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    Full Name: Ivelysse Anthelme, pronounced ee-vuh-LISS, avoids using her surname when possible Titles or Nicknames: Eva to her friends. Lady Ivy to most around Suramar. Age: Less than a thousand years, but they all run together in Suramar. Race: Nightborne Gender: Female Hair: Black Eyes: White Height: Short for a Nightborne Weight: Soft Notable Physical Features: Typical shal'dorei female. Place of Residence: Suramar Place of Birth: Suramar Known Relatives: Damois Anthelme (husband), Reinna Anthelme (daughter). Religion/Philosophy: She places her faith mostly in herself, but sometimes also in the stars Occupation: Owns and manages a Teahouse in Suramar, training to aid the Horde as a Priest Guild Rank: Minion Known Associates: Qabian Grimfire Known Nemesis: None Special Skills: Good with money, skilled with management and scheduling, a decent sense of etiquette which she ignores at will. Positive Personality Traits: Polite, intelligent, adaptable. Negative Personality Traits: Arrogant, selfish, shallow. History: Ivelysse has been recognized within certain less than savory circles in Suramar for centuries as the proprietor and manager of Lady Ivy's Teahouse, a fairly low class, relatively recent (only a few centuries old) establishment in a darker corner of Evermoon known for extreme discretion. People who've tried to spread rumors about what happens there have a tendency to turn up dead. Ivelysse herself claims no knowledge of such events. Her husband is a skilled politician known for his moderate stances on almost everything and as a decently effective ambassador between the lower and higher classes. He's thus relatively well respected within the city, though of course that fluctuates as always with politics. His marriage to Ivelysse as an ordinary businesswoman has always been a point of contention and a point of pride among his detractors and supporters respectively. Ivelysse was introduced to Qabian Grimfire through mutual acquaintances not long after the Alliance and Horde first started making their forays into the city. While they both acknowledge their association with each other, that's generally as far as they'll go willingly. They avoid ever being seen together in public and can both be expected to lie if pressed on the matter. With Thalyssra's pledge to the Horde, Ivelysse has taken up Qabian's offer to join the Grim, though she remains a minor player in the organization.