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  1. I wish I had caught this when it happened. Sadly I never swing by here. anyways... Main RP Toon: that's a good question, its been so long since I did it. But ironically enough I continue to make characters and day dream about their "story" as I quest lmao Horde Or Alliance? Both Guild: I was in Scarlet Dawn before I retired from active playing. They transferred and now I just sub a month or 2 every so often and play casually before taking the next break. What was your favorite RP event or storyline? I miss the Ironforge Regiment meetings in the throne room tbh. I still remember getting invited to the guild... I was told to wait outside the thrown room and wait till the meeting was over and come join the officers at the bar. Who is someone that you used to RP with and haven't heard from in a long time, that you miss the most? Some of the officers from IFR. Livingstone is the only one I can remember now. Him and I actually had a friendship outside of RP back in vanilla and early TBC (before my horde days). I think Odessa was another. IDK if she was a real female irl (the world may never know...) but "she" helped me understand the whole dwarf RP thing in IFR. Without her constructive criticism and hand holding Cedes would have been a lost cause and probably another stereotypical PVP player. Share a screenshot from an RP you enjoyed: Livingstone and I used to send "fresh meat" into the valley to train them in hand-to-hand combat against the horde. Sometimes we could even the odds and the Regiment would defend the general with honor... other times this would happen. Always a surprise! oh that old sig of mine. Memories...
  2. haha, back in TBC, when my old guild first killed Kael'thas, I received a whisper conversation with a blood elf who was upset that we killed his "lost" brother. He went on explaining how he was upset that Kael became corrupt and was happy to see him finally die, but would never forgive us for actually killing him. It was interesting to say the least... Back when I was involved, for a short period of time, in RP I had Cedes as a Military Officer and it was reinforced because I was also doing the old PVP grind, so I had the title to back it up . I never once placed myself side-by-side with the heroes (or made myself one) but I did make him sort of over off to the side as one of the "other commanders" in the army, a lesser known one. I dont remember, but I think I had Cedes partake in some epic events but they were all prior to his promotion and during those events you would never know he was there unless you asked other soldiers. So that is what I hate, self proclaimed heroes or relatives of heroes/villians.
  3. With the coming of a new age, a shattering apocalypse with more advancements towards a new modern era, I am curious about this growing problem for the humans. IDK if this is just a "america-related" theme or what but I heard about the awesomeness that was in westfall and lakeshire so I made an alt. As much as I am liking this right now I kind of feel a bit depressed over the situation surrounding the questline(s). Here is a debt crisis that has left hundreds, if not thousands, wondering into westfall like a bunch of Okies flooding into California. Yet Stormwind has, yet again, been overhauled(first was the harbor) with new constructions and the new Caslte.... omg that castle... it has "WRYNN LIVES HERE!!" written all over it and you know that cost a lot of gold, probably every tax payers sum total. Then Sentinel Hill has been built up and most of the farms have been cleaned up of the defias trash (but now littered with hobo trash offering you a quest to make mud pies, yukk!). In both westfall and lakeshire the Magistrate and the Marshal both state that their armies are too thin and too spread out to fix anything. Which makes me wonder how will the Humans even fight or even stand a chance in the coming years. (assuming that deathwing will not fall over night, it will takes 1-2yrs at least) In a real world scenario this crisis has proven to lead towards a revolution, a boycott, a civil war, or a complete death of an economy and a domino effect with every other world economy. so, with all that said, how long until the REAL shattering happens, the destruction of stormwind? Can Stormwind really allow itself to engage in another war, even one as huge as this? Is the Wrynn Dynasty on the brink of destruction? so mant questions!
  4. 1) obviously, but I stated the similarities of the two (by identifying height, not race) 2) where can you prove this? 3) which is 5'6-6'' like I said 4) there are half elf/human's in WoW according to lore. "[half]" was inserted that way because that is the title in the guide, not so much as for WoW. same goes for orcs, there are only half orcs in D&D universe, wow has full blooded orcs (and half orcs too, but not half human like in D&D) it isnt 100% accurate but it does give a rough estimate as to what azoroth's census would look like. Obviously height and weight would vary as some are taller than others too.
  5. always nice to see that guild tag still floating around, even after all these years.
  6. I beg to differ: is it Tavi who is the hoor!
  7. or rather, tell us that "X" will be happening tuesday so expect delays and dont just go "yeaaaahhh....we did this today; gunna have to push the time back, um'k? so if you could just wait some more that'd be great..."
  8. my mods are: -atlas/atlas loot enhanced -Chinchilla mini map -BTEX (the UI art frame at the bottom) -CT_mod (buff bar, bottom bars, etc) -healbot -x-pear unite frames -and the usual's = recount, pallypower, titan panel, etc etc etc
  9. I "stole" the UI art frame from someone on the MMO-champ boards awhile back to deal with my (excuse my french) clusterfuck of junk with the wow UI. When I'm not healing its rather clean hehe. (much cleaner on my DK and alts as well since they have less buttons to mash than a damn paladin -_________-) My secret is fame scaling or just size in general. I reduce as much as possible as long as I can still see or read it. My biggest issue is my healbot which is as small as I'd like it to be but could be smaller. It may seem clutty but it isnt. Its on a 15'' laptop and I have 50 billion buffs and trauma slashing everywhere so ignore those..... and *cough* ignore Paard's arch druid healing*cough*
  10. there was a discussion on the cata official forums recently about this. It has too many spoilers but I will say this: ...it involves sex >.> edit: well this blows, its on mmo-champ now... oh well.
  11. luckily and unfortunately for me, I have a roommate who kept pointing out things to me as I played it (he already beat it) so as a DAo noob i missed out on Lailana but managed to keep all my other party members alive (except Zeveran, he be-[insert spoiler here] me). I played as a tank using a dwarf noble. I was invincible for the most parts even with 3 ogres on me but I do plan on doing hardmode and getting every character and job class with a mage or arcane mage. Ill miss my dwarf tho, having that black dwarven tier armor on with duncan's shield and a enchanted saw sword made him a soloing beast (unless it was a dragon lol)
  12. its a long game. I was about 15hrs into the game by the time I united my first clan. With all the content out now it appears (idk the lore) to cover all of Ferelden now
  13. my brother's ex BF was a D&D "nerd" and happened to have a copy of one of the hand books. My brother never returned it and taking a look at it (now) I can see the height of each race. It doesn't show the actual height but if I judge humans as 6'' I can estimate each race accordingly. human - 6'' gnome - 3'' dwarf - 4.5'' [half] orc - 6'' (orcs w/o a curved spin) elf - 5.6'' (assumed to be high/blood elves due to height not race) [half] elf - 6'' (assumed to be night elves due to height not race) **all females are 0.5'' - 1'' shorter than males listed above except gnomes (they're same size)** -humans are shown to be ~125-250ibs -gnomes are tiny at 40-50ibs -dwarves have similar weight as humans -[half] elves are ~90-140ibs -elves are ~85-135ibs -[half] orcs are heavier than humans due to muscle mass
  14. my dk "was" a female dwarf... now she has been (for lack of better terms) changed. She is now the handsome, yet dead fellow you see in my sig.
  15. hmmm whats $15 looking like on the china market right now. Maybe we can do a gold exchange