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  1. Oh, really? That means I could get Eléna back. If I feel like footing the bill for an option name change.
  2. I have to actually agree with Lovely on the aspect of not generally liking the "but my character is a hunter/mage/warrior", unless you've got a damned good story to back it up. As for me, Ellenia and Darkblade are essentially the same person, but one is from an altered timeline and the other has been tinkered with. Hence they were the same person at one point in their histories, but they are two separate entities (and if I could afford to have a second account, they'd be able to be online at the same time which would totally give me a headache). Since their existence, the priestess has been trying to do everything she can to kill and/or hurt the rogue, up until a little while ago when she finally realized that the rogue did what she had to do (which is what essentially caused the duplication). I have a mage alt that Darkblade actually met in "Old Southshore" (as that mage was living at Dalaran at the time), whom I was planning on having her meet Ellenia in current time and confuse the two, but I never got to that and got bored with the mage.
  3. I wish you luck. Not being able to get that shit done myself over months of trying pretty much soured me.
  4. I was actually tempted to create that as a guild on my priest alt, but I don't play her enough to warrant doing it. Hell, I was even going to get Darkblade here involved in it as a Lightslayer, but these days I don't play her enough.
  5. Darkblade's less pissy. Slightly. I make up for it by being more pissy myself though.
  6. I'd say it would definitely be possible to say that a rogue is better at hiding, as the Forsaken as a whole have a sort of affinity to the shadow as it is (shadow resistance racial ability, priest class quests essentially saying they're better at shadow plus racial shadow-based spells, etc.). Of course that specific example is not reflected in game mechanics, but it fits in with lore.
  7. Technically, I wouldn't think that any sort of "magical powers" would be gained simply by becoming undead. Now, you could perhaps have been a very bad dabbler in the arcane/demonic, and becoming undead gives you a stronger connection to those powers, in which case you'd potentially be unable to handle them
  8. Darkblade


    Is this Codeo's alliance twin?
  9. I wouldn't mind running strangers through dungeons, but I'd want to get paid more for my efforts than they usually want. 10gp for SM? Not worth my time. Of course, as with Nadea, I will run guildies/friends through things, and have done so a number of times in the past. Hell, one time I was in a regular group with my alt, and made a deal with the other caster there that if I could get the Bloodmage's orb and Doan's dagger, I'd rerun it with my 70 so that person could get them both as well. I tend to not want to do "regular" runs with alts anymore, because I've done those dungeons so many times, it's not like I'd learn anything new (though I have recently been surprised with how easy some of the lower dungeons are now...4 man SFK/RFK without being over-leveled = cakewalk).
  10. So I might have a reason to log back in again?
  11. A very short while. So short I don't even remember it (aside from hearing about it).
  12. That he was emo and deserving of scorn.
  13. I have seen caster DPS roll on healing gear because they see "add 24 to" and then realize it said "healing" after already hitting the need button. But by then it's already too late. The times I've seen that, the dpser was all "omg, I'm sooo sorry" and then probably vendored that sweet healing piece which my healer could have used (yes, I had a priest that actually was a healer...gawd was that boring).