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  1. Oh lord, I'm a dunce!! LOL Thanks! ❤️
  2. Woah! I completely thought I answered this and I did not! Thanks again for the welcome and the discord channel, apparently I forgot to add that too. I am fired! I know I am loving the low population on Twisted Nether currently, at least for lack of lag. Little lonely though. If I may, could I grab another invite for the Discord channel so I can get myself settled in properly? ^.^
  3. Hi there! Thanks for the response! I am glad to know TN is still active and has some good guilds. I actually love the idea of an Honorable Horde guild, as I believe most Horde are a lot more honorable than what we see at face value. A mercenary guild sounds like it could have a lot of fun for sure. This actually makes me quite excited to drop a new toon or port over a couple from other servers... though ouch on my wallet. I will have to wait and see who else might respond and I may take you up on that discord channel when I am off work again.
  4. Hi there indeed! I used to run on Twisted Nether but due to a long line of dead guilds and lack of people I actually knew, I left. I am considering coming back and was just wondering how active the community is, RP and otherwise. Are there any guilds that still RP or is it still fairly few and far between? If not casual, leveling guilds are always a favorite. I don't know, I am tired and rambling, I hope you don't mind. I have been playing WoW on and off since BC and RPing longer, but I am very much needing a lore update so I have started buying the books finally. So behind. That's about all I have at the moment... Oh, I have Discord if that matters. Off I go, for now, thanks for reading!