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  1. I now have a lvl 8-9 of each class, and so far both are decent although much too early to gauge. I'm going to lvl them both until one becomes a nuisance and forces me to delete it.
  2. Awesome responses, but now i'm even more excited about BOTH classes....i am really stuck here. I think the best bet is to lvl each to at least 20, what do you think? Is this, at the very least, a decent time frame to gauge whether or not i'll enjoy the class? Or does it take more time?
  3. It's an awesome city that just got better! I have not had the chance to explore every street and shop yet, but i do love that place.
  4. Ok people i need some help, i made the mistake of going to paladin and priest forums to try and work out which i would roll BElf. I think depression is setting in....and i have a headache now. SO! This is what i need from you my friends, honest/unbiased views on both classes. I have a caster and melee class at 60 already so it's not a focal point for my decision. Really i want the class that will keep my attention, not be boring etc. -- Priest: What's got me interested in this class are the tricks, like mind control and levitate etc. Whats got me worried is the "squishiness", and the question "do i really want to play another caster class?" Paladin: What's got me interested in this class are the choices, survivability, viability of all 3 trees. What's got me worried about this class, is that every tom, dick, and harry are now playing one. I counted so many paladins in the belf areas that i fell asleep at my computer....forget counting sheep. Thoughts? Help? Sanrin? Shadowspeak? Others?
  5. I do and i love them. Mods that improve on the interface, or chat options etc. For instance i use a mod that turns the character avatars 3d, and they reflect your character and what you're wearing perfectly and in real time. It's awesome. Or a mod to change the look of the action bars and radar that i use. It turns everything black and sleek, and also adds some weird semi-transparent blue fog animation around the radar...it's freakin amazingly beautiful. What i don't use are combat enhancement mods...that make it easy (ie 1 button smash to do a sequence of actions.) No those are cheats imo. Just asthetic mods. Or again a mod that allows me to mail multiple items at a time, instead of just one. Or another that shows my equipment dmg in real time, and how much it'll cost to repair. etc etc. Those kinda things just make it better imo because they should already be ingame to be honest.
  6. My god what did i miss!
  7. Those are all good, i've tried them all. But they are simply to change/add an RP profile/description. But i assure you there are other mods out there to further your rp gaming experience. For example Battlecry is a simple mod that allows custom /say (you can have your toon say whatever you like, you write it) for almost any situation, such as when you use a specific spell or ability. And there are conditions you can set as well. example: Say i begin to cast Entagled Roots, i could set it so 3% of the time i will /say "Your not goin anywhere demon scum!", but if it's resisted then Battlecry will kick in the condition for whether it's resisted and say "Wha...what! it can't be!". This might sound complicated, but i assure you the option window to set this is really clear and user friendly. I set mine up in 5 minutes the first time i ever laid eyes on it. But it's not only for in combat, you can set it for any spell, ability, action. And it doesn't require coding or macros or anything. Just check the ability/action you want to set, then enter the desired /say, then even set the condition by checking one, and voila. Here, just go check it out for yourselves. I recommend picking one of the mods mentioned above, since they are a must if you rp, either one is great. But also throw in this one, you won't regret it. http://ui.worldofwar.net/ui.php?id=2642
  8. Really sorry i missed this, mom called last minute and wanted to get together, wasn't planned at all. Nothing like a last minute xmas. Now....what about new years!? Is there something happening?
  9. I voted winterspring, and would be willing to escort any lower lvls if needed.
  10. Knowing that his message will surely be in the hands of Vilmah now, Rajjah decides that it is time to awaken his spirits within him, he knows that to defeat this enemy he must call upon all his might, and so he prepares for his evocation. Standing at the edge of the cliff, gripping his staff tightly in his right hand, he brings down the butt end of the staff into the earth with great force, repeating this action in rhythm. With each thundering clash of wood and earth, a clasp of arcane lightning explodes and cackles into bright purple flashes of energy at the base of the staff where it meets the earth. As he builds momentum, eyes closed Rajjah begins to chant with increased volume and intensity until the echoes of his voice carry across the whole of the mountain valleys and peaks, carrying for miles. A storm begins to envelope the valley, dark clouds form, and lightning fills the dark sky.....
  11. *High up in the mountains somewhere* Perched on high, Rajjah attaches a letter around the leg of his trusted hawkowl. "Go now, find Vilmah mah friend..." Holding out his arm the hawkowl takes flight, slowly fading into the distance. "Keep ya eyes on dem" Several days pass before Hawkowl finally delivers the letter to Vilmah at the Inn. It reads.... Dearest Vilmah, I apologize for the lateness of this letter, but i needed some time to think and concider my options, and prepare for what is to come. I have received warning that I am to be made an example of by our "enemies", I'm sure you know of whom i speak. The message read simply "They are coming for you, first". Worry not lady Vilmah, for they greatly under estimate me and will pay for that mistake, i promise you. I must leave you now....i do not know when i will return, but know that i will fight and die for you all. Please understand that I must do this, do not send for me Vilmah.....I do not want to hurt anyone that does not deserve it, but i must protect myself now, i must succeed. No sooner than Vilmah read over the letter, Hawkowl takes flight and perches itself on the highest point of the rooftop. The majestic call of the Hawkowl echoes throughout the city.
  12. And to feed my [father winters helper] It takes 1 snowball to summon the likkle bastard.
  13. Rajjah


    Yep i always try to nova the first stun, much in the same way i do for warriors first charge. Silence is what allows me to own most pallies, but this guy was simply reading everything i did. He was amazingly good i guess.
  14. Rajjah


    So is it the instant pyroblasts to the face? The 400 to 1k per tic arc missiles to the gut? Or or is it the piggymorph that's to blame for every class jumping on the "I beat you magi everytime using this!" bandwagon? Mage says: "Oh no look, it's a Paladin!" <everyone turns to see, for fear of the holy wrath of the lolpaladin> Mage turns and walks away slowly, wrath of paladin begins> Seriously, fukn paladins. Can't wait for the stam changes come tbc, cause as of now paladins are more dangerous than any shadow priest, lock, hunter or anything else. Not sure which build the one i fought last night was, but he was simply amazingly hard. We had about 6 fights mid field in av, just me and him. Each time i came with a different strategy, i attacked differently, and yet each time i had just enough time to burn him down with first combo, but then bam! stun....destroyed...game over before i could react. If i survived the one shot kill and blink away, i was dead when i came out of blink. Very fun fights, but i could not beat him. Some paladins are cake, others.....1 or 2 shot me if they land that stun. No other class gives me that much trouble and i spend all day fighting pvp. With everyone in epics now too so ya, retribution pallies ftw (he had that throw mace ability, is that a spec thing)? I wonder if it's the same for ice mages now.