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  1. I found SC2 entertaining but to me, it was just an ok RTS not that different from many others. Gameplay wise, Dawn of War and even Warcraft III are much more innovative while SC2 is just rehashing SC1's gameplay but with better graphics. Sorry, but to me Blizzard isn't what it used to be as it's success has lead it to become more corporate so they will only play with what is 'safe'. I am not expecting anything more from Diablo III than a 'sexed up' version of it's decade old predecessor just as what happened with Starcraft II.
  2. I am skeptical. Starcraft II wasn't that hot and Diablo III seems as if it's trying to replicate Diablo II but with better graphics. I am afraid that it will have hugely outdated gameplay since innovation seems to be in Blizzard's past. After playing Dragon Age and other top notch modern RPGs that could also be labeled as 'Action RPGs', Diablo III would need to be of that caliber to hold my interest.
  3. You arrived in Brisbane in the middle of the worse floods in recorded history. I would have done a little research on current events before jumping on the plane. Australia has like the worse Internet services in the developed world. On top of that it's very expensive and poorly serviced by world standards. This is due to Telstra, the telecomunications company having a large monopoly of most of the communications infrastructure in the country. If you are in a stable residence, you can apply for an ADSL plan or ADSL2 (if available in your area) for about $35-$50 a month depending on speed and download limits. As mentioned before, all plans have limits and it can take about 3 weeks for the connection to happen. Everything in Australia is at least 3x more expensive than anything you find in the US (again due to monopolies). Since the US dollar has devalued so much to be on par with that of the Australian dollar, be prepared to pay through the nose when it comes to goods and services. Welcome to Australia.
  4. The first movie was a parody of militarist fascism and I could see that right away. The cartoony and comedic forms it displayed makes it very obvious. I did not see this movie as a parody of religion. It was all too serious and preachy as mentioned in the first post, I don't believe that this was meant to be a satire or parody at all.
  5. The first movie is indeed satirical but I don't think the 3rd one is. I don't see a hint of satire or parody in it and more of trying to push it's message very seriously. As mentioned, unlike the fun or satirical nature of the first film, the religious aspects here are very serious and preachy. Have you watched it?
  6. I just watched Starship Troopers 3 after reading that it had gotten 'ok' reviews and wasn't a total loss. After watching it, all I have to say is this: Was this movie made by the extremist religious right of America? Starship troopers (The original movie) had a fun and clever tongue in cheek view of militarist fascism but this movie throws out that 'tongue in cheek' along with the 'fun' elements and just gives us pure and serious religious right propaganda which never figured in the previous movies. The Right-wing religious extremism is actually pretty much IN YOUR FACE with crucifixes as symbols of a 'righteous' humanity and by telling us that other religious worship is wrong and should be exterminated type messages. It also adds some bits about about hanging those who practice free speech that goes against the religious right state. The movie also makes a very strong pro-war point with Christianity at the center of it clearly trying to justify the war in the middle east as religious one against another. I just can't believe it. They even had uniforms with crosses and how it's justified to lie, murder and kill in the name of god. In several scenes they also had characters praying 'Our Father' and other christian payers and chants. Naturally the ones that didn't believe were the ones that died and the one who 'saw the light' was the one who ended up more richly rewarded and through a religious sacrament too. This movie is so fucked up that it makes me feel sad. I liked the Starship Troopers universe but it seems that this movie has hijacked it so it can preach extreme right christianity and 'real life' pro-war mentality. How come no one has picked up on it, specially in it's wikipedia page? I am disgusted by this film.
  7. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U7YQhYYVPO0
  8. so It's this thing going to be released this month or not?
  9. The article is not very solid so the theory is not being portrayed properly. It makes it sound like random speculation that just happens vaguely explain gravity but has not factual basis whatsoever.
  10. I just finished playing through the whole game. I must say this game could not be any more geewunn and I mean that in a good way! Gameplay wise it's nothing new, it's a straight 3rd person shooter. You go around each level shooting bad guys (or good guys) and activating switches and that's about it. However although the gameplay brings nothing new to the genre, it can't be argued that it's a lot of fun specially to a Transformers fan. The scripted events are interesting, the environments do have variation despite some complaints and the boss battles are great! However I can't help feel that a Transformer fan will get more out of this game than an everyday gamer due to what I mentioned before - It brings nothing new to the table gameplay wise. The campaign mode is really where it's at for fans and it doesn't disappoint. It's plot and use of characters is very geewunny (down to Rumble is blue & Frenzy is red!) and the environments are detailed enough to portray an ancient robotic civilization successfully as well as a 'living' Cybertron. For fans the story and characters will certainly not disappoint but I do wish they had used more than a select few characters. Even by Geewhunn standards the character roster list was pretty small. Something that I was glad to find is that what were first regarded as 'drones' from the reviews and promo movies are actually not so. They are classed genericons/generibots with their own personality not unlike the generic cybertronians you see in crowd scenes in the G1 cartoon and comic so they are fully individualized cybertronians. However gameplay wise I was a little disappointed that the same classes of generibots are mirrored on both sides. Example: Both the autobots and Decepticons have brutes, cloackers, tanks, etc with no variation aside from colors. This 'mirrored' classes was a bit disappointing and somewhat nonsensical, specially when Barricade at the start of the Decepticon campaign gets freaked out by clockers as they were something which they have never seen before but in the Autobot campaign Decepticons have lots of them. Another flaw of this 'mirror' system is that both the autobot and Decepticon campaigns are too similar from a gameplay perspective as in both you are fighting exactly the same enemies throughout which can make it kind of boring. Now to the Transformation. Despite what that retard at Gamespot said, transformation is a big factor in the gameplay. There are some battles in which you cannot be effective without transforming as you need to cover the battlefield quickly and on top of that, the alt mode having it's own weapons also adds a strategic element. For example in the Autobot campaign I chose jetfire, once I was able to clear all the Decepticon rocketeers I was able to transform and take off an pick off the ground forces. The gamespot guy was clearly talking out of his ass as he also mentioned cover mechanics - There are none in this game, it's a straight shooter. The only cover is going behind a wall or pillar. The advantages of the alt mode become apparent early on the game during standard confrontations and during a boss battle it becomes essential as some boss attacks can only be avoided with the speed of your vehicle mode or your dead. Again the Gamespot guy doesn't appear to have played the same game as everyone else has as he deemed transforming unnecessary. The quality of the story campaign is somewhat simplistic but satisfying with lots of G1 nods and references. The story is not fully fleshed out and although it is a bit more advanced than a G1 episode, it is certainly not much more so. The story somewhat loosely reminded me of Bob Boudanski's style of storytelling as his form was to tell a simple but still epic story with fun being at the center of it such as Megatron finding some new source of power and the Autobots trying to stop him. The interactions between transformers is also good and fun but there isn't much character development and the voice acting is about on par with the cartoon (ranging from good to corny) but just like the cartoon, the interaction between characters and personalities are fun and entertaining despite the lack of character development. Overall, if you are a Transformers G1 fan - You need to play this game. It's fun and exciting with lots and lots of G1 nods. If you are a regular gamer, it is still worth playing as the gameplay is still fun and well executed but don't expect anything new or revolutionary. It's a pretty standard shooter with a short linear campaign but the transforming element may help to keep it fresh. In regards with Hasbro mudding up where this game belongs to continuity wise? I don't care what Hasbro says, this game could not be any more Generation 1. It is not comparable to anything else all the characters, situations and even the story style as well as the character line ups are G1. Apparently Hasbro marketing is trying to shoehorn this into Transformers: Prime the TFwiki is going along despite the game developers repeatedly saying that this is G1. Therefore it belongs in the G1 continuity family just like War Within, DW, IDW, etc. Tell me how can This be in the same continuity as this And how can not be G1?Geewunn: fan term for people who only acknowledge the G1 cartoon, specially the first 2 seasons.
  11. I heard that they dumbed down the Predator into dumbasses that get killed too easy like in AvP. Is this true?