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  1. Hey there Sowell,

    It's been a long time! I used to be Rahnzakh back in vanilla/tbc, orc hunter in the cartel. So glad to see you're still around in some form; I haven't checked this site in like a decade. Hope things are going well.

    As classic wow approaches I was thinking about that guild and how fun and unique it was. Some of my favorite WoW memories are from our cross faction events, selling arena chests and bareknuckle fights  back when I was a cringeworthy 14-year old lmao. I found one pic of those days on an old hard drive, in glorious 4:3.

    Hope you're doing well. Any plans for Classic? I've been playing on and off on vanilla private servers for the last few years and had a blast with some of my roleplayer friends. If you haven't, you might give one a try for a nostalgia trip.


    P.S. Maybe you don't remember this, but you suggested I read Basic Economics back in the day, and I did. I didn't understand most of the nuance when I was in 8th grade, but maybe you'll be glad to learn you influenced a young, impressionable mind to become a fan of Sowell, lol.

    1. Ironskull



      So good to hear from you!  Thanks for the picture too.  I posted it on a discord with Castellano (orc rogue...did a lot of the tonk battles) and Thalarios (human mage; damn good at PvP).  Thal will be on classic with me; RP-PvP if they have it, if not PvP somewhere.  We're going alliance.  Castellano is resisting so far.

      We should hit up the same server!  It doesn't look like they'll have RP-PvP... so maybe the last alphabetically East Coast PvP  (e.g. if there's a "Z" server)?

      Email me sometime:  

      Name is Aaron.

      p.s. That's great about Sowell!  I love that guy.  I wish he had been President.  He's too good for us though.