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  1. Main RP Toon: Shigana (ally) Tillna and Frieya Horde Horde Or Alliance? Both Guild: Lots What was your favorite RP event or storyline? Oh man...None that I can name, just the evolution of the characters over time...As I see names and characters, I realize I knew a bunch of these guys now and then and had RP bits with em. Though I do remember Shiggy having fun tormenting Nymare. Share a screenshot from an RP you enjoyed: None, all lost
  2. <p>VECTOR.........................................OF INFECTION</p>

  3. five Finger Death Punch, Lamb of god, Rob Zombie and Korn on the main stage. Just Google Mayhem fest for the other ones
  4. Rob Zombie did a killer Set. Some White Zombie stuff...some newer stuff. but mostly stuff that's been around
  5. So..has any one else gone to a show? I won tickets to the Raleigh show, but I missed all the not main stage bands..was curious if any one else had gone...was a very bad ass Metal show though
  6. And...I have..account time all of a sudden? Cool?
  7. Ahh..so apparently...the permissions in my Program file directory are all..messed up. I tried to change it to allow me access to all..and won't let me. I'm the admin. *headdesk* *Edit* for fucks sake...got it fixed..it was the dumbest shit. I'm off to go see Mayhem Fest...damn man...
  8. Oh. Nice. I can't uninstall or reinstall it as is
  9. Well, all my chars are allies, and for the most part..well, any way, that's not super important. So, I DLd the lich king again..and it says that I can't delete the folder or move it or anything..><
  10. I guessed I might have to, but my net is insufferable right now, so I was going to see if any alternatives existed first
  11. So, I've been on a hiatus for a bit, And wanted to get the latest patch Downloaded. So I double click ye old WoW icon, and bam. I get this error: Windows cannot access the specified device, path, or file. You may not have the appropriate permissions to access the item. Curious I say. Then I tried running as admin. Same message. So I open the Folder containing WoW, and notice everything has a little lock over it. Same message if I try to launch it from there. I'm running Windows 7, and I upgraded from Vista. Also, hurr, hey guys
  12. <p>*Hugs a little. Slips $20 down your pants</p>

  13. <p>*demands money*</p>

    <p>.....<img src="<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/sad.png" alt=":(" srcset="<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/sad@2x.png 2x" width="20" height="20" /></p>

  14. <p>*Holds out flowers</p>