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  1. Full Name: Soleil Titania Bloodstorm Nicknames: Sol/Smol/Sunshine Date of Birth: March 21 Age: 65+ Race: Sin’dorei Gender: Female Hair: Short, cropped blonde hair Eyes: Green Height: 5’5”//1.65m Weight: 170lb //77kg Place of Residence: Winterspring / Eversong Woods Place of Birth: Eversong Woods Known Relatives: Eladio (Father), Lunaire (Twin brother), Sapphira (Mother) Occupation: Blood Knight (Just another blood elf paladin) Group/Guild Affiliation: Sanctuary Enemies: Rixxi Livewire (because he’s an ass) Likes: G
  2. Estheris Duskwillow was a young and strong woman with wild, violet hair that cascaded down her shoulders and to the center of her back. She was adorned with dark red and orange leaves, both in her hair and as a circlet. Her long ears were pierced with blade-like earrings, a matching piercing above her left eyebrow. Her skin, the color of amnesia roses. She wore a dark, purple shirt, cropped to show off her rock-hard abdominal muscles that she paired with tight, leather pants and fashionable boots made for walking. A set of long, angry horns sprouts from her head, reaching towards the sky like
  3. Soleil’s green eyes flutter open, looking at the same yellow paint in the same yellow room that she now saw every day of her life. A breeze rolls in from the open window, causing her curtains to flutter and dance… the way she would never do again. She had long since quit the struggle, sinking into numbness as her body had done all those months ago. Some days came faster than others, but most days were sluggish and lonely, filled with the stifling weight of silence as she laid in her bed like the sad, pathetic lump she was now. Nothing made her feel better, nothing made her feel anymore. She me
  4. The hot Zuldazar sun beat down on Xiomara's skin, making the little troll smile as she ran around with her friends. She had always been fast and strong, tall and powerful. Xiomara was a monster. She was proud. She heard the boys, her friends, to her left, her head swiveling quickly towards them as she ran in their direction. Nobody could hide from her for long, she had keen eyes like an eagle! It was why she always liked Pa’ku so much. They were the same. The little troll felt discomfort in her stomach; different from the butterflies she felt when she was hungry, but not quite different enou
  5. Growing up, Halime had always known it would one day be her responsibility to watch over her caravan. She the granddaughter of the caravan leader, after all, and with the ever present and tragic reality that she had lost her parents, she was the only one in the line to watch the caravan. It was a responsibility she shouldered with pride from a young age. She learned how to call upon the rains with Dede, she learned about what little politics existed within her caravan from Nene. She learned how to speak and hold herself with confidence and poise and yet, none of it mattered. It was all gone, d
  6. Every day began the same for Janis Aristaeus Bearcharger. Wake up as the sun did, wrapped in blankets, beside his wife. Eat breakfast, table framed by the rising sunlight. Allow his wife to braid his long hair as he washed his face. Get dressed in front of the mirror, debate with his wife whether to wear the green tie or the blue. But only for a few minutes, he had a schedule to keep, after all. Rushing out of their home, Janis would run down the road towards the burgeoning city of Silvermoon, intent to keep to the rigorous schedule he always kept. He stops in front of a large building: strong
  7. As she did every weekend, Soleil Titania Bloodstorm had visited a bakery within the sprawling city of Silvermoon to snatch a pair of overly chocolatey cookies for her and her beloved. The paper bag that housed them is placed into a light brown satchel slung over her shoulder as she strolled through the city towards where she always found her Starlight’s portal waiting to take her home. She stands tall. Confident and relaxed. The paladin whistles to herself. Nothing extraordinary, a simple tune she’d picked up at the bar one night. She whistled because Light save if she ever started to sing.
  8. Brick Aneirin Howe was never one for his studies, a fact that his mother Meirwen knew all too well as she continued to drill him on which spoon to use and when. She pinched at the bridge of her nose as she listened to her son's latest explanation of why some part of him was bruised, battered, or broken. Sometimes it were all three at the same time because, instead of the little nobleman she were trying to raise, she'd ended up with a little monster. A monster she loved, but a monster nonetheless. "I was runnin' wif that kid from down the street, Mam! You know the one, 'e's got the really bi
  9. Today was the day: the day Draquesha would turn ten years of age! At ten she would be able to finally say which family job she would pursue -- whether she would join her father's family as hunters or follow after her mother as a shaman. Though they knew long before that she, unlike her brothers, lacked the magical aptitude to follow in her mother's footsteps, she finally had the opportunity to become more than her failings. She had spent the last week, no the last month, looking forward to her birthday. Her birthday meant that there was finally a day for JUST her! No brothers, no parents. No