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  1. <p>Happy Two-days-late Birthday!</p>

  2. <p>OH HO HO!


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  3. Apparently I'm getting shit over this event for my guild not showing up. It would have been nice for someone to have said something to me about my guild being involved in this event.
  4. Oh wow, the Shaman set looks terrible. There's a surprise.
  5. <p>Hmm? Fun times in Tol Barad? I'm confused.. I've never been to Tol Barad! (Or was the message meant for someone else?)</p>

  6. <p>Disregard, mistaken identity.</p>

  7. <p>Hrm? I got no message untill now =P</p>

  8. Past week has been slumpy, but I'd actually say that is has survived the expansion. Week before this one, I saw plenty of activity there.
  9. <p>Organizing my room. I'll be on later.</p>

  10. While I agree that honor feels a bit too grindy right now, but as for them being free honor - it's more time efficient to win than to get kills. Bots get in the way of winning because they do not participate, they just run around and absorb hits.
  11. <p>Happy Birthday</p>

  12. <p>In b4 Cytiana.</p>

    <p>Also, I never realized you were a Roleplayer. I've spotted your names a few time but I guess I just never knew.</p>

  13. ((As of this morning, I am the new Hammer of the Frostwolf Brotherhood. Anyone seeking to join should, if possible, come to me. Other officers that can be contacted are Ranadarus and Hazzakah, as well as my Alt Kranu.))
  14. <p>Since you've now HIJACKED Opal, YOU MUST LET ME IN THE SOCIAL GROUP D:</p>

    <p>Actually that was a nice surprise. <3 Hopefully see you this weekend.</p>

  15. Possibly, but not likely. First, because of all that has happened, it's entirely possible that Gilneas lost or had to abandon it's coffers in order to evacuate properly. And even if that weren't the case Gilneas is more than likely still considered it's own nation, and given the general pride of Gilneans and the assumed good political sense of Genn Greymane, its' assumed that they would not be likely to hand over all of their wealth to Stormwind unless they absolutely had to.