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  1. Murlocs and Troggs have the most annoying sounds in the game. I actually avoided questing in Loch Modan just so I could avoid that sound the troggs make.
  2. ((Deleted all the negative threads. If you wish to debate, please do so in Inferno Central or elsewhere, not in a Nether Legends Story. No hard feelings to either of you, but out of 15 posts only two of them were the story. Love ya!))
  3. My wife's mage would have pwned Sul. And I'd have healed her while she did it. Bwahahahaha!!!!
  4. Yeah, because Vilmah typically attacks peaceful Alliance. hehe. Where did you guys see me? I'd have said hi.
  5. Last night, in the basement of Scholomances, Ossuary, we faced the minions of Rattlegore.... ...And my wife's mage hit 60!!! This is her first 60, and she was trying to get to the level before the expansion came out (Because for three days she can be at max level!!!). She doesn't have time to game nearly as much as I do, and I am proud of her for getting this accomplishment. Just wanted to share....
  6. Teelia


    Once the painting was finished, Teelia sat in her appointed spot and smiled at Upae, sure that this would go as planned. She thought of all the people that would be saved, and of how she was going to celebrate by taking Upae to the Ice Cream vendor in the Shimmering Flats. Oh, there would be plenty of the magical cream flowing this evening.....
  7. Teelia


    Teelia smiled, actually enjoying this. She hugged Upae and giggled. "I haven't been painted in a while....Not since that night in Goldshire." After another moment of giggling, Teelia kissed Upae and waited for her turn as the rest of the group got started.
  8. Okay....Bear with me on this. I got two accounts a few days before Christmas. This is so I can play Blood Elves with some of the Horde here, and have some delightfully wicked fun being a bad guy. Also, since the patch, I have been playing Lovely a lot more than Teelia because Ret. Pallies are now kinda cool again and Lovely is honestly more fun to play than Teelia lately. Here is my problem. Lovely isn't in the Scourge Slayers. My Blood Elves aren't in the Scourge Slayers. Teelia and Angelita are my only Scourge Slayer characters, and they have both been delegated to the "Not playing right now" pile. I don't want to abandon this guild, or the members of the guild (Imogenn, Verloran, Anadil, Elestia, etc.) that I really enjoy RPing with. But at the same time, I don't know how much I'll be playing a Slayer. I'll be spending quite a bit of time on horde side in the near future, and when I have played Alliance the past few weeks I've been playing only Lovely (Got her attuned for MC last night, yay). So what should I do? Should I promote someone else to leader? Or should I just keep things the way they are, since Lovely hangs out with the Slayers most of the time anyway? Any advice will be appreciated.
  9. ((And now I have a new sig. <3 Kittsu))
  10. ((Hehe....Very nice! Can't wait to meet him!))
  11. ((This is really good stuff.....More!))
  12. ((I'll be rolling a Bloodelf to do Clys' Laundrey. Yay second account!!!!))