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  1. <p>Yeaaaaaah yeah YOU! SHOOK ME AAAAALL NIIIIGHT LONG!</p>

  2. <p>Quite alright, I know I popped into vent when Fhen/Kali/Sancte was available to speak to. I still visit from time to time. Weather pending.</p>

  3. <p>You have quite the imagination. And no, I just recall talking with you at least once over someone's vent and then realized I know nothing about you as a person.</p>


  5. <p>Thats ok, I dont know you at all! Did this realization come to you in a lucid dream, or a series of artifacts left behind as riddles to a larger danger?</p>

  6. <p>It occurs to me that I don't know you as well as I think I should.</p>

  7. <p>long time no see man</p>

  8. To anyone trying to argue that worgen don't really fit into the lore, id just like to give a nice long sigh before looking back to a time when spaceships didn't exist...and the only elves I had to hate were the ones on my faction...
  9. I think he meant something more along the lines of a pvp area. Like Halaa, that place in Grizzly Hills, Spirit towers, etc. World pvp > Battlegrounds and (usually) Arena in fun factor.
  10. Is it every, or just special? If its every then, yeah, no dice. Although you'll be given a temporary save by things like AMS, Cloak, etc. better then it used to be.
  11. It also means that if someone has the time to dispell, your damage never peaks. I wont really complain about the patch since ret was always a kind of lolfaceroll spec...and not having to work against that anymore is always nice. It seems more like they're gutting the class in the wrong direction though, it would be nice to see them give SoC a bit of a buff as opposed to release the changes as is. Much more work needed imo.
  12. I heard its fun too, I'm just not really sure how much time I have to get my ass handed to me by Koreans in endgame...my understanding was max level was a pvp fest. Which sounds fun, but I try to limit how often I get ground into dust on a gaming level.
  13. The calm before the storm? Frankly, I dont care for the set...but very few sets in this game look good regardless so thats not even a concern on my list. Are you telling me that I am in the wrong for wanting engaging and fun content to play? That a major content patch should contain encounters that're well thought out and at the same time challenging? That blizzard cant take the time to design different skins for these bosses? If you're trying to convince me that asking one of the wealthiest, financially sound and well staffed gaming companies in the world right now to design fights that are a little more then rehashes of four year old content featuring bosses we've already seen (while at the same time being granted the privilege of fighting them four times in order to experience the full range of content being worked this patch) is somehow me being unreasonable...well, thats just fucking stupid. I dont see anything wrong with expecting MORE from blizzard in this particular case. I understand they have their hands full with the paladin overhaul, as well as other class changes. And I know Icecrown is supposed to be the huge big thing, but that simply doesn't justify this weak boss set. As far as I'm concerned Icecrown better revolutionize this games instance system considering how lame this Tournament shit is gonna be.
  14. Well, it does make sense. It just means that all their good developers are working hard on this new mmo. But I wasn't much pointing at Anub as I was the other bosses. A recolored worm? Those angel bitches? How hard is it really to develop a graphically unique boss, let alone forcing us to fight shit I farmed for months on end last expansion. This patch is a massive cop out. Disappointment is too weak a word to describe it.
  15. You guys should focus on the main issue, like how this boss is an absolute disappointment and how the reusing of character models with a slightly different size and color really just indicates that blizzard didn't try very hard on this Argent Tournament thing.