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  1. Full Name: Ridan Brightdawn Nicknames: Ri Date of Birth: July 19th Age: 20 Race: Sin'dorei Gender: M Hair: Black Skin: Lightly tanned Eyes: Golden Height: 5'4” Weight: 125 Place of residence: Razor Hill Place of Birth: Dalaran Known Relatives: Rathasin Brightdawn (Father, Quel'dorei), Valatheris Brightdawn (Mother, Sin'dorei), Calathe Brightdawn (Sister, Quel'dorei) Occupation: Hunter Group/Guild affiliation: Sanctuary Guild Rank: New Blood Enemies: None that he knows of. Likes: Food, Engineering, His fox, pretty much anything. Favorite Foods: Snowberries and freshly caught fish Favorite Drinks: Fresh squeezed snowberry juice Favorite Colors: Silvers and golds, Dark greens and Dark Blues Weapons of Choice: Gun Dislikes: Being made to wait for no reason. Being unable to figure out how something works once he's dismantled it. Hobbies: Tinkering on his various projects most of which are either pets for battle or companions. Physical Features: Ridan is fairly normal as young blood elves go aside from trending more towards a short stature. While currently slender he shows signs of filling out into a bit more muscular of a frame as he ages. The outfit he wears as well as the state of his hair seem to change from any given day with the only constant being the ready smile and chipper outlook. Special Abilities: Ability to be annoyingly chipper. Positive Personality Traits: Outgoing, cheerful, almost always looking on the bright side. Negative Personality Traits: Impatient, overly curious. Misc. Quirks: Has a constant urge to dismantle pretty much anything and everything in an attempt to see how and why it works the way it does. History: Ridan was born in Dalaran as the child of two elves split by factional differences yet still trying to make their family work. For most of his childhood they did their best to keep him from being effected by the different politics, something that has led him to trouble more then once when he questioned the wrong thing or asked the wrong questions of those entrenched on one side or the other. Once he was old enough to understand the distinctions these incidents lessened considerably especially once the young elf started showing a preference for spending time in horde dominated lands. (Insert more words here at some later date) Most recently Ridan has found himself finally out in the world trying his level best to adult. Something that seems a dubious success at best.