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  1. We had fed her for a few days, she was already showing signs of recovering from her week long famine of being astray in Dalaran. "So are you ready to talk about how you got here Yana?" "Mhmm. I guess so." "That's good. So where did your parents go. Do you know?" She looked nervous. "They went out to get some food for me and then they never came back. I went to find them and a nice mage man said he knew where they were and would send me to them. I went through his circle and here I am!" I smiled at little Yana. She was very sweet and somewhat reminded me of myself at her age. And surprisingly she wasn't really upset about all that had happened to her in the last two weeks. If someone goes through a traumatic event in their life and it doesn't upset them that means one of two things. They are either crazy, or a powerful person. I was hoping for the latter with Yana. Which of course would explain how she ended up in Dalaran, the power center that it is. The "mage man" had obviously recognized her magical aura and knew that if he sent a young mage to Dalaran we would take care of her, for the love of our own kind. He was right. I needed to get an idea of what her parents were like to hopefully find someone similar. "Yana, I think your parents are gone. Are you okay about that?" I could not sense a parental connection with her, so I assumed. "I guess so. I just don't want to be hungry anymore." "They didn't feed you well?" She shook her head. "I was always hungry, until I got here with you." Obviously our food was good. "Okay Yana. We'll find you someone to take care of you. But for the next little while we are going to help you learn about Dalaran, so that you can navigate the city easier. It's a very special city, lot's of magic here!" Yana smiled. "Thank you miss." "You can call me Saelene." Just then she put up an aura spell of purple light. It was a little weak, but her skills as a mage had already begun it seemed. I tried not to act too surprised. "Oh wow! You can do that? Who taught you that?" "I just tried it one day." Aethere was right then, she definitely is a mage. It was time to get her some proper clothes then. "Yana, would you like to go shopping?" She giggled. "Oh boy! Yes yes!" We went over to the tailor in Dalaran. "Oh hello there young one. What does your mommy want to buy you today, hrm?" He was a very kind Night Elf. He seemed busy with work but took the time to address us pleasantly. "Hi there. Yes we'd like to get her a proper robe. Something purple and gold, if you have such a thing for a youngster?" "My dear, of course we do! They are expensive though, I must say." "She's worth it." Yana smiled. I hadn't had a chance to dote on someone since I grew up with Aethere being more of a mother figure to him than a partner. "Here you go little miss." She was absolutely delighted. Getting her out of those Shamanic robes was really going to put a smile on her face, I could tell. Mages desire above all else to be with their own kind. We are mistreated by basically everyone else to some degree or another. "It's perfect! Thank you Saelene." I gave her a warm smile. "My pleasure young one."
  2. "It's okay child, come..." I had found a wandering child in Dalaran. She wasn't really nervous or scared, just lost. "Come inside our shop, I'll give you something to eat and we'll find your parents." She looked famished and wasn't really speaking. I hadn't seen a child, let alone talked with one, in a long time. I took this as an opportunity to do so. "What's your name?" "Yana." "That's a nice name. And you are from Dalaran?" She looked at me but didn't answer. This was beginning to be more troublesome than I thought. "You aren't from Dalaran, are you?" She shook her head. "Oh that's alright. We'll find your parents." How was I going to do that exactly? "Were you with them, when you got here?" She shook her head again. "How did you get here?" She made round circle with her arms and then pointed through the middle of it. "You walked through a portal? From where?" "Stormwind. A nice man made a circle for me and I went through it." A mage portal... wonderful. "Did you ask him to do that?" She nodded. "Mhmm." I realized I was suddenly getting myself into more than I had bargained for. Just then Aethere walked into the shop from some errands. "Dari said business is great at Ledgermain. I was overdue for a drink with her. It's been too..." Aethere noticed the girl. "Who's this now? Saelene we can't offer our goods to young children." "Shhh. I know. She's lost." "Lost? Oh boy..." Aethere was... nervous around kids. He didn't like their unpredictability. I went back to questioning the girl. "Are your parents in Stormwind?" "I think they got boomed." "Boomed?" I realized she means they were killed. "Oh, I'm sorry Yana. Is that why you ran from Stormwind." "Mhmm." Adopting a child wasn't exactly something Aethere and I were ready for, let alone going to do. "Okay then. You can stay with us a few days until we figure this out for you. Okay sweety?" "Mhmm." Her little eyes were unique. She was a mage, but her clothing didn't indicate as such. It seemed like she had been raised a shaman. "Aethere, do you have any ideas about this?" "I don't mind her staying with us a few days. But we can't let her get attached. You know how I am around kids." "I know." "I'll talk to Dari. She's good with kids, and knows enough people to help us find some parents. Saelene..." "Yes?" "She's a mage Saelene. I know those eyes." I nodded. We knew how to spot those blessed with the Dalaran magic. There were not many blessed with it who weren't from Dalaran themselves.
  3. I laughed. He had done it again. Somehow when all hope was lost he lets the wind sweep him up and land away from danger. I read his journal entry of him pleading for more time, free of chores, and I had to oblige. I saw it in him... eating away at him daily. He was worn down. All the adventuring was taking its toll on him and he needed more time for the shop or we were going to go out of business, even with all the new business. So I went to Meryl and asked him what we could do. He jumped at the chance and gathered some of the richer mages to support the cause. Apparently they wondered why we hadn't asked for help sooner. They could see we barely made a profit in our ventures but knew that without Simply Enchanting Dalaran just wasn't the same. Aethere really is my good luck charm.
  4. Sometimes I wasn't sure what to think of it, Aethere's "Titans" as he called them. I know Gods are real, and likely they can be communicated with, but Aethere, why him? If it was true he had been given a gift few receive, a rare gift. But why? In truth, even though he claims Simply Enchanting is really important, it's not God-like important, as far as I am concerned. What could the Gods want with a simple Elf? And me for that matter? I am Aethere's wife, that would mean the Gods must have interest in me as well. I wouldn't dare communicate with them. The last time I tried that I ended up unconscious with no recollection of the entire previous day. So that was that for me. But Aethere somehow managed to do it. He could "talk" to his Gods. His "Titans". He's my husband, so I believe it's real, but in truth I'm just jealous. Why him? It makes little sense. I decided it was time to find out more about my Aethere. "This is odd..." I remarked to myself. His birth records, I found not one birth record for him, but three! Clearly someone had botched his records. Unless he was three people. So. I'm going to have to trace back each of these lineages to find out more about Aethere's lineage. That must give some clue as to why the Gods would have any interest in him. Again, I had to satisfy my jealousy. At least he's MY husband, so I get to be a part of his gift. "Okay... This looks interesting. Two of them are from Sunstrider Isle. Seems reasonable." When I delved deeper into the families of these two they were mundane and usual. In fact I knew a few of the parents and they were just citizens of Silvermoon who really looked nothing like Aethere. So it must be the third birth record. "Dalaran!" Aethere is from Dalaran! No, that's impossible, I found him in Silvermoon when he was young so that made little sense. And if Dalaran had a Blood Elf born there, I KNOW they would have hid him carefully, not shipped him off to Silvermoon. So something still didn't add up here, none of these three were Aethere's true birth records. If I didn't have the birth records I couldn't trace his lineage and find out why Gods would care about him at all. "Darn it!" Frustration... But something had come to light, if Aethere's birth records not only couldn't be found, but had actually appeared to have been faked, maybe he was special? Or maybe he was just some refugee smuggled into Silvermoon and then further smuggled into Dalaran by myself when the time was right. This raised a good point. I left Dalaran for him. I picked up my things and stayed with him at his boarding school in Loch Modan, which was strange for an Elf, for the last two years of it and trained him as best I could staying in contact with my family in Dalaran. When the time was right I brought him into Dalaran. But why? I had never really stopped to think about why? Was I that blinded by love, that I just had to stay near him? Maybe there was something more... Maybe there was magic at work here... That had to be it! He had been magically enchanted! My love for his magical essence kept me near him, not just my love for him. Now *that* makes sense to me. It also makes sense why his birth records had been covered up, imbuing a person strongly with magic had been outlawed the parents wanted to cover their tracks. So the parents got paid hefty sums to imbue their child, ship him off somewhere and never see him again. The plot was thickening. This meant that someone paid for Aethere and was likely siphoning his magical essence which he was collecting... and so was I! Not to mention every customer at Simply Enchanting. I paused... started to shake even. I had realized I had stumbled into a political battle where some of the mages of Dalaran had created him to fuel Dalaran's insatiable lust for magical essence and I was no better. I harbored my husband because I loved his magical essence as much as Dalaran did. "Were they even Gods at all?" This was not looking good at the moment. Perhaps his "Titans" were powerful mages communicating to him in his mind, manipulating him... and maybe even myself! I started to get pretty worried. Well whatever the case I wasn't delving any deeper into this political conspiracy for now... I am going to carefully watch the patrons of the shop and see if I can gather some more info on this. This is troubling indeed.
  5. I peered into Aethere's journal. Rather remarkable penmanship my Aethere has. Sturdy, understandable, strong, powerful, and like he always prides himself, simple. I noticed a key word used there. "Rock". I am his rock and he is mine. It's so apt. I've spent my life building his trust, it seems he finally trusts me back. It warms my heart to no end. Aethere is strong. I think he gets away with looking innocent, frail, unsavory, and simple. He does it so well too. No one really knows who he is. But Aethere, my rock, is strong. His essence is rooted deep within the very core of the world. I have yet to see, in all my many years with him, Aethere falter. It is remarkable to watch. He moves about, like a leaf in the wind, but he always seems to land squarely on his feet ready to run to wherever it is he intends to go. Which is unknown to all but himself. But I stay with him, dare I say follow him. It's my job to be there for him, to protect him, provide for him, and be his "rock". I am what he comes home to and I do my darnedest to ensure that the home he enters at the end of the day is a perfect one. If but one piece of dust falls in the wrong location I am there before he is. It is the least I can do for him, in all truth, you wouldn't begin to imagine what he does for me and those close to him. Yes, he is strong.
  6. Aethere... He could easily be given a simple nickname. Enigma. That's really what he is to most people. His unpredictable manner of ebb and flow seem unusual to others. I see it in their faces and I hear about it when they approach his seemingly stable wife, myself, to ask what the heck is he doing. For me, he's easy to love and easy to understand. For others, he's confusing to them, at best. And for Aethere the feeling is mutual. He's just trying to do his best and what he thinks is right, which evidently leaves any of his interactions with people short lived. The only ones who really stand by his side is our family. We're the only ones crazy enough to truly understand him. But when you do you understand what he is really trying to accomplish you see t's nothing unusual really, he's just trying to help. Help is subjective unfortunately. What seems to Aethere like helping someone is probably the farthest thing from it. What makes sense to Aethere doesn't make sense to others. He has an odd level of understanding of things. He understands some things that no person could ever understand, while some of the basics he has left by the wayside in favor of saving time to study other things. What really ends up happening half the time is Aethere starts to work with someone, "helps" them, and they treat Aethere like crap cause it just seems like he's some jerk. Then I have to step in and protect him from people who like to beat up jerks. It doesn't get tiresome for me though. Absolutely not. It's like protecting your children. You love them, you love watching them grow up, and it's all well worth it. Aethere makes projects out of everything he does. He approaches things as something that can be improved by his grace. And you know what, most of the time he is pretty successful at whatever he does. Aethere is my "project". I love working on him, improving him, and seeing him flourish. And at the end of the day when Aethere and I relax in our home, it is all more than well worth it. The measure of the love he gives me is beyond understanding.
  7. I felt alive again. It had been so long since I had done anything other than run the shop with Aethere. It was completely invigorating. I could see life with a new light now. I'm not saying I'm going to be leaving the shop all the time, but at least we are going to make an effort now to do a few things outside of our work. Aethere and I are very reserved. I protect him from the world and he stays close to me. It's what works best for us. But we had become so reserved over time that we hadn't even left the shop in what felt like months. It was becoming unhealthy. Aethere still feels odd being together with me, or even letting me out on my own. We aren't exactly normal, for better or worse. But we respect one another and neither of us wanted to show our faces. We had become accustomed to living our own lives. But it seems now that will change and it will be good for us to come outside of our shells a little bit. I'm not expecting anything major, but at least it's something.
  8. "You're going to make me write in this thing? It's YOUR journal, why should I write in it??" I was frustrated at Aethere, my husband. Through all we had been through oddly this seemed to make more of a stir among us than the other things in our lives. "Hun, I love that journal. For you to share a part in it would be amazing to me. If you aren't going to be out adventuring with me at least you can talk about myself and my adventures from your point of view. It would be very special to me. And if you could at least meet a FEW of my friends, that may be nice too. I don't care if you just stand there and look pretty, at least you were there." Aethere and I, for all our time we spend together, we were rarely in public together, if ever. We lived in our shop, we worked in our shop, and Aethere was my hunter... or gatherer, we weren't really sure which. Cause he would go off adventuring bringing back that magical essence we sold at the shop. Anyways, I had finally given in to his stubbornness. "Alright. For you love. But you know we don't like being seen in public together! It's hard for us to talk about couple stuff. It annoys us, for whatever the reason. We're very quiet and reserved. Couples want to... *makes a grimace* interact." Aethere laughed. "Haha, of course love. That's what couples like to do. Just because we like to stay in our shop all day doesn't mean we shouldn't at least make a quick appearance." I agreed. I loved him enough, that even through all my stubbornness on the matter I decided this battle was his to be won. "Okay. I will write in your journal and I will go to a FEW select meetings with your friends. Don't expect us to be all couple-like though! That's just not us." "Thank you love. I owe you." "Love... You owe me nothing but your love in return." "And that's why I love you" He smiled. He had a great smile, rather hard to deny that baby white tiger face. And so it was. I was to go along with him to meet some of his friends. But I know Aethere well enough to know what was really going on. Aethere hated us in public and I enjoyed us in public. He was doing ME a favor, and furthermore he was getting pressure from his friends to finally see us together. It would make me happy to show myself to his friends and in turn that would make Aethere happy. Aethere would ALWAYS do as I asked, because like he always says to me "You're always right." Haha, he is a good husband.