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  1. "Thank you... Kind soul...." Weakly hissed the freed spirit towards a small, snowy white Vulpera, who quickly stepped back into the crowd of Night Fae coming to greet the new spirits in their realm. Ghasty's lantern released the souls of numerous beings, their spirits forming into the visage of many Night Elves, Vulpera, And others. Freshly released into Ardenweald's care, the souls were more than desperate to finally be free of the Maw's grasp. Ardenweald had been clever to employ the efforts of the Soulthief, as denizens of the Maw quickly titled Ghasty for his... efficient way of navigating
  2. Location: A small transport vessel just off shore of Stormwind’s Docks. Time of day: Early Afternoon The early afternoon bid farewell to a small mooring incident in Stormwind’s docks. A transport ship now sat anchored awkwardly away from the dock itself, accosted by rowboats for the Stormwind Guard. "I swear it's true! I saw it wit me own eyes!" A ragged Victim of a man howled as he was throttled by a guard. The angered man in lighter armor was only made more agitated by the crying of the lowlife he was holding up against the bulkhead. "Listen here, dock rat! Three of my best men were ki
  3. Bloodbath Setting: Soon after the Burning of Teldrassil Area: Small island off of Darkshore Time: Evening Chestius was restless. Tired after his last job, but the menders saw to immediate injuries, allowing him to be up and about for the next contractual form of self punishment.. A contract back at Darkshore, a place that the goblin privateer now wished to steer far away from, had Professor Skorm calling specifically for him.. The Ethereal had a way with premonitions, and this was one he claimed to be ‘haunting’… Haunting, that was a good word for the feeling
  4. Hello! I feel like I should have posted this SOONER, but I've kinda been all over the board as far as forumers go! I am Hunter, otherwise known as Chestius, otherwise known as Mr. Pockets. I'm a small time youtuber and a huge fan of both WoW and TF2. I've been playing both for YEARS, and adore everything that comes with it! Some funny facts about me: I am very bad at video games I can do voice impressions of both the Goblins in WoW as well as the Scout in TF2 (the only difference was Smokers Lung, after all) Beyond that, I'm just a dork who loves treating WoW as an e
  5. Skullduggery War, a constant within the world of Azeroth, something guaranteed like the tide's ebb and flow. Causes of war are negligible once it starts, and the moral code of justice only caters to the winning side. After all, the flavor text of history books is decided by the winning side, is it not? So don't delude yourself with a sense of justice and mercy, just focus on surviving, winning, making it to the end of the day. It's rare to find folks that can see events like these for what they truly are. Those talented visionaries are sought out, branching from all walks of l