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  1. While I dont have one...I did encounter one last night in the BG's. a friendly little shit decided to throw one down on top ot hte jsut summoned mage table. So as I'm clicking away to pick up food, I suddenly find myself at a loading screen, being taken from my full eye of the storm and the two people I was BG'ing with, to the BRD bar, and given a wonderful deserter buff for 10 mins. Didn't they take out using portals and summons in BG's? so why did this thing work?
  2. <p>WTF Reg. Wheres the love on Ostermark?</p>

  3. They are doing stuff to try to enforce druid as tree even in pvp. like the armor change. and moving feral charge up the tree so it won't be a 11 point talent anymore. So..we'll see, if a resto druid loses some of it's mobility and counter power to maintain it's healing ability, it'll be all good.
  4. They almost look like Protoss eyes....
  5. <p>Ey dere mah pretteh. Whatchoo be doing here?</p>

  6. <p>Ah! Reg on TNG! 3rd sign of the apocalpyse</p>

  7. I got mine back in February. good thing for planning ahead.
  8. In the Wow Euro forums. http://forums.wow-europe.com/thread.html?topicId=71337407&sid=1
  9. There may be many interested...but will all of us be on at the same time? Best way might be to make a channel that we'd use. say.../join BClevelers. As people get on, they ask is there a spot open in a group, use it to form 5 man groups, and raids when we get high enough for the raid dungeons. The more we have the better, as that'll let us keep together more, and it'll let us adjust to whoe'ever's online at the time.
  10. I'm in. I want to be off like a shot to get up there and see it all, and a dedicated group to do it with would make it just that much easier. Normally one would look to ones guild, but...Most RPers tend to be slow levelers, while I like to level fast, last time my guild ended up with like 5 mages at 60 before anyone other class...and doing instances with 5 mages, while an interesting Experiment..doesn't get you all that far.
  11. Theres a Neutral city called Area 52...
  12. Regnanetah will join. Mark for now, perhaps later Slayer and Vengent. Only time will tell.
  13. This is mine. Presence of Mind fireballs for burst, and arcane Missiles for high sustained damage.