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  1. I have found a new Tribe, and it warms my heart... Since the decimation of my tribe and family during the Alliance attack on the Camp, I've been so focused on the rite of vengeance that I have nearly forgotten what it was to be around others who share a similar goal. Many of them fight with such ferocity that I am sure they do their ancestors proud, and there are several other shu'halo in this tribe, being among any number of my kin again brings a smile to my face, even during these treacherous times, there is always a hope that one day things will get better... Earth Mother willing. I was asked an interesting question when I returned the fallen Blood Knight's tome, a Forsaken girl asked me what I would do if I met a Wildhammer civilian... I found the question a bit puzzling. I have sworn the rite of vengeance against the Alliance, and so I consider them my foes, but I am not murderer. Their military is the only target I had considered, and the focus of my hammer. I did not consider such rhetorical things...a civilian is what exactly? Any who can take up arms against my people are my enemy... and what mercy did they show the Sternhorn Tribe, the Stonespire Tribe... the Camp... none. I look to what happened when the Warchief Garrosh laid waste to Theramore, how nearly the entire Horde deplored the action and eventually took up arms against him... but did the Alliance not do the same to our cities in the Barrens? For what? To gain a foothold in Kalimdor... unsatisfied with the lands they already occupy in force... large swaths in the wilds to the north and west. Always they seek power, a foothold... for the lives of my kin... where was their mercy? Where was their outrage? No... they celebrated...their glorious conquest...so will we. I will do what I must to defend my home... that is the only thing that concerns me. I have begun to learn about their mandate. It speaks of peace... the only peace this world can ever truly know. Both sides seem to seek peace, we must achieve it.
  2. Full Name: Sunwalker Oruken Sternhorn Age: 60 Race: shu'halo Gender: Male Hair: Black Eyes: brown Height: 9 ft Weight: 1365 lbs Place of residence: Camp Taurajo ( Formerly ) Thunder Bluff ( Currently ) Place of Birth: Camp Taurajo Known Relatives: Cousin - Kirge Sternhorn ( Alive ) - None others that are still alive, most of his tribe was killed during the Alliance assault on Camp Taurajo. Religion/Philosophy: Oruken is a sunwalker and reveres the Earth Mother and An'she as the source of his strength. Occupation: Master Jewelcrafter and Enchanter , while he was at the camp was also a local Brave. Group/Guild affiliation: The Grim ( Currently ) Guild Rank: Supplicant Enemies: Any who threaten his home or tribe. Likes: Peace and quiet, solitude, good meals Favorite Foods: A wide variety of tastes, he rarely will turn down any food. Favorite Drinks: Water - He exclusively drinks water, never any alcohol. Favorite Colors: Most earthly or darker hues Weapons of Choice: 2 handed mace. Dislikes: Large crowds Hobbies: Meditation, honing his crafts, from professions to combat, practice creates harmony. Physical Features: Fairly average height and weight for a male Tauren, missing half of his left horn, black fur. Special Abilities: None of note, is very solitary for a Tauren, with his Tribe being decimated and following the spirit of the Tiger since birth, the brave does not fear going it alone. Positive Personality Traits: Patient, Thoughtful, Spiritual and very strong in faith, quiet and watchful, does not shy away from battle. While independent, when necessary he is an excellent teacher and is always willing and able to help any that he calls friends. Negative Personality Traits: Very solitary, does not enjoy large crowds and stays away from cities as often as possible. While an excellent fighter and trained extensively in battle, he is more likely to go it alone then lead less experienced fighters in combat. History: From all that anyone can gather, Oruken lived a fairly standard life as a brave at Camp Taurajo. He has fought for the Horde since the Tauren tribes joined with Warchief Thrall. Had fought in several major engagements during the 3rd War and settled after the conflict ended to protect his home. During the great Cataclysm Camp Taurajo was overrun by Alliance forces, and since then he has been on a rite of vengeance against the Alliance and all who support them. Oruken also wishes to do what he can to defend the Horde and all its people against any threats that wish to do them harm. (( Work in progress ))