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  1. Spoilers ahead! Title: The Long, Hard Road Out of the Maw WARNING: spoilers lie ahead! … … … Seriously, the premise to this story idea contains spoilers for the Shadowlands questline. … … … … Alright, you’ve been warned about the SPOILERS. Seriously, last chance to turn back. … … … Description/History: this is a spin on the “found family” group of strangers who must overcome ego, prejudice, and yodeling Mawsworn bards to escape from Hell. The premise is that a group of four or five adventurers are locked up in adjacent cells within the Maw. Each of them arrived in the Maw in their own way, but all of them ended up captured by the Jailer’s forces and watched as rows of other prisoners were turned into anima to fuel the Maw’s armies. Those group of four/five adventurers are the ones who manage to escape their cells together and reach a waystone gate. There are no chosen heroes, there are no world-famous champions, there is no climatic destruction of the Maw; there are just a few down-to-Earth (or down-to-Azeroth) adventurers who find their way out of a horrible situation and live to talk about it. I have no ending for this planned. They have their goal to escape, but I want this story to develop organically with input from all players involved, so I’ve intentionally left the story arc open. Looking for: three or four chill role players who can help to mold and shape this together. The idea is still in development, and I’d like if the other people to be involved help with that development; I’m big on collaboration. Restrictions: preferably RPers who’re reliable in the long term. I’m hoping for partners who can walk that balance of respecting when one member of the group is delayed by real-life responsibilities while also being dependable and sticking with the story to the end. Level of RP desired: Moderate to high. Being an expert isn’t a requirement, but this is better suited for people who aren’t first-time RPers. Length should be a few paragraphs per post. Misc. notes:[/b] the basic premise is based on the idea that there are multiple maw walkers per in-game text. Only one of us needs to have the maw walker power, but I’d prefer that it’s not my character. Contact: Ihsan997#7712 on Discord
  2. Full Name: Ral’rush of the Darkspear Nicknames: Rush, Ral, the Blood Drinker Date of Birth: springtime in the year 0, around the time when the Dark Portal opened Age: Mid thirties Race: jungle troll Gender: male Hair: dull red Skin: light blue Eyes: dull red Height: 8’4” / 254 cm Weight: 450 lbs / 204 kg Place of residence: nameless Darkspear village in Dustwallow Marsh, Kalimdor Place of Birth: cluster of huts on the coast of Stranglethorn Vale, Eastern Kingdoms Known Relatives: numerous; his parents are alive, and his multiple siblings and cousins are all married with kids. He’s also been married to the same woman since the sinking of Darkspear Isle. Religion/Philosophy: confused and non-observant, though he respects his family’s veneration of the loa Hir’eek Occupation: career soldier, wandering do-gooder, and a fungus farmer when not at war Group/Guild affiliation: none (I’ve been playing since vanilla and never spent any considerable time in guilds) Guild Rank: n/a Enemies: surprisingly few among the Alliance; most of his enemies are former commanding officers or demons whom he killed multiple times Likes: humid weather, arguing about the news, competitions in crowded and noisy taverns Favorite Foods: cat meat, fluffy puppies, stinky mushrooms, broccoli-flavored ice cream Favorite Drinks: cactus punch, orange juice, the blood of his enemies Favorite Colors: red and black Weapons of Choice: a two-handed mace as his primary weapon for attacking other heavy infantry, though he always keeps two cutting blades as sidearms such as machetes or falchions Dislikes: disunity, ending friendships, antisocial behavior (he’s a hypocrite there), stereotypes Hobbies: mount racing, animal fights, liar’s dice Physical Features: though of average height for a Darkspear, Rush is of heavier build, fitting the archetype of the stronger, hardier berserkers. He doesn’t do much with his hair and beard, shaving everything off when going on the march, letting it all grow back until it gets in the way of fighting, and then shaving everything again. His clothing style tends to be very primitive, and other trolls as well as orcs can usually identify him as a villager by his unstitched garments. Special Abilities: his stamina is his pride and joy; it’s extremely rare that he grows tired of physical activity. He’s also exceedingly difficult to render unconscious without poison or magic (though he’s also rather vulnerable to the latter two things). He’s also regenerated from particularly horrible injuries which should have killed him, albeit over a slow healing process. Positive Personality Traits: loyal, helpful, open-minded (for a troll), dependable Negative Personality Traits: poorly educated, follower personality, indecisive, excessively cruel when angered Misc. Quirks: he experiences visual distress when pushed to rebel against authority; he’ll commit acts he knows are wrong when ordered unless the act is extreme, or if he sees other people rebelling first. Played by What Famous Person: Ron Perlman! And ONLY Ron Perlman! Theme Songs: Listen to this like a soundtrack while reading, I guess? History: very little about Rush’s story is unique or out of the ordinary. The story of contemporary Azeroth’s armed conflict is like the story of his life. His family having boarded the large galley ships with the orcs, Rush joined the Horde and participated in the Third and Fourth Wars, the War in Outland, the Siege of Orgrimmar, the Wars against the Iron Horde and the Burning Legion, and the War against the Jailer’s forces. In between wartime, he lives at a village of mostly Darkspear trolls in northern Dustwallow, where his family farms fungus in a stagnant swamp.
  3. Hi there! I’m the fellow who joined the Discord yesterday, Ihsan997. Like I mentioned, I don’t play on the TNRH cluster, but I’m hoping to join as a contributor to your community. I’ve been playing the Warcraft series since the first game back in 1995, and I was also a fan of the Lost Vikings, so I’m a Blizzard loyalist. I’ve played WoW since vanilla, and in that time, I’ve only joined two guilds - each time for less than a month. I sort of drift in and out of scenes and scenarios, and for 15 years, I’ve honestly had a lot of fun that way. I don’t join guilds in two of the other main MMOs I play, ESO and SWtOR; I did join one in FFXIV and it’s been a weird experience for me (not bad, just very different). I’ve always preferred to RP via forums and, now that Discord is a thing, on that. I’m also big on story writing, both on my own and with groups. I quite enjoy writing stories with multiple writers, collaborating on plot arcs, helping other people’s characters to change and grow through experience, and seeing scenarios develop from beginning to end. I’m not really a take the lead kind of person so much as a supporter, but I do legitimately enjoy helping other people. I hope that I can find a good bunch on here to write stories with (I love the server I currently play on, Moonglade EU, but we don’t have anything like what you’ve all built here for TNRH). Nice to meet you all!