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  1. Sodding 'ell. Joined up wi' some elf bitch what used ter be inna Grim. Her an' Skumm, o' all people, 'cept 'e's callin' 'imself Atticuss now. Deat'shadow's one o' them, too. I don' even know what we's called. Spurn or Scorn or summat like that. Hell if I care. We kills Alliance. 'Orde, too, from what I 'eard, but that's their business. I don' care. Kill whoever yer likes, lady. I's jus' in this fer the Alliance. 'Cept that one. Forsaken. Son of a bitch. Murdered me. Sometimes... me brain tries ter figger out why I's still 'ere. I's dead, ain' I? Ain' I been dead 'fore? Then I stop tryin' ter figger it out. None o' it matters, anyhow. I'm gonna gut that bastard. I'm gonna tear 'is 'eart out o' 'is chest an' crush it in me 'and.
  2. Ashagga


    "She made me shirt. I likes 'er."
  3. "Drinn. Aye, I knew 'er briefly when we was inna Grim together. She's me boss, now, sort o'. She don' quite realize why I's 'elpin' 'er guild, but that's fine. She's a damned good leader onna battlefield. I'll follow 'er orders wifout question, long as she's leadin' me ter kill Alliance. Beyond that point, well... she'll 'ave ter beat me 'fore I do what she says outside the war."
  4. Got me gloves. Ain' seen Pel. Mebbe I oughter go fin' the Magister again, or grab some Frostwolf stud. I's been adopted inter their clan, now. Got me one o' their Howlers an' a tabard. I ain' learnin' much from Silvermoon U. I ain' payin' much tuition, either. They's gonna kick me out, soon. Mebbe it's time I was movin' on.
  5. I foun' 'im! It was a chance meetin' in Shattrath. I was waitin' fer me new orders inna Valley, an' I saw 'im. Rotten bugger. 'E's changed some, but I'd know that soddin' smile anywhere. 'E's more machine, now, than man, but that don' mean 'e can' die. I jus' got meself a new hammer, too. Matches me other one. The pair of 'em's gonna make 'im bleed. Jus' gotta get me the rest o' the armor 'fore I start beatin' on 'im. I's only gonna get one shot at this, an' 'e ain' like ter fergive if I mess up the first time. Ain' seen Pel in a few days. Oughter fin' 'im. 'Eard 'e joined the Silvermoon fraternity. Mmm, that could be fun. Silvermoon's got laws against killin', though.
  6. Soddin' 'ell. Itch is back. It's a right fun cycle, cravin', then satisfyin', then cravin' s'more. I imagine it makes me a real bitch ter 'andle. Pel di'n seem ter min'. Ain' 'eard from the Magister since, but I don' mind. 'E ain' my type, really. Good inna sack, though. Maybe we need ter make that a more regular t'ing. Earned me spaulders. Workin' on me gloves. The 'Orde don' jus' give these t'ings out, an' why should it? Gotta earn yer rewards. An' 'course the rewards jus' 'elps kill more. S'a good system they got. I's workin' me way up. I went back ter Thrall, reinlisted. They gave me back me ol' rank. Senior Sergeant Ashagga. Helluva t'ing, dat. They wan' me ter command fists. I try, but I ain' much fer command. Jus' end up yellin' a lot. Cursin'. Howlin'. I ain' in this fer rank or power. I's in it fer the blood an' guts an' screamin' an' fightin' an' dyin'.
  7. All right, sounds like I'll be enjoying a Shadowstep spec, because Prep and CD are the best things evar. Someone care to hit me up with a specific build that works for them? I mean literally where every point goes.
  8. All right, so Ashagga's going PvP specced. What do people recommend in terms of specific builds? She's currently a mace version of the PvE Leveling Spec (15/36/10), but I've had Shadowstep and HARP suggested. What works best for you mace rogues out there? What are your specific specs, and what are the benefits/drawbacks of each as you see them? And yes, I know I should do what's fun. I'd like to know what WORKS for other people, and from there I'll choose what's fun.
  9. That felt good. 'Bout time I foun' someone what could put up a decent fight, an' 'course I foun' two! Wunner if they'd care. Doubt it. No soddin' reason, wot? Ain' about love. S'about scratchin' an itch. Two kinds o' itches. Spent most o' me day yesterday wi' the Frostwolves, an' today ain' lookin' much different. Gotta fight, gotta bleed, gotta kill. Feels so damned good to stand inna snow, blood steamin' on me hammers, an' just howl. I guess I finally feel like I earned me name. Gonna go back ter killin'.
  10. I don' know what's 'appened ter me, but I feel... more. Stronger, faster, more alive. Mebbe comin' back from the edge o' death like that done summat ter me brain, but if that's so, why ain't it 'appened 'fore? This ain't the first time I been almost dead, an' I ain't countin' on it bein' the last. Went back ter the Drag. Picked a fight wi' some runty little orc. 'E t'ought 'e could beat me. 'E 'its like a humie. Couldn' even get it up after. Useless sod. Didn' fin' anyone last night. Ain' seen 'ide nor 'air o' that sassy little slag from 'fore. Dunno what 'appened ter me girls, what I got safe ter Outland. Prolly dead. Sod 'em. They ain' strong enough ter make they own way, they gets what they deserves. 'S a rough ol' world. Gotta be tough or get the hell outta the way o' the ones what is. 'Cor, I's right randy. Can't seem ter keep me mind off ruttin' an' fightin'. S'like usual, I guess, jus'... stronger. More aggressive. Don' want it ter stop. This is what we used ter be like, wannit? We used ter be strong, used ter be feared. We used ter be ALIVE. Thrall's got it all wrong. We ain' supposed ter live in 'armony an' peace. What's the soddin' point o' breathin'? Life 'appens in the fightin' an' the dyin' an' the screamin' an' the ruttin'. We ain' alive no more. We's jus' dyin' slower.
  11. Dis is 'ow it ought ter be. I's filled wi' rage. I's angry all the sodding time. All I wanna do is fight an' yell an' rut. I don' even wanna kill, so much as I wanna hit. An' be hit, too. It feels good. I started a fight inna Drag yesterday jus' ter get me lip split. I di'n use no weapons, jus' beat the hell outta some lippy punk troll. Little whore had it comin'. Gonna fin' that rotty bugger. Son of a bitch is gonna pay fer what 'e done ter me. I c'n still feel the scar on me neck. Like I need any more scars. Orc in Shattrath said scars made a woman sexy. Mebbe I ought ter fin' a few more. Mebbe I need ter fin' Chingaso. Give 'im a night his little hussy wife never could, eh? Or mebbe I oughta jus' fin' some thick orc beef an' show Chingaso what 'e missed. Mebbe I oughta fin' Qabian, show 'im what a real woman's like. Mebbe I oughta jus' go fight some more.
  12. "That one." Sergeant Thunderhorn hefted the glowing mace, peering at Ashagga's daggers thoughtfully. "Are you certain, Wolfsister? Your fangs are very different than this." Ashagga growled low in her throat, grabbing the haft of the mace and tugging, though failing to pull it from the shu'halo's hand. "I made me choice, Tauren. I met yer requirements, now gimme the damned stick 'fore I 'as ter cut it out o' yer." Thunderhorn laughed, shrugging and releasing the mace to her. "So be it, Wolfsister. It is your choice to make, and if you choose to learn a new way to bite, I will not be the first to test you." Ashagga hefted the massive weapon, smiling. Daggers wouldn't do, not for her revenge. Some bastard had tried to kill her, had nearly succeeded. When she found him again, she'd cave in his grinning skull.
  13. On the coast of Eversong, the waves lapped gently against the shore. The moon shone down on the rocky beach, illuminating the few crabs that scuttled about, seeking flotsam and jetsam. Between one wave and the next, a figure was deposited unceremoniously on the shore, naked and soaked to the skin. She lay motionless on the sand, the water pushing her further onto the shore with each passing wave. A curious crab approached, clacked its claws in idle curiosity, and started to tear at the stringy hair. The figure's arm twitched, and the crab scurried away. Slowly, consciousness returned to the woman. She pushed herself off the ground, hand clutching at her throat. No blood. She felt weak, exhausted. Her eye opened, and she snarled. Revenge. She shakily managed to gain her feet. A figure approached slowly, mounted on a steed of midnight with hooves of hellflame. He tossed a skin at her feet, and, without a word, turned and rode away. Ashagga knelt in the sand and drank deeply of the liquid, feeling the burn spread through her limbs. It felt like life.
  14. I ain't seen that orc girl in the Drag for a few days. I hope she ain't dead. Maybe she's just good at not being seen. That'd be best for her. I's still watching, though, hoping. I don't know nearly enough about her. I's been working for the Rokk in the Lower City, trying to get food for me girls. He's a fine cook. Taught me a few new tricks, too. I keep me girls fed and clothed. I keep thinking I ought to look into learning to sew. Then again, me girls don't need much clothes, ya know? It's nice in Shattrath, and they got some pretty things as gifts. A couple more asked me if they could be not whores. I set them up when they showed me they had other skills. I nabbed another pair from the Drag. Every one I get out of there is another girl what gets to have a real life. I need to gather more herbs. Me recreational substances is running low.
  15. I saw summat unusual in Orgrimmar. Some orc girl stood up to some thugs, and did a fine job, too. She needs a little more training, but not much. I was impressed. It seems like I ain't the only one trying to clean up the Drag and the Cleft. Part of me thinks I ought to go talk t'er. Another part's worried that it's some kind of trick. Maybe I's just paranoid, or maybe I's a little too full of meself. I mean, I ain't been real subtle about taking girls from the Drag, but who cares about just a few girls? Blythe's dead, has been for a long time. He was the top dog, wann'e? Anyway, I's gonna do a little more watching this time. Too many times I burned meself by jumping into a situation I didn't know enough about. As for the operation, it's moving along. I got a little shine from me girls in Shattrath, not nearly as much as the men in the Drag take. I been using it for paying for food, shelter, and bribes. I don't make a profit, but I ain't in this for money. These girls get a better life here. Yeah, they's still whores, but they's treated a lot better, and they get to have better things, better ways of life. One of them asked me if I would teach her how to fight. I took her to the Valley of Trials, got her started. Maybe she'll die on the end of some human's sword, but maybe she'll be Grim one day, or an Orgrimmar guard. Maybe, like the girl I saw in the Drag, she'll fight back.