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  1. "Ah, Calrin. The one person outside of my family and within the Alliance who was decent to me. We bumped heads a few times, but who doesn't? He talks a lot, but I don't mind it too much. Very energetic and excitable. Good healer, too, but he's got a bit of an ego about being officially recognized as a doctor at such a young age." Mardalius shrugged, taking a sip of his wine before continuing. "I suppose he's earned it, though."
  2. "I don't really know Tahzani all that well, but he mixes a good drink and runs a fine establishment. He'll have my patronage until, Light send this never happens, he closes up shop."
  3. Mardalius pinched the bridge of his nose. "Sorel Crescentsong..." he groaned to his anonymous inquirer. "Allow me to tell you about quite possibly the worst man and leader I have ever had the displeasure of following." Mardalius swirled his glass of Thalassian Red, "Sorel has no tactical mind, he's heinously racist, and horribly manipulative and abusive. He would berate me daily for being half Thalassian, to a point that I had almost begun to believe I was filth. He once sent me on a mission to a remote cabin to await a communication from Sanctuary, before I joined, that never came. He left me out there for six months with no communications, just for me to find out the mission was called off a few weeks after I was sent. When he wasn't making poor decisions, he would bring me on missions for the specific purpose of being his personal portal vendor, all the while reminding me how he felt about my people. Then, he lied in a Thalassian court of law and got me exiled for an operation I had no part in." Mardalius stopped, smiling apologetically. "But, I'm rambling. Most people would hate him for treatment like that, but honestly? I feel sorry for him. I don't want to be around him, but I hope he gets the help he needs. And a stiff drink. I've only ever seen the man drink prune juice."
  4. Week Five, Day One: Went scouting with Brogden and Grandfather again. Became separated. Currently surviving behind enemy lines. Week Five, Day Two: Day two behind enemy lines. Surviving off rations, skirting from tunnel to cave to avoid demon patrols. Week Five, Day Three: Day three behind enemy lines. Attempts to teleport back to the Vindicaar are unsuccessful. Demons seem able to detect portal magics. Rations running low. Week Five, Day Four: Day four, out of rations. Conjured mana buns to prevent starvation, but magical reserves are running low. Week Five, Day Five: Day five, salvation is at hand. I've found a group of Krokul broken who are going to aid me in returning to the Vindicaar. Week Five, Day Six: Krokul Broken found a patrol from the Army of the Light. They led the patrol to their encampment, and I returned to the Vindicaar with the patrol. I never thought I'd be so happy to see a draeneic bed. Week Five, Day Seven: Spent day recovering from my time lost.
  5. Week Four, Day One: Assisted with sorting a shipment of herbs and potions from Azeroth. Requisitioned herbs to replenish my personal stores. Week Four, Day Two: Hunted demons with Brogden, a member of the Night Vanguard, and my grandfather. One hundred and forty seven demons slain. Week Four, Day Three: Assisted in the mess by conjuring food for freed Broken slaves. Week Four, Day Four: Accompanied a scouting party to Mac'Aree. Gathered several specimens of native flora and fauna, fel tainted and otherwise. Week Four, Day Five: Distributed healing potions to soldiers headed to reinforce forward bases. Week Four, Day Six: Assisted with maintaining portal to Azeroth. Strain from long distance portal considerably less than in the past. Week Four, Day Seven: Returned to field with Brogden and Grandfather. One demonic commander slain, two hundred and three lesser demons slain.
  6. Week Three, Day One: Returned to field. Ninety-eight demons slain. Week Three, Day Two: Provided portal services to mobilize the Army of the Light to regions needing reinforcements. Week Three, Day Three: Rest day, recovering from maintaining portals. Week Three, Day Four: Patrolled Krokun region. Seventy-four demons slain. Week Three, Day Five: Day spent retrieving herbs native to Argus. Evening spent studying herbs and effect of long term fel exposure. Week Three, Day Six: Assisted with opening portals to Dalaran to bring fresh troops and supplies to Argus. Week Three, Day Seven: Tested several new alchemical mixtures with Argus and Azerothian herbs. Results inconclusive.
  7. Week Two, Day One: Warband assisted the Army of the Light in freeing slaves. I provided a distraction and cover. Forty three lesser demons, one eredar slain. Week Two, Day Two: Warband killed a particularly troublesome Pit Lord and his eredar allies. Returned to Azeroth. Week Two, Day Three: Assisted with the operation at the town now named Unity. Week Two, Day Four: Protected Ashtotem Village alongside the Ashtotem Tauren. Week Two, Day Five: Took leave from duty while awaiting orders to return to Argus. Week Two, Day Six: See above. Week Two, Day Seven: Sword training with Army of the Light. Learned a new and effective technique for killing felhounds when outnumbered.
  8. Mardalius' reports are done in shorthand Thalassian, more notes on his actions than a proper journal. His hand is elegant and practiced, with no smears or blots. Each page is stamped with the seal of House Anterius, a stylized "A" emblazoned on a shield, and Mardalius' personal seal, a crossed sword and staff. Julilee, I will be using logbooks like this one to file my reports. The reports start at the beginning of the day you informed me I was to submit them. As instructed, I will only be reporting things that directly pertain to the mission against the Legion. Week One, Day One: Visited several shops in Dalaran seeking a tome on exceptionally long range portal theory. Found one lead. Will investigate tomorrow. Ordered 3 (three) spare battle raiments from my tailor, Dobraine. Should be finished this week. Weight training with Alinah, sparred with T'suro. Ended in draw due to inability to use magic safely in basement. Recommend outdoor sparring area for magic-based fighters Week One, Day Two: Followed lead on aforementioned tome. Purchased tome from Ethereal in Shattrath, teleported back to Dalaran. Will review tome later. Purchased rations and new staff for excursion to Argus. Remainder of day spent awaiting orders to leave. Week One, Day Three: Studied portal tome. Spoke to mages who maintain portal to the Vindicaar. Should be able to replicate portal, if needed. Will require great deal of magical energy. Will plan extra rationing. Week One, Day Four: Attended a wedding in Suramar, per your orders, to stop an assassination plot by Karthok. Took on an illusion of a guardsman, rescued Cmdr. Sorel Crescentsong from himself, and assisted with stopping the assassins. Returned to guildhouse and received treatment for wounds received. If more information is needed, will provide in person. Week One, Day Five: Tested ability to open portals from Argus to Azeroth. Test successful, but very draining. Spent remainder of day recovering strength. Week One, Day Six: Still recovering from portal test. Slept late, ate plentifully. Picked up spare battle raiments from Dobraine, packed in rucksack with rations. Week One, Day Seven: Final preparations for Argus. Received orders to gather and leave with warband. Performed final inventory.
  9. Full Name: Mardalius Anterius Nicknames: Mardy, Mardarino Anterinius, Mardimoo Anteroo Date of Birth: April 14 Age: 26 Race: Half Thalassian, Half Human Gender: Male Hair: Fire Red Skin: Pale Eyes: Sapphire Height: 6'3" Weight: 215lbs Place of residence: Sanctuary Caves, Razor Hill Place of Birth: Silvermoon City, Quel'thalas Known Relatives: Margoz Anterius (Human, Father), Brudicus Anterius (Human Death Knight, Grandfather), Kirsune Aedious (Quel'dorei, Mother), Justica Anterius (Businesswoman, Cousin), Alinah Anterius (Spouse) Religion/Philosophy: Church of the Holy Light Occupation: Battlemage Group/Guild affiliation: Sanctuary Likes: Books, food, epic adventures, protecting the weak and downtrodden, second chances. Dislikes: Wasting time, senseless discrimination, alcohol. Favorite Food: Garden salad with grilled chicken, nuts, tomatoes, and a light dressing, served with a side of fresh fruit. Favorite Drinks: Fruit punch, non-alcoholic. Favorite Colors: Purple and silver. Weapons of Choice: Hand-and-a-half sword with an arcane focus in the pommel paired with a staff. Hobbies: Playing the lute, research, reading, weight training, sparring. Physical Features: Well toned muscle, leans towards his elven heritage. Special Abilities: Talented in Frost and Fire magic, exceptional swordsman. Positive Personality Traits: Intelligent, kind, determined. Negative Personality Traits: Reckless, emotional, socially awkward. Misc. Quirks: Severely claustrophobic, known to panic when denied access to his magic or his sword, forgiving to a fault. History: Mardalius was an accident. His parents never planned on having children, and when he was born, Margoz had to beg Kirsune to help raise him. Given that Margoz was away soldiering often, this lead to nearly a decade of emotional abuse and attempts to abandon Mardalius or adopt him out, all of which were foiled by Margoz. As a young boy, he was considered a freak by his peers for his "tainted blood." This lead to isolationist behavior, the effects of which can still be seen in some of his social interactions to this day. When Mardalius was ten, the Scourge marched on Quel'thalas, headed for the Sunwell. Kirsune took Mardalius and escaped by portal to Dalaran, only to leave him apprenticed to her father, an accomplished battlemage. For a decade, Mardalius trained in the arts of Frost and Fire magics as well as with the sword. His grandfather molded him into a weapon for "the wars to come," something that came in handy when Mardalius reconnected with his father at the onset of the Draenor Campaign. With the help of Margoz, Mardalius enlisted in the Alliance Navy aboard The Jade Lion, under Captain Zhi Fa. The following months and years would see the father/son duo embark on several missions together, eventually leaving the Navy and The Jade Lion to join other orders, finally ending in Night Vanguard with many comrades from days gone by, including one Sorel Crescentsong, who held the command. Mardalius and Sorel were always oil and water, but this new command relationship strained that to new heights, culminating in Mardalius joining the Horde organization Sanctuary, where he could be among his people. These days, Mardalius lives a mostly simple life. Wed to his beloved Alinah, he serves Sanctuary as Field Commander, taking the fight to any and all who would oppress the weak and disturb the peace of Azeroth. He is dedicated to finding the peaceful option whenever possible, which some may say makes him weak while others would likely argue that it makes him the best choice for a leader of soldiers. A recovering alcoholic, he's been off the sauce for nearly two years now. ((Portrait Courtesy of Vilmah))