that overlooked the shallow pond. She could see Kurt swimming in little circles. She smiled, her mind wandered. She was so glad he had accepted her idea of taking a small break from his guard duty. It wasn’t possible to have a relaxing swim in the pond outside of Tarren Mill. So much fighting, it was never safe, though she could admit the area did have its nice points. There was excellent fishing and plenty of herbs, and the river area wasn’t too bad to prevent them from finding time to be alone. But the town itself was a pretty dreary place. It was run by the forsaken, which wasn’t bad in itself, but they didn’t seem to put any effort into fixing the place up at all. A splash of water on her foot brought her attention downwards. Kurt was floating just below the docks. He splashed her again, and then began swimming away. She sighed and removed her towel. She folded it, bent down and placed it next to Kurt’s shield and sword. She stood up and looked around; no one seemed to be watching. She adjusted the straps of her two piece leather swimsuit quickly, then sat down and slid off the end of the dock into the water. She followed Kurt around the pond. They did a few laps together and she had fun trying to hold her breath longer than him. He was dead, he always won. She did a few lazy laps around alone, floating along on her back and enjoying the feel of the suns rays on her bare stomach and legs. She floated towards the back of the pond where the water came from a waterfall falling from a sheer cliff face. One of many that made up the actual walls of the city, and helped to keep it safe. She gave a few kicks with her legs until she could feel the mist of the falls covering her body. With a graceful flip she submerged and went underwater, she swam until she knew she had passed under the falls and came up behind them. She broke the surface and took in a breath, which stuck in her throat along with a scream. There was a tiger under the waterfall. It sat crouched on a rock overhang slightly above the water level, and it was staring directly at her. It was a whitish purple color and had black stripes, and it was the biggest cat Karnia had ever seen. Its mouth was open slightly and a constant purring growl seemed to emanate from its still form. Karnia froze, her body still half submerged. She didn’t want to startle it; its front teeth looked bigger than her head. She chanced moving her head to the side slightly, she wanted desperately to see Kurt behind her, but he wasn’t, he was probably still back by the docks. The big cat’s ears flicked, she moved her head back to the front. It crawled closer to her. Karnia closed her eyes and tried not to whimper. It crawled until it had almost pressed its huge white nose against the side of her hair. Then it seemed to take a giant sniff. She could smell the creature’s breath as it exhaled, the sweet smell of rotting meat. Karnia couldn’t take it; she reached up, and pushed at the cat’s huge muzzle, trying to move its head away. To her surprise, it didn’t bite her hand off. Instead it seemed to make what could only be described as a disdainful snort, and allowed its head to be moved. Karnia wiped her face where the creatures breath had made her face wet. She looked up at the beast that was still sniffing her, if only from further away now. It seemed to have no brand or collar to mark it as a guard animal. She studied the face, striped markings, those impossibly huge teeth, green colored eyes. Eyes that seemed to stare at her as if she should confess some secret. Karnia blinked. Something wasn’t right. Something that went beyond meeting a strange tiger behind a waterfall in the middle of the afternoon. The cat continued to stare at her; it began to lean forward again. Probably to stick its giant nose back in her hair. Karnia stared at its eyes as it drew closer. They were definitely green, but that wasn’t all. There was something…something. The cat drew itself closer, its massive paws practically dangling in the water. Karnia stayed still this time. When its breath was once again tickling her ear she looked again, this time the cats face was only several inches from her own. She stared into its eyes. And was shocked to see a piece of her childhood nightmares brought to life. Behind the cats normal iris, almost as if it was a silhouette, was the soft flickering of a green flame. Karnia yelped. She lashed out, smacking the Saber in the face with her bare hands. She pummeled it and tried to push it away. The Cat, caught off guard and not expecting a blow, snarled and lashed out, catching Karnia with one massive claw. It tore down her arm, opening a large furrow. Blood flew in a small arc and splashed against the back of the cave. Karnia screamed in pain, she backpedaled in the water, trying to get through the waterfall, screaming for Kurt. The Saber, eyes wide with shock, sprung from the ledge and disappeared.