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  1. Filthy water drips black and red into the basin. Delphinia grips the rim, feeling the cool metal press into her palms. Just breathe. She dips her head back under the spicket of warm water. Reaching out blindly, she grabs a washcloth off a nearby shelf, using it under the water to scrub ichor and dried blood out of her hair. She winces as she scrubs over gashes. The wounds on her head would need to be rebandaged, but the cleaning was necessary. The healer back at the cathedral had done a good job of cleaning her wounds out, and most of her skin had remained free of ichor and filth thanks to her
  2. Terror ripped through Delphinia's chest and wound its way up her throat, clawing its way out of her mouth in a cry. "DIDGE!" She couldn't think about the consequences right now. A ghoul's head split open on her daggers. She couldn't think about the years of effort keeping a secret. The swath of carnage she cut through the city was a blur, leaving a mass of uncounted bodies in her wake. There was only one thing that mattered. "DIDGE!!!" Her voice cracked with a sob. When had she started crying? The front door splintered as a wedged dagger and a kick popped the lock. He had to be alright
  3. Honorborn Jobs List The Jobs List has a twofold purpose. One, often in RP there is downtime between events and stories, or you just get busy with real life and can't commit to RPing all the time. In the Honorborn, it's safe to assume that even if your character isn't participating in the big crazy jobs, they always have some low level work that they're doing. The jobs list can be used to help with this so that you always have something your character could have been working on, even if you're not RPing it out. So if you take a break from RPing to deal with some real life stuff for a month
  4. Full Name: Delphinia Acontis Nicknames: Delphie (childhood only), Dee, Delph (most common) Date of Birth: January 12, 597KC (5 years after the start of the First War) Age: 29 Race: Human (Worgen) Gender: Female Hair: Wild, wavy, black Skin: fairly light, olive undertones Fur (worgen): solid pitch black Eyes: Red Height: 5'9" (human) 8'5" (worgen) Body type: Lean, sinewy Place of residence: The Grove, Wetlands Place of Birth: Gilneas City Known Relatives: James Acontis - Father, Deceased; Rose Acontis - Mother, Deceased, Oleander "Olly" Acontis - Older Brother, Deceased; "Didge" Acontis - Youn
  5. The Honorborn Led by ex-criminal Delphinia Acontis, the Honorborn is a mercenary outfit which takes in specialists and people with unique talents. They work a variety of jobs, and as consultants, most anything that will earn them an honest coin. Purpose The Honorborn, on it's face, as a group, does not have a grandiose purpose. They do not seek to save worlds or slay gods or herald justice or the light or the void. As an organization, they are here to do their jobs, and do them well, and earn a respectable living. But there is a small, subtler purpose, at least for the leader of the
  6. At twelve years old Delphinia Acontis was fairly tall for her age, and she drew herself up every inch of it as she approached the high counter. "How much?" Anxiety coils in her gut, but her chin is lifted, pre-pubescent voice demanding as much respect as it could. The woman across the counter splutters, blinking down a long nose through thin spectacles. "W-what?" "I'm 'ere to buy. I got coin. Jus' somefin' simple, for my little brovver." Shifting, she pulls a pouch from under a secret sling within her shirt. Da would beat her senseless if he knew she'd been skimming off the top. Still,