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  1. SHOW RULES 1. This event is open to all Horde and Alliance RPers. 2. This event will take place entirely in the designated Discord Server 3. You may apply on as many characters as you want. Please list your main/player name to ensure that only one of your characters is selected at the beginning. Prize will be distributed as available (Given contestants can be spread across multiple servers or not even have an active subscription) 4. Most of the Show will be freeform RP in the House. The main goal of this event is to KILL have fun and put characters in a different situation while giving p
  2. If it worked once, they'll hit it, shape it, and hope it works again! Welcome to the Second Season of The House, an Azerothian reality show created by Razz Blastwhizzle! (Link to previous show here: The House is an RP event that will take place entirely in Discord and welcomes both Horde and Alliance participants as contestants or audience members. There will be chances for the audience to participate and help guide the challenges for the contestants. The main goal of this event is to put your character into a