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  1. LUNK RITE MOAR WORDS hai hi, me iS stIlL Lunkkk, wriTe stOry bout scarY day! :O haHa :O looK likE LoNk facE! 2dayYyYyy ScAry. FeW days b4r, sCar LadY brinG frned, n he bIg n mean. anyWay, 1day 2day end of miss Razzy contest. PRETTY LADY WIN! lunK very happppy. Affer she Win, HOUSE CATCH FIARRRR! :OOOO luNk watch shoWs in room wid friends crOnk n PonK. n boB n Lonk2 buttt dey naht frinds. dey sUck. So, we watchIn show, LunkkKk look like tis: \o/ he hav good time. Den, get HAWT. BoB tell turn air, buT no AiR, AirrR hot! B4r no, rooM on fiahr in Mid of Ahll miiii gren chilrend! N lunk Lock in firarr room! bOoB haZ good ida, Hee spiLl dranK oN fiarrhs! N CrOonk spits on fiaarhrs! smmMart cRoNk..s Luank try same. Den! PRETTY LADY COME SAVE LUNK! Door opn, pretti ladi derE wid nothAr pretY lady! TwO pretTy Ladies! :O Dey Yallink at moOks n wE run out RooM n dey SavEe liFE!!!! BesTtest ladIes evarh! baD stuf happeN miSs RazzY housE brrrn 2 groun, but MisS RaZzY sayyfe! n moOks sayyfe! we go Poooorrt? Purt? Pert now! NEwww hOomE 4 Lunk Lunk! luv lunk ❤️ The text is written in the same shambled up journal as before, the mook having had it stuffed in his pants as he left the burning building. The edges of the paper is charred, as the mook attempted to fan the flames away. There is a wrinkles where some stray saliva got on the paper. It is written in the same messy text, but it is full of love. Lunk loves his job and loves the people he works with. Especially Miss Razz ❤️. He won't forget his time at the house with all the pretty ladies and silly men! Or, that's what he thinks!
  2. me is lunk, i ritE word 2 telL aventu adveture story 2-dayyY good dayy talk wit bOb wach sho togetah wit bob affer go tak wit miss raZzy but miss rAzzy make LUNK fel sad scarE ladi hurt pretti miSs ket n miss razzy no want punish no unnerstan. lunk confuse, think miss razzy say 4 tat fite fite bad bad. alSo see lonk 2deey he men 2 LUNK try stel lunk lunch cuz he say no fairsies dat LUnk see miss razzy. no lunk faul he see miss RaZzy n lonk no. LONk no go see 4 self. if want go see miss razzy, not hard. dumb dumb lonk. luv lunk ❤️ The writing is crude, having been written by an overly enthusiastic hobgoblin. The paper is torn, but still connected to others in a raggedy looking journal of sorts. It is stained, having been held by the mook throughout his daily activities, including but not limited to: using his zappy stick, rolling on the ground, and kicking over all the backyard furniture at Razz's home looking for the pen he thought lost forever.
  3. Full Name: Lunk Lunk the Destroyer Nicknames: Lunk for short Birthday: 01 April, at least that's what he's told Age: Don't ask Race: Hobgoblin Gender: Mook Hair: Mook Skin: Mook Eyes: Mook Height/Weight: Mook Place of Residence: Razz's House Place of Birth: Don't ask Known Relatives: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Religion/Philosophy: Whatever Miss Razzy tells him Occupation: Miss Razzy's Bodyguard/Protector of her house Enemies: LONK Likes: Pretty ladies (particularly Ketani Addison), his shows, bun huggers/underoos, Miss. Razzy Dislikes: Lonk, when people are mean Favourite Weapon: Zappy Stick, itchy stichy (itching powder) Favourite Food: Floaty Sammich Hobbies: Watching his shows, picking pretty flowers, and helping Miss Razzy Positive Personality Traits: Unending positivity, always tries his best Negative Personality Traits: Has the intelligence of a hobgoblin Theme Song: Womp Womp, Wimp Wimp by Mook Quartet History: Lunk work hard for Miss Razzy, write journal telling all adventures! He try hard, do best job!
  4. Full Name: Tynnifer Manslaughter Nicknames: You knaves will address him only as Tynnifer Manslaughter or Tynnifer, if he permits Introduction: Have you ever walked into the city and seen something so beautiful it almost made you cry? You may have laid eyes upon the illustrious Tynnifer Manslaughter. Date of Birth: 30 July Age: 47 Race: Bloodelf Gender: Male Hair: Straight red hair pulled into a manbun Skin: Pale with pink undertones Eyes: Green, but wears silver contact lenses because they're cute Height: 6ft/1.8m Weight: 120lb/54.4kg Place of Residence: Silvermoon City Known Relatives: tbd Birthplace: Silvermoon City Occupation: Warlock, Diva, Drag Queen Likes: Himself Dislikes: Everyone else, not being treated like royalty Favorite Food(s): Chocolate Favorite Drink(s): Red wine Positive Personality Traits: Creative, Flexible in more than one sense, confident Negative Personality Traits: Vain, selfish, stubborn, cocky Hobbies: Tynnifer appreciates the finer things in life: music, dance, the arts Physical Description: Tynnifer is a specimen of true beauty: pale, white skin with pink undertones highlighted by thick black eyeliner around his glowing silver eyes and a bold black lip. Red hair pulled tightly back into only the most fashionable bun to expose his gorgeous ears for all to see. While Tynnifer may have a couple external wrinkles on his skin, they do not take away from his aesthetic. Finally, Tynnifer likes to have a tasteful goatee shaped into a triangle underneath his lower lip. He is absolutely stunning. History: Tynnifer does not share his history with just anyone. Ask him, and if he feels generous, he will share with you. Theme Songs: LMFAO -- Sexy and I Know It Justin Timberlake -- Sexy Back Right Said Fred -- I'm Too Sexy Lady Gaga -- Applause
  5. Full Name: Draquesha Nicknames: Draq Date of Birth: 10 June Age: 32 Race: Jungle Troll Gender: Female Hair: Green/teal Skin: Blue Eyes: Gold Height: 7'2"//2.18m Weight: 213lb//96.6kg Place of Residence: Sholazar Basin//Nagrand Dragonroost Port Place of Birth: Echo Islands Known Relatives: Two brothers; a mom and a dad; her crazy Aunt Chartreuse; and Grandpappy Draq Occupation: NA Group/Guild affiliation: Sanctuary Enemies: NA Likes: Very large animals, very small animals, pretty flowers, ugly flowers, pretty much everyone in existence Dislikes: Mages (because they're scary) Hobbies: Hunting; fishing; flower picking; generally being outside. Folding paper; finger painting; whittling; dancing with her two left feet Favourite foods: Soup of all kind; anything sweet Favourite drinks: Fruit juices Favourite colours: Red and purple Weapons of Choice: Personalized crossbow with fun accessories, traps Physical features: Tall and lanky; resting bitch face; small chest, wide hips, large backside Positive personality traits: Curious; easily entertained; optimistic; kind; compassionate; friendly; fun-loving; always sees the best in people Negative personality traits: conflict averse; sarcastic; overly emotional; naive; always sees the best in someone; crippled self-esteem Misc. Quirks: Boisterous; touchy-feely (she loves hugs and kisses); much too humble; Important Possessions: Chain necklace with three rings around it (engraved with her and her brother's names); carved wooden horse (Duke of Horsingshire), best friends with Syreena's horse (Sir Horsington the Brave) Personal History: Like any other Darkspear Troll, Draquesha grew up on the Echo Islands, daughter of Tre’kell and Lakeitia. She grew up the middle child, with two brothers - J’waun and Tijani - and was often treated differently from her siblings, resulting in resentment between the three. The family was either skilled with communing with the elements or they weren’t. Draquesha proved to not be, while her brothers were. They enjoyed using this against her, using her as a practice target as they learned to control the elements — drawing up the earth at her feet or tossing fire at her. No big deal. Draquesha’s first memory is of her on fire, the sounds of laughter and screaming mingling with one another and the feeling of stifling heat causing her to brush at her skin neurotically at the very thought. While she did not have the talent to speak with the spirits that her siblings did, Draquesha excelled as a hunter, picking up a spear as her mother once did and joining the ranks of the Darkspear Headhunters. She embraced the anger and aggression that came with the position, picking fights with everyone and anyone. She often found herself passed out after long nights of drinking and fighting, groggily going home much to her own dismay. This went on for years until, on her twenty-third birthday, she packed up everything she could and ran. Draquesha spent several years living alone, finding herself out in the wilds. She put up her spear and picked up a bow, finding what it was that truly made her happy. However, her time at home was not without its damage. Draquesha secluded herself in the hopes that she might not come back alive, knowing in her heart that nobody would mind if she were gone for good. All she seemed good for was screaming at things and being rude. During her time alone, Draquesha inevitably found herself feeling... lonely. Instead of turning back to people, she turned to the companionship of beasts, quickly amassing a large following of them. If one were to look, they might be surprised to see the sweet and pleasant huntress toting around large raptors or angry looking gorillas, giving them kisses on their cheeks and hugging them. However, in her eyes, these beasts were her new family. After what felt like an eternity on her own, Draquesha returned to the world of people, having changed for the better. Her first encounter included almost running into a certain Aruku as he flew near her home, the pair quickly forming a friendship that would prove to last. He became one of her first friends. Ever. Not long after her first encounter with Aruku, Draquesha met a tauren named Kimba. They immediately hit it off. Through Kimba, she quickly became entangled in the turmoil of the Goldfield family. After a series of poor decisions, the two went their separate ways. Having heard a word here and there about a group known as Sanctuary, Draquesha quickly jumped at the opportunity to join a group like that. While her past said otherwise, she had grown to detest the violence of war. She quickly began a new chapter in her life, her time with Sanctuary leading her to meet many individuals she grew to love. Upon the request and coercion of Shaelie Brightwing, Draquesha entered a competition at a little goblin named Razz’s home. She ran into a certain Aruku Hitowa again and met a slew of other delightful individuals, gaining all the friendship she could have asked for in her life. The house brought out the best in her, giving her a chance to blossom into the woman she always deserved to be, surrounded by the love and affection he always needed. While at the house, she met a certain orc named Nokh Deadeye who was soon to capture her bleeding heart. After many nights under the stars out in Razz’s garden, Draquesha came to the decision to pack herself up and join him at Dragonroost Port. She now grapples with trying to continue help with Sanctuary while living in the port with her snuggly bear. Music: Better Days -- Hedley Learn to Let Go -- Kesha The Less I Know The Better - Tame Impala Tu Cancion - Alfred y Amaia