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  1. Jemmalass' knee bobbed quickly like a wood pecker trying to hammer a hole through the floor. He adjusted in his seat facing a closed cupboard. He stood up and paused before sitting back down his expressions lost in thought. He finally stood and opened the dresser before sitting back down quickly and staring onto his old armor. A layer of dust had formed on it from it's lack of use and Jemmalass sighed quietly as he stared at it, he could feel a part of himself drawn towards it. The rest of him felt twisted and knotted at the thought of war. Jemmalass stood and picked up the troll war mask that served as his helm, cradling it in his hands as if it were invaluable. He carefully moved to a small table against the wall and took a seat. He had adorned the table with candles and symbols before staring at the dresser for fifteen minutes and they had already burned down a decent amount, wax seeping off of the table. He carefully placed the helm at the center of a scarlet circle encased triangle. Jemmalass swallowed and took a slow breath before gripping a flask next to the helm and draining it's contents slowly. The taste of bile forcing it's way down his throat would have cause him to vomit were he not used to the horrid flavor. His body's muscles tensed as he fell back into his seat and his eyes rolled back into his head. - - - - Jemmalass stood up from his body, he looked over his shoulder at his empty shell making sure it was not sitting in a dangerous way. "Haven't seen you in the temple, as of late." A soft voice purred in his native tongue from the shadows. A thin female dark troll, covered in dark purple scales, made herself known as she stepped out into light. "Give me a hug." She opened her arms in a wide manner. Jemmalass swallowed firmly before wrapping his soul's arms around her spirit, the sensation a warm tingling as their life energies sparked against one another. "Hey, ma." He murmured back in Troll. He released her after a short but firm hug and scratched his spirit arm for a moment. The dark orange fur of his troll-tiger hybrid spirit always made him itchy. "I don't need to ask but, I will anyway. Why have you summoned me, son?" The serpent troll shifted her hips, her slitted eyes staring through him. "It's about this war.." Jemmalass began, he looked as if attempted to gather his thoughts. "I have a poor feeling in my gut... I have tried.. so hard... It's not like I'm not happy.... I just... I feel like it might not be... the right choice.." His mother placed a hand on her cheek and tilted her head. "I thought you abhorred violence." Jemmalass nodded slowly. "I do.. but.. I need to think of my future children... and Tabi." He turned to look through the ethereal plane to his world at his armor. "You miss it." His mother smiled firmly, looking a bit happier by this fact. Jemmalass blushed and shook his head, stammering. "N-N-No it's.. it's nothing like that.. I just.. I feel I need to do this." "Very well... so why did you call me?" She shifted her weight once more, folding her arms.
  2. Jemmalass


    The holes of a small building peirced the darkness of the night as the stining noise of metal clashing with metal sang into the night. The orcs knew better than to disturb this particular smith's work. His deep blue skin taunt with long hours of work, small singes on his rough weathered hide from sparks growing darker with each muscled thrust and jolting clang. His long ears gave a short twitch as he heard her shift from the locked door and he paused for a moment before returning to his work. 'Foolisssh.. How could you thhhink you could protect her with a ssshield and maccce?' Slithered through the back of his thoughts as he hammered more effort into the smithing. Part of him using the shizzling of the forge and the wailing of the metals meeting to drown out the soft voice. 'She is waiting' Growled deeply through his mind and his hand faultered for a moment before he gripped his mace and banged harder. 'Ssshe gave you her blesssing, sssoon you will drink whhhaat you hafff been thhhiirsssting for... Sssoon' Drifted past his thoughts as he wailed harder, his eyes focusing only on the heated metal as he forged into the night. '...it is time for you to learn why you do not belong within the inner circle.' Shook his foundation, his teeth gritted slowly as he wailed harder to drown them down. Steam rolled out of the hut as dawn neared and the clash of metals had long died down, left to grinding and sizzling of water. The chain on the door slid slowly and the lock clicked before the troll emerged, his arms and parts of his bare chest singed from the night's work. He bore dark circles under his eyes from lack of rest and he raised the large axe up into the dimming moon light. 'Bloodmoon.. how appropriate' Snuck through the back of his mind as his long tongue slithered out of his mouth and he bit it lightly, grinning to himself before turning towards his shop. He pushed open the door slowly to find a pink mess of hair sprawled out over the table and the trolless snoring quietly. A plate of long cold fish across the table from her and a candle that had long melted down. The troll shook his heavy heavy lightly, the conflicting thoughts slipping away as he sighed heavily and placed his new masterpeice away. He approached her as quietly as his heavy limbs could move him and with a small grunt his tired limbs lifted her from her seat. She shifted in her sleep slightly, her small hands clinging to the warmth of his body firmly before settling in his arms. His muscles twitched and protested as he moved out of the shop, closing the door with his foot and carried her up the ramp to the second floor. Settling her careful down in the bed, he eased his tired muslces down beside her too tired to care to change his soot covered pants before drifting off into a deep slumber. - - - - A fog had settled on the small isle and a large tiger paused, sniffing the air for a moment before looking towards the water. A few trickles of waves were all that could be seen of the fish that darted out of sight. The tiger turned it's heavy head and looked about before growling irritably. "I thought we were rid of you." "You tell me thhhat you haven't noticcced it? Sssurely a being sssuch as yourssself hasss known thhhat I wasss ssstill lurking about." Snaked past, hidden in the fog. The tiger lifted it's heavy body, turning it's head to knaw at one of it's many wounds and scars, a sort of bandage irritably trying to heal it. "I didn't think you'd be foolish enough to come try anything." It growled irritably, unable to remove the makeshift mending. The evasive fog shimmered as a low hissing laugh pouring over the island. "You know very well thhaat he will be mine. He only ssshares the blood of the Claw.. none of the immunitiesss..." The tiger looked bored with the fog and turned to look back to the water in search of the fish, blinking at something that caught him off guard. The ground shook for a moment as he thudded to the ground in a relaxed position and pawed at the water. "You will fail as you did before.." The fog darkened, growin dense, the vapors dropping in temperature in the air as it did so. "We ssshhaalll ssseeeee." - - - - Jemmalass shivered in his sleep before pulling the covers ontop of his soot covered body and edging a bit closer to the trolless next to him with a small snort.
  3. "Problem..." He spoke slowly, staring up at the sky for a moment. His shoulder gave a slow heave upward to readjust the gun leaning on it. "What's this 'problem', exactly?" He asked after a moment in thought. His free hand ventured up to his chin and he began to scratch at the scruffy tuffs of fur.
  4. Brood lifted his eye from the sight, the rabbit he'd been using as target practice had been eaten. Of course, he would never waste the ammo on such a tiny and worthless kill but, it was good to use live targets when practicing. His eye moved back to the scope and he blinked before releasing a grunt shouldering the large gun so that his hand gripped the handle, his finger next to the trigger... just in case. He approached the form on the ground and gave it a light tap with his hoof. "I know that druids have some.. odd rituals.. but I'm not familar with this one." He muttered to the huddled mass.
  5. Jemmalass looked around for a bit and lead them into a quiet and vacant shop space in the lower city. Waiting for them to follow him in, he held out a had as Zart approached. "Sahra, bat dis jast an batwaan ahs tree." Jemmalass spoke, a continual hint of irritation in the back of his throat.
  6. Jemmalass


    The small tauren's body squirmed but failed at any attempt at breaking from of the large hand that held him in place. Both of the small tauren's hands gripped and pushed at the other hand that approached him but his childish strength did nothing to stop it's movements. The knife glinted in the moon light and the child whimpered and squrimed as the tip grew closer to his eyes. "Do you fear death?" the large tauren spoke slowly, his voice deep and used to be one that soothed him but now it scared him beyond belief. All the child could do was whimper and attempt to jerk his head away from the incoming knife. The larger tauren grunted irritably and the grip on the smaller one tightened painfully. "...I'll beat the instincts out of you if I have to.." The voice boomed into the child's skull, amplified by the pain and his throbbing head. The knife sank in to flesh, just below his eye and flicked away. He cried out and his sobbed and whimpering increased as a thin flow of blood began to mat down the small furs on his cheek. The knife reapproached. ` ` ` ` Brood sat up slowly and grunted, he scratched his chin hairs slowly, allowing the dream to slip from his mind. Taking up his gun he began to walk through the Mulgorian plains. Jemmalass had ordered him to stay with Sanctuary and had found out that he had disobeyed. The loop hole was that none of the officers were in and so he did not have to stay but, he could not return to the new guild hall. Jemmalass often slept at his Fish Shop in Nagrand but, sometimes he'd spend the night at the hall if the raids went late. He couldn't chance getting caught, he had simple instructions and he didn't know why it was increasingly difficult to follow them. Brood unshouldered his large gun, checking to make sure it was fully functional and in pristine shape. He took up the sights and began to practice his aim.
  7. A few of us did something like this a few months ago but it was a Star Wars parody, was loads of fun. Just pick a day that you all can agree on to play your alts one night and hop on vent and Fire the Roleplayers!! onto the unsuspecting world.. /cackle
  8. Jemmalass nodded, releasing the two trollesses, and slipped his blue cape from his back and drapped it around Vhakti before reaching into his bag and retreiving his alternative red one and handed it towards Lupa. "Nah, cava jusalvs ap an jwe kin gah samwah.." Jemmalass looked up at the crowd. "Ah lattal mah pravat." He continued a bit louder so everyone coulder hear. He released a sigh and rubbed the back of his neck slowly as he waiting for the two to cover themselves and manage their way up in a standing position.
  9. "Lantresor of the Blade: Who so boldly stand before Lantresor of the Blade? Do you not know death by sight, <sex>? Click I have killed many of your ogres. Lantresor, I have no fear. Then you are a fool. Do you not know what I am? Click Should I know? You look like an orc to me. An orc... <Lantresor scoffs.> I am a blademaster of half-orc desent. Click And the other half? Draenei... And because of this, I am neither. Not orc, not draenei. My own kind are a rare breed. Most having been killed decades ago... I live because of my strength of will. Click I have heard of your kind, but I never thought to see the day when I would meet a half-breed. Bite your tongue, <race>. I have seen things in my lifetime that you have only heard about it in legends. I have killed man, woman, and child without remorse. Under the banner of two Warchiefs of the Horde I have served... And now, I rule Boulderfist. Click My apologies. I did not mean to offend. I am here on behalf of my people. And what do your people want of Lantresor, <race>? Click My people ask that you pull back your Boulderfist ogres and cease all attacks on our territories in return, we will also pull back our forces. <Lantresor laughs heartily.> Do you know where you are, fool? This is ogre land. Before orc, before draenei, there was ogre. Yet, you wish to start a war that you will inevitably lose? Boulderfist will crush you. And if Boulderfist does not destroy you, Warmaul will... But I think your leaders already know this... Click We will fight you until the end then, Lantresor. We will not stand idly by as you pillage our towns and kill our people. <Lantresor glares at you as if he were looking through you.> Perhaps there is another way... I will agree to your leader's demands only if you do exactly as I ask. With your assistance, we may be able to help each other out greatly. Click What do I need to do? So what is your decision? Will it be war or will you lend your assistance? Click Complete Quest You will stage a series of events that will lead the Shadow Council of Kil'Sorrow fortress to believe that the Warmaul ogres have attacked their base and then another series of events to maek the Warmaul ogres believe the Shadow Council is attacking their base. Do this and you solve both of our problems. The Boulderfist will have their territory back and your people will be free from attack from the Boulderfist, Warmaul, and Shadow Council." -allakhazam.com/ - "Because Kilrath is a Coward" Questline, starts in Trekkor Forest & ends in Nagrand
  10. Jemmalass bent down and gripped their ears with his plated hands and began to pull them back slowly the motion increasing in pain, a trick he learned after having to handle his brother for a few years. "Ah sad, lat gah. Jwe kin tak abat aht samwah ahls, lak adalts."
  11. "Lat gah, di bath av jah." Jemmalass muttered irritably, stepping down from his windrider and approaching the pair still wearing his battle armor. "Stap dis nah, ah'll ahll stap aht."
  12. Human = Pet you should know Vil.. er.. I mean.. >_> <_< Maybe.. he wanted.. a brother?
  13. My favorite is the Tempest & Skrag pic. heh