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  1. As quickly as they had vanished, the ragged party tumbled from the portal and the massive form of the Chaoseater blinked. Beneath his gaze the tiny bone slave dashed for the ritual dagger and shattered the integrity of the spell that had opened the gate. Around the circle pylons exploded in showers of sparks, and the portal flickered but resolved once more, now held only by the Gatekeeper. From within an orange glow flared, reflecting dimly from the Death Knight's dark plate. As simply as lowering his outstretched hand, he severed the power keeping the rapidly degenerating portal open
  2. His bone face twitched and spasmed as Bager held back a fit of laughter and excitement. Within the mushroom circle the air had grown thick with the potential of what would be wrought here. The Steelborn had taken a dagger from the skeletal orc slave and knelt. He had been there, kneeling completely still for long minutes now, even the blue skulls of his armor had lost their glow, and the massive Warchief seemed like nothing so much as a statue. It was all the Laughing Skull could do to keep from cackling. Even now he knew the Steelborn was drawing his power, the might that Bager had first
  3. The Chaoseater’s massive form loomed behind the undead mage eyeing his assortment of tools and contraptions. The black plate that shrouded him whirred and clicked with internal mechanisms as he shook his head and turned towards the mushrooms. He began striding deliberately around the circle, widdershins in the parlance of druids who sometimes kept brighter groves than this sacred. Coldly glowing eyes watched the Matron from behind their clear crystal visor. When three circuits had been complete the Death Knight stepped into the circle, his voice rumbled like stone on steel and shook dropl
  4. The sky blood fell running in rivulets down Bager's bone face. It collected in droplets on the bones and beads of his harness and dripped down to mingle with all the rest from his perch, unseen in a tree near the clearing. He remained motionless, empty eyesockets turned towards the party as they gathered. The massive black form of the Chaoseater was easy to spot, head and shoulders taller than the others, dotted here and there with the glowing eyes of skulls. Bager watched as he swung down from the saddle of an equally massive worg to survey the site of the coming ritual. There was a glint
  5. Bager choked and quivered, body tensing with barely restrained laughter. He hung like a spider from the rafters of the Knight Commander’s chambers, as he had for a day a night and a day. The beads and bones of his ceremonial garb shifted lazily in any stir of breeze through the arched windows of the tower room but made no more sound than the well oiled chain that secured him to the musty ceiling. The carved bone of his face did not turn away from his prize as the fit passed. The Knight below sat at his desk putting quill to parchment, and both attendants and soldiers came and went with never a
  6. <This is an older post from a site that I don't believe is hosted anymore. The posting rules link is broken, so if this should go somewhere else please let me know> Aloric gripped his sword tightly and willed his hammering heart to slow as he moved deeper into the crypt. He moved as quietly as he could manage in his shining plate armor but he still made quite a bit of noise, and three of the party members behind him fared no better. The fourth however glided up beside him, fading out of the shadows and turning her glowing yellow eyes to him, a single white eyebrow raised ques