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  1. "Nouri the Heretic. Now there is a name that we have not heard for some time." Said Lord Fordragon with an air of impatience. "Indeed the last that name crossed my mind was when I issued the warrant for his arrest for assaulting one of the king's guardsmen during the trail of Kurohane Mistveil. I understand the Archbishop had him in his custody. Upon learning that I no longer cared as it was not my jurisdiction to meddle in the Church's affairs." "Pity. For if you had taken the time to meddle, a great many plots and injustices would have been brought to your attention." The voice came from the entrance to the chamber. The double oak doors of the chamber were open, a breeze wafting in from the marble halls beyond. Silouetted in the frame of the doorway was a robed man bearing a glowing ruby staff. A murmur grew among those in attendance as the figure moved slowly into the courtroom. As the light of the wall sconces fell on the man, his startling appearance caused the murmuring to grow exponentially. A wild mane of sandy brown hair shot through with streaks of silver framed a strong tanned brown face, the skin around his eyes and mouth creased with wrinkles such that his age was difficult to determine. His square jaw was for the most part hidden behind a silver, brown beard that was in dire need of a grooming. His robes were of a heavy dark brown fabric, accented with alternating bands of gold and indigo around the cuffs and hem. As we walked into the chamber, those spectators lining the path down the center of the room pointed to the man's feet. He wore plain sandals, which was in itself not remarkable. They pointed to the fact that he seemingly floated inches above the floor as he made his way forward. As he drew near, each spectator in turn was aware of a faint shimmering glow that emanated from his frame. They were also aware of his eyes. The irises a startling blue shot through with motes of glowing amber, an effect that left some of the lesser willed spectators uncomfortable if they stared too long at his face as he passed. Straight to the chained elf maid he walked, stopping only as a pair of guards made to bar his way with spears crossed. "This woman speaks truth. She is innocent of the crimes that have brought her here this day. I know this as fact and have come to speak on her behalf." The man said in a steady, strong voice. Lord Fordragon recovered from his initial surprise and called for order in the now chaotic chamber. " Silence! Silence all!" Once the babble subsided he addressed the man. " Well, speak the name and the wildman appears. I see the months have not been kind to you Mr. Nouri. Where have you been hiding I wonder?" The man named Nouri took a moment to scan the room, getting a feel for the audience in attendance before responding. "As to where I have been, it was not here nor anywhere else in this realm, so you need not be concerned with what activities I have or have not been up to. I am here to lend weight to the words of Maegannon Silverbeard, for as she stated she was indeed not the entity at fault in the murders being tried. I know this as it was I that expelled the guilty entity with the aid of a close friend, Ms Teelia Gazee. What you need to determine my Lord, is what constitutes guilt? Is the blade of an assassin deemed guilty of murder, or the hand and mind that weilds said blade? Is it the poison in a tainted ale to blame for causing grave illness to the drinker? Or is it the deviant who did concoct the foul mixture and poured it into the vat?" Nouri turned to address the audience as he spoke. "You are all wise and experienced lords and ladies. You have seen what fel magics exist in this world. Often all is not as it seems, and forms both foul and treacherous can appear to us as trusted and beloved friends. Possession by spirits if evil intent is a matter of fact, not supposition. There have been far to many documented cases of such. Indeed I myself have studied the subject from texts found within the very walls of Northshire Abbey. If the Church if the Holy Light has accepted the phenomenon as real, can the courts do no less?" Nouri paused to let his words echo in the room a moment before continuing. "I come before you today to swear upon whatever oaths you would have that indeed Maegannon was a tool, a pawn of a devious and sinister spirit of a Banshee in service to Kel'Thuzad himself. It was this banshee that committed the crimes, using her body as the vessel. She was no more in control than if she were a separate person entirely. This banshee it is that bears the burden of guilt. Not this woman, a slave to its dark designs. Think on it, look at her history. A creature of that kind oof malevolance would have a trail of murder and death following her. There is no such trail my good people. Her past has been one of healing and helping those less fortunate. A past of decorated service to the realm. Can you not see the abberation this charge of murder carries? Those were not the acts of a woman who can claim the good deeds she has done. " Nouri turned to face Fordragon once more. "I bear witness to the fact that Maegannon Silverbeard is innocent. I am willing to answer any questions you have my Lord as to the manner of how she was finally rid of this evil banshee. We await your words. "
  2. Not on my watch Missy.. Oh.. wait I'm retired. Nm... * mumbles.*
  3. Noury

    Holy Light

    The way I always looked at it was that Light (and Shadow) were cosmic powers that dfferent cultures or beings approached in their own unique ways, calling them (and upon them) by various different names and methods. Light is the power behind creation, while Shadow is the "demolition" power that takes apart the unwanted and makes room for new Creation, using the building blocks left behind by the Shadow. Sort of like the death and birth of stars. One common theme however is that it appears no society discovers the Light ( or Shadow) on its own. Some higher being always seems to be the tutor. In the case of the Humans, High Elves , Dwarves it was the Celestials, or Hopes. For the Draenei it was the Naaru. Who originally revealed the Light and Shadow to those beings? The Lore isnt clear, not does it have to be. That is something they may not have any desire nor reason to disclose to the young, childlike races. As for Orcs, it may be that simply no advanced being had adopted them yet. Or perhaps they were at some point approached and were rejected in favor of the Elemental shamanistic faith.
  4. Noury

    Holy Light

    I dug this out of the archives. It might shed some 'light' on the subject. http://www.wow-tng.org/showthread.php?t=996
  5. Gah!!!! What happened to my hair??!!!
  6. Noury

    An end

    A cool brisk wind stirred up the fallen leaves in the small, secluded valley nestled deep within the tall peaks of the Stonetalon mountains. The sun had just passed it zenith and was beginning its slow decent towards the faint glimmer of the Western sea. The old man drew his heavy woolen cloak tighter around himself. Not that it made any difference. He always felt the cold of late, even when the fire in his small stone cottage was stoked to its fullest. A rasping cough broke out, shaking his slight frame with its force. His rheumy eyes watered when the cough subsisded. Eyes nestled within creased folds of skin, leathery with years of exposure to the elements. Still, those irises glimmered with the same brilliant blue and gold of his youth. Eyes that had captivated and disturbed more people than the old man could remember. How long had it been that he left civilization behind, to live his secluded life high in the mountains? Forty? Fifty years? He couldnt recall. " The Old Man of the Mountain" the Cenarions down in Stonetalon Peak called him. The Horde stationed at Sun Rock called him the "Mystic of the Mountain." Over the many years many had made the trecherous and difficult trek through the hidden mountain passes to his little secluded refuge, seeking wisdom and healing. They brought him foodstuffs, provisions and sometimes news of the outside world. Those pilgrimages had become less frequent of late. Why the old man couldn't say. Maybe folk had simply forgotten him. Or he had become simply a legend, a fireside tale to entertain travellers in the mountain passes. One thing was certain, there would be no more pilgrims. No more visitors. He was dying. His time had come. He had forseen it. The sun continued its march downard, growing dimmer as it did. Long shadows were cast by the trees lining the clearing he sat in. His breath growing weaker to match the failing light. Then just as the sun dipped below the horizon, to cast its final flash of glory to the east, breath failed. In the little secluded mountain valley, the wind stilled and all was peace..
  7. OMG!! Shadowspeak! Your "before undeath" pic.!! FATHER!!!!????
  8. Haha! The look Nouri has now is soo totally this.. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-bAN7Ts0xBo&mode=related&search=
  9. We were talking about that very thing on vent last night. Not only would it make RP easier.. it just makes sense in game and with the lore. The forsaken were once human or elf.. why would they not be able to speak their languages anymore? Orcs and humans were together for some time in the camps, at least some of them would have learned each others languages. We know that Jaina and Thrall can talk together. Not to mention the goblins.... they can talk to everyone..
  10. Oh lets not forget how Okhu developed a fascination with Lovely. Here she is.. taking avantage of the situation after Lovely lost a duel to Karkarov..
  11. It might just be my screen Vorkal, but those seem a little dark. Oh.. I just HAD to take this screencap. Its not in game, its from the login screen. I will post an in game one once I get a great shot. Bit this is Nouri since he got his new turban! Omar Sharif FTW!!!!
  12. Here is a few of mine. I had one that was my favorite, but I seemed to have deleted it (sniff..) Lupa and Tempest, contemplating the future. My very first troll hunter, Tox, patrolling Tanaris on raptor
  13. I'm putting mine in the Moments captured in WoW" thread. Maybe it can be stickied?
  14. Nouri sat in the Blue Recluse, sipping his morning tea and reading the Stormwind Times. The usual dribble, more speculation on the incident with the Archmage. Still no leads. The tales of woe from the ongoing famine. Loch Modan was feeling the weight of the shortages moreso than most places. Westfall still in upheaval as bands of roving brigands regularly assault the meagre grain storage silos. There was an amusing tale about some woman swearing that she was being stalked by some chicken. Some people will say anything for attention. Turning to page three World News, Nouri put down his mug and read the artice that dominated the page. The Grim attacked Jaina Proudmoore! Seemingly successfully at that! The article went on to explain how the newpaper recieved a letter from the Grim themselves, bragging about the deed. The letter in its entirety was included in the artice. Nouri read through it. " That smells of propaganda. Truths twisted into inflamatory statements. Bah! No matter. Do they really think they can take out the worlds most powerful mage that easily? Jaina is probably already restored, fully healed and nursing a new grudge against the Grim. I fear all they accomplished was to make a new and powerful enemy. Also probably earned the ire of Thrall! She IS his girlfriend if the rumours are to be beleived." Nouri turned the page to the cartoon section. " Lets see what Gloomberry does today."
  15. (( Thanks! :lol: I couldn't resist. In that time frame Nouri was a hermit, living with the troggs.. ))