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  1. It's called the Skyguard Drape. It just takes some handy macro work to equip it when you mount up.
  2. Inspired by this thread. OK, not really. Actually just inspired by this awesome mount which is rewarded from the Glory of the Hero achievement. I only have about 14 of the achievements completed thus far, but I'm willing to repeat anything I've done to find some competent people to get this done with. I'm willing to tank, just need a healer and some good DPS.
  3. Yeah, for people that's been playing for awhile 100k HKs isn't too bad.
  4. This guy is legit all right. A legitimate candidate for some type of disorder. Asperger's? Obsessive compulsive?
  5. I'd like to see factions did away with period. Let the players create their own factions through guilds and alliances. PvP can be FFA, with 'friendly' targets being those within your alliance. Horde and Alliance are all ready crawling up each others ass through third party affiliation, so there's really no "war" to keep fueling. It'd give Cataclysm a more chaotic feel and generally be more fun all around.
  6. Well, yeah. Anything you find yourself doing a lot it's always convenient to keybind it, but it won't drastically hurt your performance if you just get by with binding reactionary abilities.
  7. That's actually a pretty nifty design. Mine could use some work, but I'm absolutely too lazy to mess with it.
  8. Get an add-on that informs you when cooldowns are ready or when certain things proc. Bind your essential abilities, especially ones you might need on the fly. Feel free to click everything else. As long as you have your "reaction" abilities bound to a key you're fine. Some people take keybindings too far and have literally every fucking spell in their book bound to a key.
  9. I started out on Argent Dawn (RP-PvE) as Grev, a human warrior. I got to level 53 and found that the PvE rule set just wasn't appealing enough for me and quit the game because I was too lazy to roll another character. Then along came the RP-PvP servers and I found out that a few of my longtime buddies were rolling Horde on Twisting Nether, so I followed them here and rolled a tauren warrior named Sole. All of my buddies except Raziel abandoned the server and somewhere along the way I ended up in The Grim, which cemented my love for TN Horde. I hit 60 for the first time and played a
  10. I'm looking everywhere for a dwarf rogue. I found one in Dalaran and he flew away before I could shoot him. Why is every fucking rogue on this server an undead, blood elf, or night elf?
  11. Yeah, I plan on waiting til the morning to attempt it. I get off work at 7am server time so hopefully no one will be around by then.
  12. Everyone will benefit from laziness this holiday season. I'm sure we can throw some last minute food on the AH for the people who wait until the last day to get their achievements. Never underestimate the stupidity of the WoW player base, last Winter's Veil people were buying Ice Cold Milk from the AH for several gold. Yeah, the same milk that vendors sell for copper.
  13. Why would you even care then? Is $15/month not a reasonable price for the entertainment value? I think so. WoW keeps me busy, way busier than I'd actually like it to keep me. I think the $15/month is well worth its weight. Outside of the $15/month there is nothing else they require of you to play or stay competitive in their game. Maybe $40 an expansion every year, which is standard practice for most PC games.