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  1. Sunday 6am: Westreach Summit, Thousand Needles. The wind is still this morning. The calls of wyverns in the air can be heard from afar. Nikkoma sits in cat form on the bluff watching the heat rise from the top of the sun baked mesas. A hand rests on her shoulder. Jevan sighs "My child, it is ok if you are scared. We can get more of the Bloodhoof to hel-" Nikkoma interrupts shifting out and standing. "Father, I've made my decision. I know what i am doing. The other Rutilus members should be here shortly. Their help is all we will need." Jevan smiles "You are braver than I was when I was a young bull. Things have changed so much since then.." Nikkoma looks out towards the bluffs looking for any signs of Rutilus Luna. "The winds of change are coming today, father, and I am ready to fly into the headwinds." Jevan fills with pride seeing how strong his daughter has become. "...Nikkoma I am sorry I was not around for you and Mapiya." Nikkoma keeps her eyes on the area. "It's fine father, we put it behind us." Jevan sighs, "I wish I cou-" Nikkoma shifts into bird form as soon as she catches the sight of Baal’themar, Faylea, and Bimsy land. "They're here!" Her eyes light up with relief. ----------------- The empty bluff not far from the Twilight camps. "Ye got ye poisons ready?" Bimsy looks up at Baal. Baal grins holding his blades coated in poison. "Who would I be if I didn't bring poisons?" "Hey I don't use poisons! And I make them bleed just as much. I will probably kill more than the both of you." Fay chuckles as she gloats and takes a sip of her flask. She activates her stealthman. "We will see about that." Baal waves at Nikkoma before he fades into the shadows. "Dibs on any gold tha chief got." Bimsy cackles as he stealths. --------------- Nikkoma turns to her father "it's time we head out." Jevan nods and calls his twilight drake Highwind and mounts himself atop of the dragon. Kanati Greycloud, defender of Westreach, walks over to the two. "Good luck my friends. The Grimtotem are more cautious than ever. Magatha still has her grip on the lot of them. An'she be with you both." "Thank you Greycloud, we will let you know if we require assistance." Jevan salutes Kanati. Nikkoma nods and flies off toward the twilight camp with Jevan just behind her. Flying over where the Rutilus members are, slowing down to speak as she passes. "I have a signal flare." "We will be ready! You get belly rubs if you come back alive!" Baal laughs. Fay rolls her eyes and giggles. Nikkoma and Jevan land on the large blackened mesa just before the entrance into the grimtotem camp. Two braves eye them up and down. "What brings you here, bloodhoof?" Nikkoma shifts and stands tall. "We are Grimtotem from Thunderbluff." One of the braves chuckle. "That still makes you a lowly bloodhoof." Jevan huffs from under his headdress. "We have a message for Chieftain Arnak! We could take our "business" elsewhere." He grins. The braves raise their eyebrows. "This message can benefit the Grimtotem clan greatly." Jevan continues. Nikkoma tries to play along "It is for chieftain ears only." The large tauren braves look at each other. One shrugs and answers Nikkoma "Fine, head inside then." He grins wickedly, "If you are here to trick or swindle us, the rest of the clan will deal with you, thoroughly." Nikkoma takes a deep breath and walks past the braves with Jevan behind her. As they pass by all the grimtotem they are stared down. Whispers can be heard "Is that who I think it is? Did they have a deathwish?". Nikkomas heart pounds while trying to keep up a strong appearance. Jevan places his hand on Nikkomas shoulder. "Be calm child. Remember you are not alone.". Nikkoma nods and gives her father a small smile. They soon reach Arnaks tent. A large shadowy figure stands and walks out into the sunlight. Arnak takes a long look at both of them. Nikkoma opens her mouth to speak and Arnak suddenly laughs hysterically. "JEVAN! Brother, did you not think I would recognize you under that wolf pelt?! Are you here to plead for forgiveness for betraying your own clan?!" He gestures to the clan watching them. Loud murmurs and whispering can be heard. "How has Baine been treating you? Like a good lap dog I hope." He laughs. "Anndd you bring your calf with you." Nikkoma growls under her breath "I AM HERE TO CHALLENGE YOU ARNAK, I AM HERE FOR MY PEOPLE!" Jevan looks at Nikkoma wide eyed. He tosses his headdress to the ground. He turns to the grimtotem clan. "Those of you who wish to join the horde, to fight for what's right, for peace and honor, for the safety of your young and loved ones! My daughter Nikkoma will lead a better Grimtotem clan! A name worth honoring, a name worth more than any gold on Azeroth!" He gestured to Nikkoma as she stood with her head held high. She stares at Arnak. "I challenge you to Mak'Gora. No weapons! If I am to beat you in combat, I will take the Grimtotem tauren that are willing to follow." Arnak smiles "Very well, If you lose, which you will, you will become my slave Jevan and Nikkoma will be thrown to the War braves to have their way with her." Laughter comes from the crowd. "Get ready to meet the same fate as Cairne." He drops his heavy mace on the floor. And walks toward her. Nikkoma roars running towards Arnak. She shifts into bear form and lunges for his chest. Arnak opens his arms and catches her throwing her off to the side. "Is that all you've gotten?! Strength?! Where is your skill?! Or did the Bloodhooves teach you to be a pacifist?! SHOW ME YOUR GRIMTOTEM BLOOD!!" He charges towards her. Nikkoma quickly shifts into cat form and runs under his legs while pulling his hooves back from under him. Arnak slams chest first on the floor. She climbs on top of his back to bite his neck. Arnaks eyes widen and he grabs her mane and throws her towards the wall of the bluff. Nikkoma falls to the floor and shakes her head. The pain causes her to shift out. Jevan yells "NIKKOMA STAND UP!!" Arnak walks over and lifts her by the throat. "You are not fit to lead them. You are outnumbered and weak." Nikkoma smirks. "Thats where youre wrong-" she coughs as she presses her flare to shoot out into the air. "I am a part of The Horde." The flare busts in the air. "That's our queue!" Bimsy gets on his glider "1000 gold says you can't kill more than me!" Fay laughs as she jumps off the bluff. Her demon wings spread and she readies her bow. "You’re on!" Baal follows behind on his glider. Arnak looks to the skies and sees them approaching. "Its an ambush!! Kill them both!!" He tosses Nikkoma back towards the crowd. The grimtotem close in on Jevan, when suddenly members of the grimtotem start to fight and kill the ones trying to get to Jevan and Nikkoma. Jevan acts quickly and fires lava bursts at the evil grimtotem. Bimsy and the others land and begin to fight their way into the center. Nikkoma stands slowly and smiles at what she's seeing. "FOR THE HORDE!!!" She shifts into an astral form. Her voice echoes "ARNAK! You are chieftain no more!" She casts as new moon spell hurling it toward Arnak and hitting his chest. He grunts from the hit "I’LL KILL YOU!" Arnak charges. Nikkoma smirks "Aid me in my fight earth mother!!" Brambles spew out from the ground and bind Arnak in place. Arnak roars and tries to free his legs. He bloodies his hands while pulling at the thorns. She casts again throwing a half moon of power towards him, knocking him back. She then begins to summon power from heavens and crashes a small moon atop of him, instantly crushing Arnaks body. "It was you, who was weak and alone..." she turns and calls out "Everyone! Help me find the women and children. Let's get everyone out of here!" A Grimtotem brave drops dead in front of her. Baal is revealed standing behind the Tauren. "You got it!" He stealths away. After some time of getting rid of every evil grimtotem in the camp, the Last of the grimtotem walk over to her. A Tauren calf walks up to Nikkoma and tugs her tabard. “What happens now?” Nikkoma smiles warmly and places a hand on the calf's head. “We show you your new home.” The tauren walk pass her, each one placing a hand on her shoulder and nodding. They all walk toward the other rutilus accompanied by Jevan. Baal is seen reluctantly giving Faylea a sack of gold. Nikkoma looks at the body of Arnak. She walks over to his body and kneels. “Uncle, I am sorry. I hope the earth mother will forgive you.” She places her hand on the ground and a small golden flower grows from the soil. “An’she guide you.” She stands and walks over to her people and the others. As she walks she enjoys everyone's smiling faces. She suddenly feels a pain in her left side of her back and chest. She attempts to reach back but falls on her hands and knees, revealing a large knife in her back. “NIKKOMAAAA!!!” Jevan screams and runs over to her. Arnak takes his last breath with a grin on his face. They all rush to her side. “Nikkoma hold on, we will get a healer!” Jevan held Nikkoma gently. Baal looks at fay, “Go find the matron, now!” Fay nods and flies off the bluff. Nikkoma slowly pulls out a tin that Araku gave her from her pocket. Dented from battle and oozing a golden salve. She puts the tin on jevans chest and passes out. She can hear faint voices. “Get Kanati Greycloud to send us wyverns. Quickly go! Hold on my child, please, hold on.” They take Nikkoma back to dalaran to the Matron Theira.