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  1. Full Name: Saoirsae Norrelo (seer-sha nor-el-o) Age: 24 Race: Blood Elf Gender: Female Hair: Auburn Skin: pretty pale, with greenish blue tattoos Eyes: Green Height: 5'3" Weight: 110 lbs Place of residence: None currently. Place of Birth: Norello Estate, Tirisfal Glades Known Relatives: her twin, Laoisae Norello aka Raelana De Bergerac Occupation: Hunter of demons, engineer Likes: Killing, stealing things from Rae, going to events in Rae's place (without her knowledge), killing things Favorite Foods: Rare steak Favorite Drinks: Any champagne Favorite Colors: Blood red, black Weapons of Choice: A flaming sword in one hand and a sword of ice in the other Dislikes: Liars, cowards Hobbies: reading, tinkering, fighting demons Special Abilities: Has a knack for arcane talents but hasn't had time to pursue it Positive Personality Traits: Extremely loyal, protective Negative Personality Traits: hot-headed, prideful, headstrong, fights first and asks questions later Played by What Famous Person: Isla Fisher Theme Songs: Dead Leaves and the Dirty Ground by The White Stripes History: At the age of 18, Saoirsae and Laoisae had promised themselves to the demon hunters. They had trained their whole lives for this, their highborne turned blood elf parents homeschooling them so they could train for hours on end on how to fight and how to prepare to become demon hunters. Saoirsae, who is a few minutes older than Laoisae, signed herself over to the demon hunters first, excited to fulfill her destiny. She turned to Laoisae to watch her sign her paperwork to find the color draining from Laoisae's face. "Laoisae," she hissed. "What are you doing?" But she waffled to long and the demon hunters, miffed by her hesitation, knocked her out and dragged her away. Saoirsae begged them for a chance to talk some sense into her sister. The commanding officer grinned and whispered something to another soldier who ran off after them. The officer sneered, "You won't have to worry about her anymore." Grabbing Saoirsae by the arm, they dragged her off. Letting only two tears fall before wiping them away, she stands up tall to begin her new life as a demon hunter. Several years and many battles later, Saoirsae is a decorated war veteran and a high ranking officer with the Demon Hunters. As she passes through Eversong Woods on a scouting mission, she decides to visit Silvermoon City for the first time. She's fascinated by everything there, such finery and elegance; however , she keeps getting stopped by random citizens who, after they look at her face, excuse themselves, saying she looks just like someone else. She asks them who, but no one will give her a straight answer. She figures out her sister must be alive and begins a quest for her. It's during this that she meets Julilee who gives her a name: Raelana De Bergerac. She goes in search of her, only to discover she's away fighting, which makes her proud of her sister until she learns more about her. Disgusted by the fact that she serves the Blood Knights and gave up her entire life to worship, of all things, holy power, she decides to cause a bit of mischief and problems for her sister, stealing her mail and going to parties in her stead. One day, after stealing her most recent mail, she bumps right into her. She smiles wickedly at her sister, only to see that she's delirious and being chased by a man. She decides it's not the right time and slinks off into the shadows to see what other mischief she can get into.