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  1. "Love... your eyes... they're violet!" My wife exclaimed. "Hrm?" I wondered. "They are violet, like mine! It happened last night!" I was pretty happy about this. I've *always* been envious of my wife's violet eyes. They're quite perfect. "My word. But how?" "I think it was your fel experience. Your eyes started blue, they became fel tainted, but you overcame it. The mix of High Elf and fel made them violet!" I looked upon the violet city of Dalaran with a new set of eyes that day.
  2. "Ah heck, why not?" I blew off the dust from the journal. Then I got a wet towel and wiped it. Then I cleaned it again using soap. Then I used a magical cleansing spell. "Hrmmm.. maybe that will clean it?" Ha! Who was I kidding, this thing was never coming clean. Oh well. Ah, magic. Yeah, it's in my veins there's no doubting that. Magic is never a waste of time to me, and this journal is magic to me, so why not? So I've heard rumors that people think Saelene and I have a son? Ha! It's laughable. We're both infertile and even if we could, we'd make sure it was a girl. My Titan says I'm never to have a son, so that's that. Done. What other things have been going on? Hrm. Oh identity theft is so fun! Apparently simple purple robes are pretty darned easy to acquire. And me being the fashionista that I am my particular robes are easy to obtain. Well, unfortuantely that means that eventually people figured out they could sell magical essence in my name and make a pretty penny at it. And even throw around some magic missiles in my name too, cause, why not? Well all good things come to an end I suppose, and Saelene and I are hoping that this "good thing" called identity theft comes to an end too. Maybe we can end some demons while we're cleaning up. So what's going on with the Galatia's? Oh you know, selling essence. Running into curious customers. Raising our cat Talia. Generally spreading the Good News of the arcane to the dimwitted. Not too much has changed for us. Oh, and I'm anointed by God. Whatever that means? Who knows.
  3. "Mr. Galatia. I have a question for you." "You do?" "I do." It was a pretty average meeting for the couple. Drinks over dinner. Well if you can call cherry cheese cake dinner. It was their favorite meetup spot, as friends. A really nice restaurant in Silvermoon. "Who needs dinner when you can have cherry cheese cake?" Was their running joke. "We really should keep meeting like this. It helps me keep my knowledge of Dalaran in order." "We should?" "We should." Nikala was pretty well known in Silvermoon. Her contact list was very high end... and mostly exclusive. Some of Silvermoon's strongest male Elves. All wealthy, all with refined taste. Aether was no exception. He was a strong (mentally) male Elf from Silvermoon, or Dalaran we weren't really sure which, with refined taste. He fit the bill. "Same time next month?" "Of course, Nikala! I always enjoy our cheese cake parties!" The couple chuckled. "How you convince Saelene that this is valuable business connections for your shop is beyond me. But hey, I'll take your cheese cake Galatia if you are offering." "I always offer free cherry cheese cake for my "business associates"." "I've noticed. I've also noticed a few other things about you." "What's that?" "That we should really have dinner."
  4. "Mages of Dalaran. Thank you for meeting. This meeting is to be kept of the utmost secrecy. What happens in this room stays within our minds alone." The group nodded. A few of them held up their staffs and incanted something. Quickly powerful silver rays shone from the staffs and encircled the whole group. This was powerful magic indeed and they were now shielded from outsiders. "The mage war has begun. If you wish to be on the other side, please stand up now and leave." A mage in full Tirisgarde gear motioned his head slightly as though the powerful magics was forcing him to stand. Without a word four mages absolutely pounced on their victim. The four were clad in Kirin Tor tabards. This victim wore all orange. It was a quick and painless death. Each of the mages cast Arcane Supernova on him and within a few seconds he was all but ash. "Very good then. I'm assuming no one else would like to stand up? Good. Glad to have you on the side of the Light. My fellow Archmages, the false Titan Sargeras is but a ruse. The true demons are out there. You know of what I speak. We have been without the power to setup a full scale attack necessary to eliminate them. The dread lords must be stopped or Dalaran will fall. Now is the time to act. I am proposing we setup an emissary to the very heart of the dread lord infestation. To Stormwind." A wise looking female mage quickly stood up. "That's preposterous! Stormwind made us! You can't be serious!" The leader stood with poise and cleared his throat. "I understand your concerns. Please sit for a moment, and listen." She calmed down. "This had better be good." "They couldn't get into Dalaran, the dread lords. Our wards, thankfully, were too powerful for them. But they breached Stormwind and turned it into a demonizing fel hole. It can been seen with the proper magical vision incantation. I have seen it. They are hiding very very well." The female mage spoke up, this time from a sitting position. "Have you any proof of this? For all we know YOU are the traitor!" "I assure you, I am no traitor. As your leader of this secret Council, I ask our informant to show you his proof. If you would please?" The informant put up a portal to the Valley of Heroes so the mages could see it through the hole. "Looks innocent enough right?" He then incanted a vision spell. Suddenly green fel was seen enveloping each one of the hero statues in the Valley of Heroes. Several members of the Council quickly let out a concerned gasp. "Indeed my fellows. It is bad." "Are you now satisfied?" He looked over to the female mage who initially stood up. Still sitting she responded. "I am." "Very well. I am proposing we go there... Ourselves. To the Valley of Heroes." "Well that sounds easy enough." "It is. But clearing the statues of their fel and the links to the living heroes is the tough part. You see, half the city is enveloped with the fel taint. And one third of those half are powerful mages themselves. We would be up against impossible odds. We need to be discreet, yet powerful." "Hrmmm. A rogue mage assassin group? The rogue mages are well... in hiding." "Of course. There's is only one way to operate with rogue mages. Using mind connections to them and directing them to our goals." A male Archmage, well armored, raised his voice. "Mind control was outlawed years ago! This is heresy!" "Do you have a better proposal?" The room fell silent. "Why use rogue mages. If we are going the mind control route, let's use the very mages we are afraid of. The fel tainted mages." The leader grinned. "An interesting proposal. I hadn't considered this. Can we bring it to a vote then?" The group nodded. The voting process for this secret mage Council was... complicated. It involved summoning your familiar and letting all the familiars battle to the death. Of course, being mage familiars the mages coudl resurrect them, but the process was rather lengthly and painful for everyone invovled. Raising a vote was always something no one wanted. The familiars would team up into the groups of the decisions of the vote. Whatever familiars were left standing determined the vote. "Proceed." The group each summoned their familiar. It was a sight to behold. These mages were the most powerful mages in Azeroth. Each familiar was unique, majestic, powerful, and an expression of the mage himself. "Assemble into your groups." The glowing familiars began to move into a group. They all grouped into one single group. The "for" vote. "What? A unanimous vote? I don't think that's ever happened!" "The magic is with us today friends."
  5. "Aethere. I have an interesting gift idea for us! I want a statue that looks kind of like me, but really jazzed up! It would be perfect for your desk when I'm not around, you know?" "Sounds lovely!" "Great. Here's some gold. It's a gift of me, from me! There's a wonderful statue shop over in Ironforge. Please go there, it's got a statue that's perfect." She drew a likeness of it onto a small piece of paper and folded it up and passed it to me. "You'll have to dress like a night elf. Just put some paint on your skin, they'll think you're an Alliance member." "This sounds dodgy. You sure about this?" "Trust me, this statue is worth it!" Aethere liked the idea of having a likeness of his wife on his desk so he began the long trek over to Ironforge. When he left it was midday, by the time he arrived in the great city it was nearly dusk. "I hope the shop is still open!" He made it just in time. There were two really nice looking Night Elves working there. "Hello there! You're looking like you need a gift!" "As a matter of fact, I do! How did you know?" "Oh we know our customers when we see them! What you looking for?" Aethere carefully pulled out the paper Saelene had drawn the likeness of the statue on. He was trying very careful to act like a NIght Elf, but he was pretty sure they were on to him but didn't seem to care anyways. When she saw the paper she nearly dropped it. "Oh this. Yes of cousre Mister. What did you say your name was?" "Galatia. Aethere Galatia." She tripped on a shelf nearby and asked again. "Oh I'm sorry I thought you said Galatia. Haha! What's your name?" "Galatia." "Oh. Okay then... Well here's the statue." She pulled a rather dull looking statue that just happened to be close to her and handed it to him. "Well then that's 2 copper. You'll be on your way then?" Aethere knew there was some funny business going on. "Actually that statue way up there looks like the right one in fact. Do you mind retrieving it for me?" It was clearly located somewhere that it was basically not to be sold. But after seeing the remarkable detail on the statue Aethere knew this beauty was coming home with him. He pointed up to it and smiled. "Oh, that one! Of course Mr. Galatia. My apologies." She huffed and went and retrieved the ladder. When she returned Aethere swore she was wearing a little less clothing, but wasn't sure. She glanced him in the eye slyly. "Oh you know what? That one happens to be 10 gold! Wow... Well surely you don't have that kind of money. I'm afraid you'll have to choose another one!" Aethere smiled. He pulled out a sack of about 120 gold pieces and clanked a bunch into his palm. Her eyes met the stash with a smile. "Oh very well then! I would love to set you up with this lovely piece!" About 10 minutes later, after her rather poorly trained ladder work was done she got it up onto the counter to allow me to pay for it. "So how do you like it?" "I'm sorry?" "You know? Quick and dirty? Slow and steady? Or just realllly long." Aethere literally had no idea what she was talking about. "I'm sorry, I'm not from around here... Darnassus you know? right?" She grabbed the whole 120 gold pieces from him. Then she pulled off her shirt slowly. So slowly that Aethere really had no option but to allow her.
  6. "Hi." The kind girl greeted Aethere in his shop. "Hello. I think we've met, haven't we? I'm Aethere." "Yes, stupid. I know you." She huffed and proceeded to look busily around the shop for something. "Oh my. You don't have Fuzz Essence!? What kind of a magical goods shop is this! How do you expect me to shop here?" Aethere was taken aback. "I... I'm sorry ma'am? I've never heard of Fuzz Essence." "Oh well. No matter I can get it elsewhere. Do you at least have Mana potions!?" "Oh yes, we have lots." He gently passed her some. "Yes yes, this will do for now. I'm very busy you know." She was quite rude to him. Aethere took it in stride and was very polite back anyways. "Can you deliver for me? I can't be bothered to show up to this, rather... boring shop. I live nearby. Meet me at my house at 9pm, would you? I need about 100 Mana potions." Aethere was shocked by such a large order. She was obviously rich. And probably powerful too. "Well we don't normally do deliveries ma'am. But I would be happy to." "For magic's sake, Aethere, you know who I am. I've met you many times! Just call me Jaron." "Yes, Jaron, my apologies. I see a lot of faces in this shop. I will be sure to be there right at 9pn like you asked! I will offer a 20% discount on such a large order! We have them in stock of course. I look forward to delivering them for you!" She simply huffed again and was off. That evening he rounded up the 100 mana potions and magically levitated them alongside him as he walked to her house she provided directions for. "Heck I didn't even know there was houses here. Wow they are nice." He knocked on the door. It was 11:20 pm now, he was terribly late. Saelene had him busy cleaning up from a long day. "Jaron. Here are your Mana potions! I do hope they are up to your standards. My sincerest apologies for being late." Without blinking an eye she pulled him in very close and passionately enveloped her lips onto his. Aethere didn't know what to do, so he just went with it. The potions all fell to the ground and some shattered. That was of little concern to the new couple at this point. "Take off your shirt. We're doing this." She quickly remarked to him. Aethere said nothing and they headed for the closest object that could handle their weight. It was a small office table that had a few papers on it. It seemed she was a secretary in whatever place this was. "Wait! Are there people working here? I heard someone!" Aethere quietly yelped to her. "Yes, but they're too busy working to know the difference. Shut up and finish this!" There wasn't really any time to get all their articles of clothing off. There was important business to do. Someone upstairs seemed to be talking business. "Yes sir. That's right sir. We can set that up for you if you'd like?" Aethere paused. "How can we do this like this?? There's people talking! How can you concentrate on this?" "Shut up stupid. I do this all the time! Hurry up!" Aethere barely worked up a sweat and it was over. She threw his shirt into her closet as a sort of trophy and pushed him out the door without bothering with the Mana potions which were splayed out on the walkway outside. "Please show up on time next time!" She wasn't mad. In fact, she seemed rather pleased by the transaction. "Something tells me her business is not with Mana potions." Aethere was right, for once.
  7. Aethere is a love bird. He loves birds, love, and flying. And whenever he got a chance to watch birds spread their wings and fly like it was a late night in Dalaran with the Moon up high, he did. In fact, Aethere was quite the Moon aficionado. He followed it's cycles and prayed to it whenever he was feeling lonely and wanted something to warm up to. "Ah yes, late nights in Dalaran. How I enjoy you!" Aethere was thinking out loud. After all, this was a late night in Dalaran and no one was around. He moved over to the Antonidas statue and began to pray. "Moon Goddess. Thank you for always protecting me. Guiding me. And providing me with warmth, oh so many nights!" He smiled. He began to imagine what the Moon Goddess would say to him. "Of course, my Aethere! You are but a majestic play toy for me! I enjoy your company. And I enjoy setting you up with all those beautiful lovelies!" He could see the Moon Goddess' form in his mind caressing her sumptuous body around the crescent Moon. She really was a looker. Aethere really didn't understand how the Moon, and its Goddess, worked. It was a complete mystery to him. "You realize, oh perfect Goddess, that I only want a simple life with Saelene. Why do you thrust me upon these lovelies! I mean, it is a blessing, but Moon Goddess, it feels so wrong!" Aethere was trying to be genuine. "I love your satire, my play toy. We do get along well. Aethere, how do you think the Moon Goddess loves her people? By letting them drink moon water all day? NO! They need love making and joy. And my play toys like you allow my beautiful women to enjoy some love!" Aethere still looked confused. "But surely, you could utilize young, single, elves. Not an aged married elf like me!" "Oh my Aethere. You do not understand my women! They are not disciminatory. They enjoy the finer things in life too. Your age matters very little to them!" "if you say so. Well I shall not let you down. If you wish me to make someone happy, I will. Saelene is supportive of my beliefs of you, thankfully, the loving wife that she is." "Of course Aethere! Who do you think convinces Saelene to allow our escapades! It is *I* of cousre!" "Well that would make sense then. Thank you oh beautiful Moon Goddess for your blessings. I will always do as you ask!" "Thank you, my play toy."
  8. "Khadgar. Good news. I'm fat, jolly, overly optimistic, arrogant, way too confident, and peaceful." Aethere seemed to be in good spirits. "Oh... great? And senile too I see. How's our best enchanter supposed to work like this?" Khadgar knew Aethere's ploy. "Senile? Wonderful. I am... complete. Can you inform the Council? My plan has failed Khadgar. They're coming back. The memories... and the customers. They aren't going away. These people want either their money back, revenge, more power, more magical essence, or just to burn down the shop and the rest of Dalaran with it." "Ah! It is you! Aethere! Knew I'd find you somewhere behind that mask of jollity and fat! So what's the plan this time friend? Shall we reinstate you as "Leader of the Kirin Tor" then? That's guaranteed to make a stir! The mages here seem to enjoy following a new leader each week anyways." Aethere chuckled. "Since when did you have a sense of humor? We're supposed to be tired from war and overly concerned about mage stuff. You know, like magic missiles." "Don't label me! If i want to be funny, I'll be funny. So then. How do we plan to avoid the next disaster then? There's still plenty of fight left in this war, contrary to popular belief. And the soldiers out there are tired, even if Dalaran is still holding up nicely." Khadgar was getting back into serious business. "Well, as much as I'd love to be Leader of the Kirin Tor again, I'm "busy". But alas, there are a handful of customers anxious for my latest enchantment. And they're not stupid customers, they won't accept anything less than a weapon destructive enough to kill Sargeras himself." "Wonderful. Seems like just the type of weapon we need!" "Of course that's the type of weapon we need! Problem is creating such a thing is darned near impossible! But... we've been making some great breakthroughs. The rather obnoxious amethyst Nalthanis created in our shop pulls in magical essence like never before. We've got a massive reserve of abundant essence. Powerful enough to create a super deadly weapon? Sadly no. But certainly powerful enough to bring the Council together and have them sit down and actually discuss ending this thing once and for all. You think getting a Council of Archmages in a room and having them come to an agreement on the best way to kill Sargeras is easy? It's not. It takes a lot of energy. And I think we've come up with the "funds"." Khadgar just smiled. He looked Aethere in the eye for a moment. "So your proposal to end Sargeras' terror is not to create a weapon to kill him, but to bring the Council together? Seems reasonable. When can we start?" "It's already begun. But... tending to the shop is the last thing on my mind. I've taken to astronomy. The stars are... a wonder. It makes me... curious. About a lot of things. There's energy in those stars out there Khadgar, and I intend to utilize it." Aethere never was one to dream small. "Well if there's someone who can do it, it's you friend. But can you at least get the Council together for us then? And keep your shop employees working? I still feel that you and your shop is a valuable asset to this city of mages." Aethere's face brightened at the remark. "Thanks Khadgar. That means a lot. Yes, I'll keep the shop running. If i can spare time away from my star charts I will tend to a few important customers. I'd be happy to. We'll get this Council together Khadgar. Mark my words. And they'll figure out how to end this terror of Sargeras. The end is nigh friend." And with that they nodded and went their separate ways. Aethere had changed a lot in the past year. He had studied magic more than ever and practiced his enchanting on a myriad of things. He knew what worked, what didn't, when to use what magic and why. "This is going to be a great project. Even if I am only a simple astronomer on a simple planet named Azeroth in a simple Galaxy." He thought to himself. "Yes, a great project indeed."
  9. "Hrmmm... curious?" Aethere pondered over his latest potion. "Curious? It kills you three nights in a row, is too addicting to stop using it, tastes beyond measure, costs one copper, and all you have to say is 'curious'!? Oh, yeah I'm curious alright. What did you have in mind?" Saelene was having fun with him. "Weellll. What I had in mind was if I can imbue it properly I can forget whatever happened to me and hopefully pour this drink into those who saw it all go down. And I think I finally figured out a way to make it work." "Well now I am curious. You think this will work?" "It will work. A few sips of this and my so called "friends" won't know I ever existed." Aethere seemed happy. After all, it was an enormous mess he had created last he left Dalaran and the shop. He'd attracted the attention of more than a few dread lords and rallied a few Horde to his cause. And *may*, just *may*, have reallllly bad-mouthed the Alliance. Yeah... darned fel. Always making a fel of things. Well this was Aethere's plan to wash it all away. Make them forget he existed, wipe his own memory, and move on. *A few months later* "Curious..." Aethere was pondering his latest customer. "The customers are getting more creative. Now they ask for me by name." "Oh I'm curious alright. I'm the one supposed to be doing the selling. I'm the pretty face. You're the behind the scenes guy. You're taking my job!" Saelene was having fun with him. "No no, not that. She knew my name! I wiped her memory months ago. This is... most unwelcome news." Saelene nodded at the expression. "Well then. I supposed it's time for plan "Ignite The Flame" then?" Aethere nodded. "It is indeed." He had dreaded this day, but it had come.
  10. Some call my playstyle trolling, yes. But everything I said is true.
  11. In my guild I am generally a crazy tyrant. I have no members. Yet I have tons of fun. Any people who even attempt to join I screen so thoroughly that they have zero chance of getting in. This makes for a very interesting play style. You end up creating alts and playing with them. Before you know it you have 12 alts and a darn good time! Course, it's VERY difficult to raid with 12 alts. I only have one monitor and one keyboard. Instead I sit with my alts in the same place and have friendly banter. What your guild chooses to do is up to you. My guild generally tries to overthrow tyranny and evil and promote health, peace, prosperity, and happiness to all those who deserve it. Good luck!
  12. "Wow! It feels great and looks even better!" I commented and Saelene smiled. We both loved our new shop attire she had custom made for us. "Thanks. I spent a lot of time designing it." "Really? I didn't realize you could design." "There's a lot of things I can do that you don't know about yet." I smiled. "You are a never ending mystery and joy to me." She laughed. "Haha, thanks. I'll take that as a compliment." We had new shop outfits now and things are going great for Simply Enchanting and my wife and I. I had basically fully recovered from my fel experience and getting back to normal. Business is great and we are happy. Even the Legion seemed to be relatively controlled by Dalaran's mages not to mention the thousands all fighting for the cause of saving Azeroth. "What news from Khadgar? Is he still happy with us and the shop? Or do we need to make changes? The magocracy usually has some sort of opinion of us." I commented to Saelene. "They sure do, there's no doubting that. Overall our reputation has not faltered and the response from customers has been positive. Khadgar still supports our shop and financial support will continue." Saelene said rather proudly of herself. She knew as well as I did that she was the one running the shop, I just provided the magical essence. Well maybe "just" isn't doing it justice, but yeah. "That's great. I feel a sense that something needs to be done though. You know my intuition is rarely wrong." "I have sensed that in you, yes. Let me look into it. I have a few old connections whom I haven't spoken with in a while. These women mages are wise and in the know of current events. They'll definitely have something to say." "Sounds good." Saelene and I were never that idle. Sure we stayed close to our shop all day, but we always wanted new and exciting ways of interacting with our customers and with Dalaran. A shop doesn't remain an integral part of Dalaran by becoming stagnant. I sensed some stagnation and assigned Saelene the task of getting things going again. I knew she would "do things right".
  13. "She learned quickly." I remarked to Saelene. Saelene agreed. "She's a natural. She'll be fine with her new family." "They are a good couple, and seem to have loved the idea of adoption. And appointing Maxim as a teacher for her should prove wise." "I agree." Little Yana was safe now. "It was fun for a time, don't you think, raising a kid?" Saelene chuckled. "Ha! That's not raising a kid that's feeding one for a few weeks. I'm sure raising one for twenty years is a whole nother story." I nodded. "Certainly not something we'd be doing. We've got other concerns in our life." Saelene nodded. "Course. Everyone has their place in life. We know ours." "Indeed."
  14. Saelene looked at me with somewhat concerned eyes. We were realxing in our home above the shop. The shop was closed up, Dalaran was peaceful, and Talia our cat was purring. "Are you ready now?" Saelene questioned. "Ready for what?" "To talk about it... your fel experience." "Oh, that... Maybe... It was... difficult." "Mhmm. Well you tell me when you're ready. We need to talk about it." I gazed down at Talia, still purring. The arcane energy flowing out from her fur. Maybe it was time. "I'm ready. What do you want to know?" "Were you... you? Or was that a demon inside of you, spewing anger?" "It was me. But it was me being tortured into aggression out of necessity of survival. I was in such agony I just wanted it to stop. Letting the fel unleash unto anyone who would anger me was all I could do. I know it wasn't easy for you, for any of us." "No no, you were very good to me Aethere. And Dari and Rhonin. So you weren't all bad. But I saw the way you treated some of our customers, when you were being felled remotely by those demons." I shifted in my chair and sipped my refreshing spring water. "Mhmm. And?" "Well killing a customer for looking at you funny? Maybe taking it a bit far?" "You don't understand... The fel, that's what it does. It has infinite hate, anger, it wants to destroy. It's either going to destroy you or someone else. I made a tough choice. I justified it to myself. I used any possible outlet for my anger. If something so much as hinted at aggressing me, i removed that hint in whatever manner I deemed appropriate." "Mhmm. I know. I could sense it in you. Not only were you angry, but you had this odd... intuition. Did it heighten your senses?" I sipped my water. "Mhmm. It felt good Saelene. A weird kind of good." Saelene looked down at Talia. "I see. So the fel isn't all evil then... is it?" I nodded reluctantly. "There is some sense of good in it. How do you think Demon Hunters wield it to kill demons?" Saelene smiled. "Aethere, you are not a demon hunter my sweety." "I know... but I get it now. I see why those who kill, kill. It made sense to me, for a time. It was a good lesson." "Are you happy it is over then? Or would you go back to it?" "I never enjoyed it to begin with, so yes I'm very happy it's over. But if I was called to battle again, I would unleash my fury again." "Fury? Are you so sure?" "It changed me Saelene. I can never go back to the man I was before." "I see..."
  15. Alright, I said I would write down some of Saelene and I's past staffs that we had made, so here's another. Where to begin? Ah yes. It was a usual day at the shop. Good customers, bad customers, annoying customers, and, sadly, some of the usual promiscuous women looking to trade magic for, well, you know. "What's your name? You look cute!" I blushed anyways, but I wasn't about to entertain her. "Aethere. Aethere Galatia. May I help you miss?" She was a demon hunter, I could tell by the horns. Definitely dressed the part of a "promiscuous" women. "Oh maybe, maybe not. I hear you sell... magic." "I do, and what's it to a demon hunter anyways, don't you use fel?" Just then she removed her helmet of horns. "Oh but I am no demon hunter. I am an elf!" I was pretty surprised. Saelene always said I was gullible, just another time she was right. "Well then, elf, if you'd like some magic, we sell it for 2 silver. If not then I can't help you." "Oh that's all fine. But my friend here might like something, now that we can trust you." They had obviously tested if I was just as much of a promiscuous lover as the rest of those women who came in here daily. "You can trust me, if you don't threaten me that is." Saelene could easily tell them that my bad side was the wrong side. Threatening me put people on my bad side. "Very well, Aethere Galatia. Meet Renia." She was a petite elf. Though she looked like she could probably win between me and her in a bar fight. She was wearing a deep reddish purple priest's cloth. "Nice to meet you, Renia." "Mr. Galatia. You sell staves, I hear?" She was to the point. "I do, yes. To those who can handle such an item. My items are... powerful and expensive." She nodded. "You needn't worry about the cost." She held up a rather large sack of gold. Her red hair glowed as she did so. "Gold? Oh you must be mistaken. There are other costs than that of gold I'm afraid." She huffed. "Well whatever it is, Mr. Galatia, I can afford it I assure you. I need a staff. Will you make it or not?" Staffs were works of art to me, not toys or tools. Making one took months, at least, and a lot of dedication of both mine and the user's part. Not to mention the headaches. The user would go through terrible pain as a part of the attuning process. I imbued a lot of magic in the staves and handling power always took work from the user. I looked Renia over a little. "What's it for then, Renia?" "I need more power." Exactly the answer I didn't want to hear. "Power is not a means to an end, Renia. I'm afraid I cannot make one for that purpose." She huffed, again. "Please, I see a lot of battle, I need this." The response seemed genuine, and I had a good feeling about her. "Alright then. Meet me in the Chamber of the Guardian in two hours." She made gesture and was off. I bought a simple staff and began to imbue it. It was a rather aggressive staff compared to what I would usually make, but the staff must suit the user, and she was... assertive. Not long after I entered the Chamber of the Guardian by way of light bridge. I stepped onto the bridge, and up I went, magically teleported into the great Chamber. It's majesty was second to none. I chose the location because she had far too much negative energy surrounding her. I needed something to purify her of her negativity and what better place than this, I thought. Problem was, it was risky. She would either lash out at me, or die, or both. However, she said she could "afford" it, so I took that as meaning she could "risk it" too, her life that is. So I waited. Not long after she arrived. "Mr. Galatia." "Renia. Here, I have your staff. Take it and be on your way." "What? That's it? I'm not paying for this piece of junk. You're a fraud. Go back to the nightmare that brought you into here!" It was as I had feared, the Chamber drove her mad. She lashed out at me, sending void energy coursing out of her fingers into my head. I jolted backwards but stood my ground. "Renia! Stop!" I grabbed her hand. "Listen to me. I am NOT evil! This place makes people crazy. Calm down." She wasn't stopping the attack. And she wasn't responding either. I knew something had to be done or should was going to kill me and then likely die herself. My magic was drained by her void energy, I could do nothing. I thought quickly. I'll play dead! I lied down on the ground and shivered to a dead stop. "There. Killed that monster of an elf. Mockery to our kind." She huffed and walked away. "Why must they always attack ME? Can't they hurt their pet or something?" I thought to myself. Oh well, such is business. It was done, she had the staff now, there was no turning back. "Who are you anyways? Why haven't you killed me yet? And this staff has no power at all. It's useless. You really are a fraud aren't you, Mr. Galatia." "Perhaps. Just finish the attuning like I asked. I promise, the staff will work." We were getting along much better a month later. This wasn't over though, she needed more time with it to really learn how to use *real* power. Not this void stuff she had been attacking me with, powerful though it was. "Here, take this. It's an upgraded version of your current staff. I'll be imbuing more energy into it soon." She smiled. She had come to like me, it seemed. She was still assertive though, and abrupt. "Thanks. I must go. Until next we meet, Mr. Galatia." I nodded and she was off. I spent many evenings after that day working on her staff remotely from my shop. Focusing on the staff, sending the proper mix of magical essence to it and combining it with her shadow skills. If this thing was going to work, it had to have a "bite" to it. The nights were still awful though. Everytime I tried to mix the staff's energy with her shadow skills it just backfired in my own face. "This will work... It has to, or I'll be dead." I thought to myself. She was, ultimately, a good person, so I knew she wouldn't kill me. "Just a few more nights. That's all she needs." Graduation day had come. I had survived, and so had she. "Aethere, you were right. This staff is marvelous. Thank you, Aethere. It was worth every penny. Wait... I haven't even paid you!" She had finally realized that all the while I never asked for payment and she never offered. "I have a friend now. Seems payment enough for me, does it not?" We understood one another well enough now. She nodded. "Aethere. Really. I wanted power but this staff just refined what I already had within me but didn't realize I had. Thank you. I won't forget this, or you." She smiled and was off. Just another day in Dalaran.