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  1. Unfortunately, due to some unexpected family medical things at the New Year, I am going to have to cancel my reservations and not make it this year. I really, really, hope we do this again soon... and of course if anyone happens to be near Atlanta sometime, I'd love to see you!
  2. Rooms were booked, now flight is booked. There's no going back now! I'm actually flying in Friday and flying out Monday, so if there are any other folks that will be around Sunday afternoon/evening, I'm happy to hang out more!
  3. (( So... many... updates... ))
  4. [The handwriting on this page is slightly more edged and less flowing than the script on the previous pages, but it is undeniably written by the same person.] This thing has been sitting in my bag for so long I'd almost forgotten about it. Maybe I wanted to forget about it. Light only knows how it managed to stay with me after my... untimely demise. When I heard about the strange activities of the Bronze dragons and Garrosh's defeat and escape I knew we were in for some trouble. Apparently I was right... and then some. You would think dying would have taught me to stay out of things like this. Clearly not.
  5. Main RP Toon: Liadain Greyhame (Dunraven), Imalar/Imara Wildmane and a motley crew of alts Horde Or Alliance? Both Guild: The Blades of Lordaeron, Empyrean Dawn, Tears of Elune, The Raven Cross What was your favorite RP event or storyline? There were SO many. In the early days of the server, the cross faction RP was spectacular. Who is someone that you used to RP with and haven't heard from in a long time, that you miss the most? Really too many to name, though I keep in touch with quite a few of them in other contexts. Morghoul, Redburn, Ophiella, Lorandir, Mayday, Diomades/Unulu, Skafloc, Feorn, Ansha, Seras, Julu, Abric, Sanrin... SO MANY MORE I'm still around these days on WRA. Chillin with some pandas and a surly blood elf mage turned hunter.
  6. <p>Found myself wandering over here this evening, in spite of never really checking this site anymore. Figured I'd say hi. Still wish we'd gotten to write together more. That tavern was going to be amazing. <img src="<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/smile.png" alt=":)" srcset="<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/smile@2x.png 2x" width="20" height="20" /></p>

  7. <img src="http://i91.photobucket.com/albums/k285/PrivateNC/SamsScaredFace.jpg" alt="SamsScaredFace.jpg" />

  8. This is a very belated "Yay!" I already told Alphaeus "Yay" in person though. And, really, when ARE healers amused? I imagine that's the look she gets when Creedy or Chikt break their own CC and start taking it in the face.
  9. <p>Merry Generic Winter Holiday to you too! <img src="<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/wink.png" alt=";)" srcset="<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/wink@2x.png 2x" width="20" height="20" /></p>

  10. <p>Merry Christmas!</p>

    <p>Or whatever holiday you observe!</p>

    <p>Unless you don't.</p>

    <p>In which case, let us make a toast to science.</p>

  11. I have been super busy for the last week or so. The war has escalated on many fronts. Entire areas of the world that hadn't been explored before have erupted in all sorts of turmoil. I've even spent days under the ocean fighting. I've decided that I dislike tentacled creatures. Why do all of them seem to work for Old Gods? I mean... I used to think squid were kinda cool but now I have to worry about them working for the greatest evil our world has ever known. Ah well. I suppose if I feel I need a break there are always other job opportunities waiting around the corner. Some little goblin asked me if I wanted to work for him as an escort. I told him I'd be lousy at it, for many reasons, but he didn't seem convinced. I tried to tell him that I know first hand what the job entails... But, in the end, I just told him I'd think about it and get back to him. I figure, why burn bridges? Just look at how many things have changed in just a matter of weeks. Never know when a job that doesn't require much more than laying around in bed might be all you've got left. Yesterday, I went into the Vortex Pinnacle. I'm not sure what I was expecting the Plane of Air to be like but I certainly wasn't expecting it to be so beautiful. All the clouds and the statues of birds... I really just wanted to fly but, of course, I had to try to stay focused so no one died. I left a feather there though. Just in case. <3 Imara
  12. Gizzi laughs. "Seero is quite a character. Seems like he's got a few new tricks up his sleeve since we left Kezan, as well as a bunch of brilliantly crazy ideas. I'm sure his Ma would be proud!"
  13. "I was really, really relieved to find Chikt had made it back to dry land. He and I go way back; met during the Second War and immediately hit it off. He and his brother are pretty much the closest thing I have to family these days. Looks like our adventuring days aren't over yet!" Gizzi grins.
  14. Gizzi smiles. "I like Crushem. He's a fun guy; even though his fashion sense is severely lacking. I was glad to see he made it off Kezan. I figure we'll definitely be seeing each other around since his Team seems to be making an impression around town already."