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  1. A google masterlist of characters can be found HERE. Main characters are listed in the first column, with alternate characters listed across in the same row. Each name is typed out in order to be searchable using a Ctrl+F function, and sorted into class columns. For some people, anonymity is wanted and if one of your alts is listed that is NOT common knowledge, send me a PM and I will delete it. In a list this large likely no one will have even seen it. By the same token, if there are blanks you'd like to fill in, by all means, let me know! If your name is not on this list, please let me add it. Check to see if you are listed as inactive with a [xA] for Alliance or [xH] for Horde. I'd like to keep the list current by filtering active people to the top and inactive folks to the bottom, but sorting is not an exact science and I'm sure I got it wrong somewhere- no hard feelings I hope. If you see your alt in the first column please claim it to be added into the proper row with your main! Feel free to correct me if you consider your main to be different than the toon your row is listed by. You know- just be helpful if you see I've messed up. This is meant to be a useful tool that can be edited on the fly as people come and go from the game. (original Masterlist thread can be found here)
  2. Full Name: Sachatamia Greybird Nicknames: AMI. Also: Socks, Ket, Cat, Tay, Tami, Mia. Date of Birth: Unknown Age: Variable* Race: Tauren Gender: Female Hair: Brown, dreadlocked Skin: Pale mottled fur Eyes: Mysterious. Black and white mottle? Golden, reflective/glowing? Height: Short side of average Weight: Thinner side of average Place of residence: Has no home Place of Birth: Unknown Known Relatives: No one knows who she is, so they can't know if she has any relatives Religion/Philosophy: Wild. Occupation: No Group/Guild affiliation: (Not ICly yet. <Rutilus Luna>) Enemies: on the run from the Cenarion Circle Weapons of Choice: Anything handy. She also tends to hide and panic at real violence. +Weaknesses: Faints easily, so far snowballs are a sure thing. Likes: Alcohol. Lots of alcohol, usually fruity varieties. Singing. Favorite Foods: Mushrooms. Favorite Drinks: The kind that get you drunk Favorite Colors: All of them. White. Dislikes: Surprises. Loud noises. Hobbies: Traveling. Singing songs. Physical Features: This one's hide is pale and mottled. She wears simple clothes. They are worn garments, patched and plain and small- little more than halter and loincloth. She has a long patchwork cloak of mixed furs and feathers. She isn't much better looking than her clothes. Long braids have been left alone long enough to unravel and then rework themselves into matted dreadlocks. An initial impression of broken horns turns out to be false- they merely never grew. She's stubby. Overall she's not an especially savory character in appearance alone. People have trouble looking her in the eyes, which are framed in a black painted stripe across her nose in the fashion of some older shu'halo funerary practices. If asked to describe Ami when she is not in their direct presence, they would have difficulties naming any defining features or correctly recalling how old she is. Some may not remember her at all. Special Abilities: * Personality: Volatile, mischievous, distracted. Frantic. Stressed. Zealously LOYAL. Misc. Quirks: Ami may be crazy. She is often talking to herself, or to others who are never seen. Will always pray before eating any meal containing meat. May come over and pray over your meal if you sit down to eat meat in front of her. Ami tends to avoid populated areas unless drunk or about to be. Theme Songs: Spontaneous Me - Lindsey Sterling History: This person is a complete stranger to everybody and has no known history. Asking after her turns up absolutely nothing at all! NOTES TO OTHER PLAYERS: *Ami can constantly hear the voices of spirits. They tell her things- sometimes important things, sometimes not. She almost always can address any given person by name before introductions have been made. She will learn random trivia knowledge, embarrassing stories, etc from someone's ancestors. ((I will use OOC knowledge of your character, if I have any, to effect this. Please also share anything you like! If you do not wish me to play this feature for some reason, please tell me!)) * Ami may appear to be any age from a child to an elderly woman. This age remains constant once established in a person's view. You may choose which age your character perceives Ami to be if you'd like to exploit this feature but otherwise it shall be random. /roll to determine how Sachatamia appears to your character. 01-25 CHILD 25-65 YOUNG ADULT Brynzi Nashna Qabian Tahzani 65-85 MATURE ADULT: Syreena 85-100 ELDER: Ranadarus
  3. In the interest of sharing, here are a few communities you may or may not have known about. Our own Ravenholdt+TwistingNether Discord server can be accessed on the home page here on TNG. Roleplayers Connect Discord server: invite link is Roleplayer's Network Blizzard social group: invite link for our realms and global Maelstrom+Lightninghoof+TheVentureCo's public realm Discord server: invite link is