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  1. Spoilers ahead! Title: The Long, Hard Road Out of the Maw WARNING: spoilers lie ahead! … … … Seriously, the premise to this story idea contains spoilers for the Shadowlands questline. … … … … Alright, you’ve been warned about the SPOILERS. Seriously, last chance to turn back. … … … Description/History: this is a spin on the “found family” group of strangers who must overcome ego, prejudice, and yodeling Mawsworn bards to escape from Hell. The premise is that a group of four or five adventurers are locke
  2. Full Name: Ral’rush of the Darkspear Nicknames: Rush, Ral, the Blood Drinker Date of Birth: springtime in the year 0, around the time when the Dark Portal opened Age: Mid thirties Race: jungle troll Gender: male Hair: dull red Skin: light blue Eyes: dull red Height: 8’4” / 254 cm Weight: 450 lbs / 204 kg Place of residence: nameless Darkspear village in Dustwallow Marsh, Kalimdor Place of Birth: cluster of huts on the coast of Stranglethorn Vale, Eastern Kingdoms Known Relatives: numerous; his parents are alive, and his multiple siblings and cousins are all married with kids. He’s also b
  3. Hi there! I’m the fellow who joined the Discord yesterday, Ihsan997. Like I mentioned, I don’t play on the TNRH cluster, but I’m hoping to join as a contributor to your community. I’ve been playing the Warcraft series since the first game back in 1995, and I was also a fan of the Lost Vikings, so I’m a Blizzard loyalist. I’ve played WoW since vanilla, and in that time, I’ve only joined two guilds - each time for less than a month. I sort of drift in and out of scenes and scenarios, and for 15 years, I’ve honestly had a lot of fun that way. I don’t join guilds in two of the other main MMOs I