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  1. Right, I don't play more, and as Abric said, I shouldn't rock the boat.. I don't play anymore because of money issues. not because I choose something else. But hell, I'll make a suggestion anyway after reading all 9 pages of this thread. What would I do.. Change the blog set up. People are saying they want the OOC and IC sorted out or organized or something. Fine, keep all your IC forum sections, keep your Art section, keep your stories section. Toss the Personal, toss the Misc. Make the blog set up to be more user friendly, More apparent and give more control to the owner of that blog. Hell, I don't use the blog because most of the time I don't even know its there, I log on and, Bam, I get IC threads thrown in my face, if I see something interesting I read it, Half the time I just scroll through to the OOC. You want more Blog participation and use? Make it more of your website. Put a nice Bar down the side of your page that lists all of peoples you are friends with with their new entries, If you want separate that list with IC stuff to OOC stuff, make sections collapsible. There, Now those guys you either want to have a bigger IC connection with you can share your own private RP stories or what ever, or you can chat it up OOCly without spamming everyone else. Having Abric's enforced IC names for your forum name will help. The forums then become the place where you port up things you want the whole communicty to share, like a Character story, Your Art, What have you. Just an Idea.
  2. You want an argument about PvE to PVP transfers? look at the progressions of each of those server types.. I haven't done it myself. Are the PVE servers Way ahead on progression? And I don't mean one or two guilds reaching the end guys look at the guilds as a WHOLE, do PVE guilds have 8.. 10.. 13 guilds up there at sunwell level? Now look at PvP servers, how are they doing on progression? sure there will be the one or two guilds way up there, how about the rest? The Biggest argument that Blizzard uses is the fact that they don' want someone who has rolled with the PVE crew gained all the equipment from their progression, and then transfered over to a PvP. When you guys are gathering for your raids.. how many times have you had to fight over the stone? Grim fight a lot, that doesn't happen on a PVE server. they all just cluster like one big happy family playing emote wars. Is it a major difference? No, but take all those minor differences and stack them on top of each other all the way from level 1.. I donno, I personally think that Blizzard has the right stance.
  3. All I can do as a Tauren Warrior is be as big and Imposing as I can so that try as you might, you are only targeting me! I did more Running around trying to target Hunters and mages then fighting I think.
  4. One down, Kael to go.. for some reason I think that will be easier.
  5. I use death coil to line up for intercept, because warlocks are stupid.
  6. Make a separate layer, choose a base color for the section you wish to color. lets take for example the Green skin, color it all in the base color, you can change the filter on the layer so you can see the lines you drew under it, then you pick a shade of the color for the highlights and shadows, add the colors to those area's, then I use smudge to blend them together. You can go with as many shades as wanted of course. May not be the best way, but it works for me. edit: What I am sure other people do is play with the opacity when shading to get the right blend.
  7. Yah, when i first draw it i was thinking the armor needed to be more banged up so i spent a couple more days putting rust and cracks and spikes, shadows, details seem to make the piture, but i still got a lot to learn about what looks good.
  8. I submitted this one to warhammer, who knows, may get put up in next month herald.
  9. Alright, seeing a lot of peoples work, and i got a few of my own, not as skilled as some, but got to start somewhere. This is not wow related.
  10. Guduk


    Kovan fights well, I respect him more then most of the other Blood Knights
  11. Guduk - 45 The Iredeemable-Sue Interesting
  12. I saw a few pages back someone mention that its not fun being in the arena as a protection warrior. I got to say, its not fun being a protection warrior in the arena and not being able to kill anything. Now I got some decent gear I managed to scramble together, be invited into a 3v3 team, and I managed to top the score board in a match with 3 kills and the other team only killed our healer (Poor Jarnsaxa) Is PvP gear easier to get them PvP? I would have to say likely... its taken me a good long time to get the gear I have now, and people love me in the PvE field as I am damn easy to heal and keep up for the fight. I'm 160 points away from Merciless Arena shoulders, after actually working at it for.. 2 weeks... and look, I don't even spend the time to go look up the proper name for the equipment. Can I kill effectively in the arena? not really, but do I have fun? yah, I may not be as good as the average DPS warrior, it still can takes them a damn long time to kill me though, just have to get them to beat on me first. I certainly agree that Casual players may not deserve the gear that others work their butts for, but on both sides, a casual player can get the gear without any work, they just got to show up and put their work in at the right time. A guild who has Gruul on farm can deck someone out pretty damn quick who comes in once and grabs both tear drops. A Kara run could do the same, with lucky drops all suited for them. Arena in that argument could just take a bit more time, but the casual could do it with the right friends. 2 warlocks and a Paladin is a damn hard group to beat up in the arena's but after a few weeks, you have a piece of gear.
  13. I've had to threaten to use my shield to break up the fights she starts, often to have the shield meet her face and the one she argues with. I don't know who starts the fights, but she certainly does not end it unless she has the last word.. i'll be sure to put a shield into her mouth if she keeps it up.
  14. Guduk


    Good to work with, hope to see more of him in action.