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  1. It's a bit small (I can never figure out my uncles mac) but I think you can get it bigger on this website so...err yeah! Enjoy http://profile.imageshack.us/user/Soraxis
  2. Oh my god...thats priceless, Fhenrir you're taking the gold on that one I think.
  3. Heres my rules Kill the alliance
  4. Rewards are pretty good considering that you can get them without doing any form of raiding I think, although personally only thing I'd want is the tabard and some potions
  5. Nice choice of music, Last of the mohicans wasnt something I was expecting. When is this being held?
  6. I think Forgotten legion was originally made of members from the crimson watch (some) not just random people.
  7. I once landed in lights hope chapel and there were 2 undead making their undead stand just on their hind legs over and over again, got on my mount also and we had some incredible coordinated neighing
  8. What Im guessing happened is Ashbringer was the head of the scarlet crusade, Balnazzar started corrupting the rest of the crusade and secretly turning them against Ashbringer, an attack was led against the scourge (im going to presume they meant to attack Kel'Thuzad instead of Kel'Thuzad going to the defense of X spot) but then the rest of his group abandoned him and let him die (where he says his son watched him die), Balnazzar assumed control of the scarlet crusade and kel'thuzad did whatever he did to ashbringers soul, bringing us essentially to where we are now...thats all speculation though based on what is said. Does anyone know anything to confirm/deny any of this?
  9. Translation I was pure once Fought for righteousness I was called the Ashbringer Betrayed by my order Destroyed by Kel'Thuzad Made to serve My son watched me die Crusades fed his rage Truth is unknown Truth is *Blank* scarlet crusade is pure no longer Balnazzars crusade corrupted my son KILL THEM ALL
  10. I agree with what grisch is saying but think that one thing should be tweaked...if a person is disrupting your RP, A) be nice to him and explain the rules of the server and B) try to get him to RP, I'd much rather have a RP convert than a player with more of a grudge against RPers. Now of course there are some people who won't listen to that and just keep going anyway...those guys you report. I'm just saying that we should still be trying to get people to start RPing. I think Castor is a perfect example of this, I dont know how it happened but from what I understand he came here fully intending not to RP. Well uh...now he is, I'm sure that didnt happen by someone reporting him and getting him a warning (Not holding you in any bad light at all Castor, you're just a really good example for my point )
  11. What?! So my staff didnt crit you for 1337^2 and instakill you? Damnit...
  12. For communication what I have said (and I see others adopting my terms) is that we have goblin issued radios (referred to as your [Goblin Soundblaster 2000]) through which we communicate through, there are some holes in that too (why we can be in multiple channels) and such...but its passable, not everything in RP has to be completely perfect. It just needs to be close enough so that you can ignore the flawed bits.
  13. Yeah I usually give as accurate info as I can, if you report a lot get the addon that timestamps all of the messages, I remember making reports saying "at 1:32:15 PM...." and it was trustworthy times
  14. I have pictures of me being the size of mr wiggles *nods sagely* true story!