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  1. There is an Earthen Ring dwarf in Vashj'ir - you meet him fairly early on in the zone.
  2. I know where you're comin' from, but I also know that, for hunters, talent trees are not the biggest thing on the plate right now - Focus is. Once they get that down, I have a feeling we'll start seeing a lot more changes to the hunter trees. Also, pets haven't even gotten a single pass yet. I do feel for the shamans though. I would love Spirit Link for you guys too.
  3. He's doin' his own thing.
  4. I was a staunch BM hunter, since before it was THE spec in BC and into the beginning of Wrath, but I switched to MM in the middle of Naxx raiding and haven't looked back. I don't really have a whole lot to add, as others have pretty much hit the nail on the head. An ArPen build will eventually overtake an Agi build, but not until much later gear levels. Grab yourself one of the ArPen proc trinkets (the Needle Encrusted Scorpion being the easiest to get) and eventually go for the soft cap. T9 will be good, but don't get the T9 shoulders, the badge shoulders are much better. One thing to add though: if you end up raiding T10 content and can reach 70-75% passive ArPen through gear and gems, it's a dps increase to forego the proc trinket and get something like the Whispering Fanged Skull. Using Hearty Rhino for my food buff, I get 82% passive ArPen, and that's without Deathbringer's Will. Here's my armory if you wanna take a look at some of the gear available at later levels.
  5. He probably doesn't give a shit. This is Garrosh Hellscream we're talking about after all. My guess? With Garrosh in charge, the Horde is probably trying to gather as much military strength as possible. Horde domination and all that. He probably offered the Dragonmaw some kind of absolution for past actions as long as they pledged their allegiance to the Horde. They are orcs, after all, and in Garrosh's eyes, no other race is really good enough to defend the Horde, save maybe tauren.
  6. Distracting Shot is used to pull a mob toward the hunter to trap it, if it's a meleeing mob (Freezing Arrow for casters/ranged), as it is now a taunt-like ability. Though back in BC, when CC was actual useful, it wasn't a taunt, just lots of aggro. The pets' Cower (the howl I think you're referring to) no longer reduces threat either - it reduces damage the pet takes and slows the pet's movement speed for the duration. Since CC will be much more important in Cataclysm, I can see shamans getting a similar utility.
  7. If the original owners abandoned the property and the new occupant is using it lawfully and maintaining the property, yes. It's entirely up to the discretion of the individual jurisdiction, of course, and it's only after a very long time, ie several years, but it can happen.
  8. That's not entirely true. It's called squatter's rights. If someone leaves their house for a long enough period of time, and, during that period of time, someone else takes up residence, authorities can grant the property to the new occupant if they stay there long enough. Sounds a lot like Alterac, actually. Dwarves aren't using the land, Orcs move in (and live peacefully, I might add), spirits of the lands tell the orcs it's ok the hang there. Dwarves come and: "Hey, there's people living here! Whoops, guess we shouldn't have just let this land go." Granted, the orcs may have over-reacted a bit, but hey, that's why it's a battleground.
  9. Resilience will still be around, but that says to me that it will be useless in PvE.
  10. I still doubt that Magatha will be in any leadership position, since, if I remember correctly, it was datamined that Baine Bloodhoof was becoming a level ?? boss. My guess? The Grimtotem revolt, Cairne is killed, the revolution is put down (possibly with Magatha's death or expulsion from Thunder Bluff), and Baine takes over as leader of the Tauren.
  11. I think some of this argument is getting lost in semantics. I certainly don't think a death knight could be 'alive' - they're definitely undead. But they don't necessarily have to have died in the traditional sense. A particularly malevolent and power-hungry individual might see an opportunity in the Lich King and willingly give his soul in exchange for power. The Lich King takes the soul and the individual is immediately granted undeath and the powers associated with it. Instead of life>death>undeath, it's just life>undeath. Again, it's simply semantics, as the loss of one's soul could be argued to actually be death.
  12. That's a hell of a stretch to make that comparison, Raz. I only say that it's open to interpretation because there is no definitive source on the subject. Except for you, apparently. You're saying that there is absolutely no way to be a death knight unless the individual is one of the following: That's like saying that because sentient life hasn't been discovered elsewhere in the universe, it doesn't exist. See what I did there? To quote the great Sam Jackson in Pulp Fiction: "The absence of evidence is not the evidence of absence." Maybe all recorded cases of death knights are due to the criteria you listed. Doesn't mean there can't be other methods though. Until we have a definitive source on the subject, everything people are posting in this thread is speculation and opinion. Is is REALLY that hard to accept another person's differing opinion on a topic based on a fictional game world?
  13. It's just silly to talk in such absolutes. Until we have a quote from Blizzard saying that a character that is classed as a death knight had to have died to come into such power, it's open to interpretation. And what is a necromancer? A magic-user with control over the powers of death. Someone who, after study of the darker side of magic, gained those powers by himself. And what is a death knight? A knight with control over the powers of death. Is it really that far-fetched to think that someone who wears plate armor and wields big weapons could possibly achieve the same result as someone who wears cloth robes and carries a staff, whether through study or just having those powers granted to him sans actual death? They might not have the same degree of power that a died-and-risen death knight would have, but if someone can raise a ghoul or other lesser undead, hurl a concentrated ball of shadow energy, while still using heavy armor and weapons... Well, I'd call 'em a death knight.
  14. I was always under the impression that a person doesn't HAVE to die to become a death knight. While it is true that the player-controlled death knights, according to the starter quests, died and were raised, it seems plausible that a person could willingly give up his or her soul to the Lich King and be granted the powers of a death knight. As Sylennis said, Arthas is the prime example. Baron Rivendare and Alexei Barov are both possible candidates for willing death knights. Of course, even those who want to be death knights might still need to be killed in order to receive their necromantic powers. Personally, I like the idea that not all death knights are unwilling servants. Makes those who ARE willing all the more devious.