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  1. Getting to teleport around, slice dudes in half, throw fireballs, and even raising dead dead guys with zombies (with the right class anyway) is always enhanced by parkour!
  2. This is actually a pretty fun game if it is repetitive. I play it off and on through my PS4.
  3. Recent patch fixed most of it. The only real complaint I have is the combat, enemies are wayyyyy too aggressive. You get 10 guys on you all you have time to do is counter, even try going for a gadget you will get lit up they just don't stop attacking. Also I have noticed when you do a double counter 75% of the time only the first enemy is put into the counter animation and the other character keeps attacking and knocks you out of the counter even though they should be locked into it too. Beyond that it is fine. I know I like the story and feel of the game better than City. Also the detec
  4. I will add your friend code Zusteakai , your safari better be good... or else! Here is my code: 2208-4972-1107 I have beaten the elite 4, my friend safari is Fighting Type pokemon, though I am not sure which specifically. That's all you gotta know!
  5. I have started messing about on FF14 ARR, much better than the original release by any stretch of the imagination. As of yesterday I am also playing the new Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs.
  6. I actually like what I see there. I may throw a few bucks at it later on, the animation they have posted so far does have a nice style to it.
  7. Yeah I thought Voss was pretty solid too, maybe some classes have crappy story there but I thought it was excellent. More atmosphere, better story, something that felt new instead of played out.... wish bioware had done more original stuff.
  8. <p>I am up to ze work! Technically I still sub swtor and The Secret World but I don't really keep up on them. I had the long 6 month type subs. Mostly I am just mucking about playing a few games here and there when I have time.... bioshock infinite is really good. I am sure your students have splurged all over it already ;p! I also got quasi promoted at this streaming site where I have been a mod for years so now I have to do alot more mod stuff there.</p>

  9. <p>*poke* you still playing swtor, or what are you up to these days?</p>

  10. Yeah enheilras is definitely on the money. Better off just restarting at this point since all the current "top" gear will just be yesterdays news in a month anyway.
  11. Cute. I like the one that fell on his butt.
  12. Well like I said to you and Abric before... the Jedi Knight story is a lot more interesting if you play dark side. The dialog is better, there is actual conflict here and there with important NPC's and your companions, and your character actually displays a personality here and there. Of all the stuff I did in that game I still know the Jedi Knight conclusion event for me was easily the most memorable from a story perspective. The dark side ending kinda kicks you in the junk considering.
  13. Like Enheilras said, chapter 2 is sorta weak for the Inquisitor. But it has a good start and a strong chapter 3. All the class stories have a point where you are like "*head scratch* can't wait for this part of the story to be over". For some classes it just lasts longer than others and or the good parts pay out better or worse.
  14. Wow? Uh no. Consular probably has the worst story of all classes, that is true. But I would say trooper or bounty hunter probably follows. The Inquisitor story does have a big boring part but begins and ends very strong. Sith Warrior isn't a bad story, but it isn't great either. From Quesh on it goes south and ends with a whimper in my opinion not a bang. Basically it's chapter 1 is good, chapter 2 is great (possibly best single chapter of any character), and chapter 3 is par at best. Jedi Knight on the other hand is legitimately good throughout though it does drag a little in chapter