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  1. Raiding Help and Discussions Boss strategies, class guides, or anything that will help you drop that big baddy. A couple of minor suggestions to help you on your way to raider star-dom. Get to 80. (Yes I know you mentioned getting to 80 this week or so.) Get into heroics. You shouldn't worry about raids until you're geared for them. Do NOT expects to be carried in blues. Just don't. Gear yourself in the Tier 9 with triumph badges from doing heroic after heroic after heroic. Use your frost badges to purchase the tier 10 when you get the chance. Depending on your spec you'll need more or less.
  2. It could be part of his outfit?.. or something?.. I dunno. I guess since he's an arch druid he takes the aspects of druids of the claw and druids of the talon. *shrug* I don't see what the issue is with him.
  3. Which doesn't make sense. Why should the raid that was back in time be changed when you get ported to your own ZG to deal with it?
  4. You got your blogs back, stop complaining.
  5. ZG isn't getting touched. You get ported into your very own version of ZG for those quests. (Ala Undercity Event style) and fight and kill them.
  6. Yeah you going Horde on Veco is what caused all this Bevros. ::eyeroll:: I think Vil got enough feedback about the blogs thing in the OTHER thread, and this thread is mostly about TNG 3.0 folks.
  7. I think I heard it was to keep the Twilights outta the North but that obviously didn't work.
  8. Yeah. The Ravenholdt grind is pretty brutal. I think I'm finally out of the 1000s myself.
  9. Pull the pity card and get a sweet honey to drive you to the hospital.
  10. Looking around is helpful. http://wow-tng.org/showthread.php?t=19985
  11. This was the most retarded discussion ever posted today