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  1. Divide by zero eh? With WoW anything is possible... *waits for the total implosion of the universe*
  2. Mmm. I have a toon that I may server transfer just for this! *Grins*
  3. Hmm... Interesting. I have a few alliance characters myself on another server.
  4. Me too! My prayers go out to his family!
  5. My attempts at trying to "live" a normal life have so far been unsuccessful. Six days ago I awoke to a voice which burned at my very core. It, or rather he, wanted me to become one of his chosen. One of his enforcers of darkness. I refused... I was dragged to a pit and bound by some force not of this world. The pain I felt was immense and debilitating! Through the white hot flashes I could see others who were chained to the wall. I could see others, fitted in dark clothing with immense blades aglow entering the pit. Their eyes scanned and soon after they would choose one of us. A troll woman screamed out as she demanded to be released. Her demands were quickly realized and she was order to don the same dark armor. Her release was short lived as she was slain as quickly as she was let go! I panicked and immediately began to fight against the invisible chains that bound me. Unfortunately, this drew the ire of the next dark figure. A Sin'dorei! I felt a bit of relief and called out for him to free me and let me escape. His face changed little as he glanced over me with eyes glowing blue with fire. "Woman, don your armor so that you may have a chance at freedom." So much for an escape. My mind raced as I moved to fit myself with the trappings of uncertainty. I lifted the sword last. It was quite heavy yet it felt natural. At this moment I could only think of one thing... Survival. My survival! I lashed out awkwardly with the heavy blade in an attempt to defeat my kinsman. He seemed to be quite adept with his blade, knocking away my attacks as if they were merely child's play. I lunged one final time and felt my wrist twist as my sword was knocked aside with great force. I staggered a bit and used the blade to keep my self upright. A pain shot through my entire being as this Elf slammed his fist into my skull! "A weakling like you will never serve the Lich King!" He spat as I dropped to one knee. I reluctantly awaited my fate. "Slay him." These words cut through my thoughts, tainted with hatred. I made one final move as the Sin'dorei attempted to make his own. I remember feeling a splash of cold on my face as I swung my sword across his midsection. Then came the weight of his torso as he toppled in half and fell over me! It was then I lost control. It was then his voice became persistent. My defiance was melted away and I became one with him. He was my father and my mother. My lover and my closest friend. I slew countless humans. Men, women and even children... I burned buildings and drained the life from every thing around me. I rode atop a horse of pure evil... Until I was set free. I cannot recall who I was, save for my first name. Jianilde. I was pelted with rotten fruit and spat upon, until I received the Warchief's blessing. I wanted to go home. I returned with haste to Silvermoon, only to feel eyes of distrust and anger, gazing upon me. I was approached by a Blood Knight who immediately took me away, asserting she recognized me as her own blood and wanted to help me. She helped me clean what we could of the foul stench of death from my body and removed all but what was salvageable of my now dead hair. Soon after I was dressed in a silk gown and was taken to what was apparently my home. She hugged me tightly and soon after left me to my self. "Remember sister, if you need any thing I will do what I can to provide it to you." I made my way around the villa, exploring my new home. I found a mirror and suddenly felt a rush of sadness when I gazed upon myself for the first time. This unfamiliar woman's face, with the same fiery blue eyes as my slain kinsman stared back at me. I shattered the mirror with my fist and decided that I must seek out a normal life, not one of a mindless killer! I found a cloak and wrapped myself in it, covering my ghastly blue toned skin and left the house. I needed to seek out something normal. Something that wouldn't draw attention to myself. I headed to the Bazaar to discover what normal would be.
  6. Position in queue: 51 Time remaining: 5 min *update occurs* Position in queue: 50 Time remaining: 7 min *Dies in molten lava*
  7. <p>My eyes! They burn fiercely! GAH</p>

  8. I'd join if I had an Alliance toon on the server... Good luck!
  9. Spinebreaker server, where I hear Horde out number Alliance 5 to 1. Lets see, what do I have. Vularisva - 70 NE Hunter Everindela - 60 Human rogue Jhaarisva - 49 Human Priest Shavon - 29 Draenai Shaman All Alliance. I'm seriously considering transferring them to TN to have some Alliance RP fun since a majority of my friends on that server quit playing WoW or went through drama.
  10. Oh! Today I tried a weird cake. It was of cactus apples and sweet spices. I didn't know Orcs could cook such delicious foods!
  11. The other day I ran in to a Fae- Fare- Hmm... I can't quite seem to remember. However, in any case he seemed like a decent person. A little quiet but he spoke after it seemed like he warmed up a bit. He did seem to be upset about Blood Knights. I advised that the similarities of my abilities and their "rightfully" gained abilities end there. As much as I can recall I've never lost touch with the Holy Light. It has always been there. Always.
  12. "I met this one but a few days past." Sophithia smiled at the goblin as he quickly jotted on his notepad. "He seemed a bit quiet but that's okay. I think he's quite alright."
  13. Hmm... Interesting. Maybe I should roll a male character for once.