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  1. I feel like I should have posted with this account instead of my Lisbet account. Maybe people would be less inclined to pick out the one negative sentence in anything I post I could dig up my Rosemerta account, that one's even older. The site has always been horde heavy. Its horde heavy even now. Its just not as much of a big deal because there are no more issues with it. Everyone can be horde or alliance.. both even. It was a much bigger issue when alliance frequenters to the site were scared off before even posting do the sheer amount of hordies. Then they all rolled bloodelves, and it got worse
  2. The letter smelled like it was made with human hands, and it was a wonderful smell. The handwriting was clearly Staghelms, and it was even signed as obnoxiously as he sounded normally, but the paper itself smelled of Stormwind. She missed Azeroth so much. With a yelp that scared the Tauren stationed across from her, she was in the air and headed for the portal to Azeroth. "HEADED HOME, ORDERS FROM FATHEAD!" she squawked as she flew away from the mushrooms and dampness of the swamp. As she flew, her mind wandered a little. Swiftpaw.. she knew that name, didn't she? Perhaps a stop off to her father's house was in order before heading up to moonglade..
  3. Several large boxes sit outside the First Legion Guild Hall. A letter is attached, written in the formilliar pale pink scrawl of Maegannon.
  4. Several large casks of ale sits at the doorsteps outside the stone house in the snowy hills of Dun'morogh. A letter is attached, addressed in pale pink common to Haldren
  5. A good sized box wrapped in greens and golds sits on the doorstep of Sifar. A letter is tucked under the large red bow attached, the words written in pale pink dwarvish scrawl.
  6. A long, lean velveteen bag lies at the doorway of an Elf named Barke. A simple letter is with it, the name clearly and cleanly written in pale pink darnassian.
  7. A large basket, filled with baked goodies and fresh herbal teas of all types, rests at the doorsteps of Sanctuary. A letter addressed in pale pink orcish rests atop the wicker covering: To Vilmah Bloodborn and the good peoples of Sanctuary
  8. A simple, white box rests at the doorway of the Raven Cross guild sanctuary. There is a letter, with the name printed cleanly in pale pink thalassian scrawl on the top : To Baron Ran'Du
  9. Woo.. its been forever! I know hanging out in the mountains is good for a girl, but good lord it feels like I was in a whole other universe from the hustle and bustle that goes on in Shatterath! It was what I needed though, to get back to my roots, help heal the wounded and corrupted world, you know.. do things I was planing on doing when I was a youngling and had 'Ideas' about the world. Its out of my system now, but its good to go home once and a while. Speeking of Home, my father and mother are on the outs again. I guess they were talking and working things out, but no matter how much daddy loves mother, she's just so busy with her duties to the temple, and he just can't cope with being so far from her all the time. I'm not to worried, they've been on again, off again since I went away to learn under Shando Stormrage and the Circle two hundred years ago. Has it really been that long? I feel so very old sometimes, I can't even imagin how those who are thousands of years old might feel... Speeking of thousands of years, 6 months feels like forever, but he managed to talk me back into his arms. I miss Gralin every single day, but Grahm is like some addiction that I just can't kick. I probably should feel worse about it, and I know I'm not exactly comfortable knowing that I'm not "his one and only".. but I know both girls, and if thats how Draenei float, so be it. Its always fun to try new things..
  10. A better idea of Mae's "Nearly Peach, Almost Rosey" skin is in my signature ;p Its kinda small, but the skintone difference is noticeable. I fail at model viewer.
  11. GEEZE who keeps letting these things lose! Its about time I stop playing in the woods and start putting these blood-traitors in their place.
  12. ((This is open and free, and I'm going to pester FL people to come post cause I'm evil and I can. All names (save Fynnes cause it was just to good an opertunity to pass up. Sorry Fynne!) are used with permission!)) Maegannon juggled two full trays of ale precariously as she walked towards the rather large group of laughing patrons seated at the tables in the Pig and Whistle. She grumbled. "So how did I get stuck getting the drinks?" she asked loudly over the roar. "Because you're nice?" Xalisha yelled back, grinning prettily from her chair as Mae handed her a drink. "Because you're gullible, Maemae. " Tra piped in, taking a mug for herself. "They got ye there Mae" Thunderbelly rumbled, a chuckle in his throat as he grabbed himself a mug. "Sorry Mae. Want some help?" Isabea asked as Mae set a mug of ale in front of her. "No I'm okay 'Bea. Thank you though" She paused a moment. "Thunder, why are you sitting with all the priestesses?" "Becoz I'm smart." Mae snorted. The table of human priestesses snickered. "HEY!" "..and there I was, standing on a mound of dead bodies, my sword gleaming in the sunlight, women swooning at the sight.." Kaldore's voice floated towards Mae's extra large elf ears as she walked around to the head table. "Right, Kal, my Felguard gets more action then you do." Cid said sarcastically, "Oh, thank you Mae." "So they were the Orphanage kids then?" Myrdynn snickered. "Thats what it sounds like to me." Orin chuckled "No, I'm telling you. It was all true, and very sexy." Kaldore protested, his chest puffed out for emphasis. "Kaldore, you couldn't tear himself out of a wet paperbag, let alone kill a hundred orcs. Stop trying to steal my thunder." Fynne smirked, his hands folded across his chest. Mae threaded her way around the pub, winking at the always quiet Heidenreich sitting with Pilchard, Calliona, Melodee, Brockk, and Setzer. Each took a mug and thanked her. Why all the Draenei were sitting together was beyond her. She barely even noticed it, they did it so often. She caught snipits of the conversation, something about Myrdynn, but she couldn't understand most of it, so she kept on walking. Well, wobbling. "Eh, Maegannon! Bring'er 'here so I can git some too!" Throwadin slurred from across the room. She sighed and wandered over. Dwaves. A voice attached to no one in particular jumped out of the shadows, "Thank you Mae Mae." Mae jumped, almost spilling the remaining drinks all over the place. "For the love of all thats natural and green in this world, Voridor, don't DO that!" Voridor chuckled, "Sorry, force of habbit." and winked before walking back towards the main table. She sighed as she walked the now empty trays back towards the bar.
  13. I know her! Well, I know -of- her, anyway. I don't know her personally. I should fix that. Why would I have issues with human rogues? Why I..! *huffs and walks off* Goblins!
  14. Feh! *Mae tosses her hands in the air* My mother always taught me that if you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all.