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  1. “We require more than your feeble mewing, Raeventus.” One of the Illuminated silhouettes spoke. The Magister in question need not see the face, he could feel the dissatisfaction dripping from the Council’s voices. Each meeting since the loss of the Shattered Son was a beratement. It had gotten beyond tiresome. “Need we remind you what is at stake outside your walls?” “Not at all.” Raeventus shook his head as his unseen hand fidgeted with the grey cube that he usually kept upon his desk, his fingertips drawing the runic patterns common upon its vistage. It helped keep him balanced,
  2. Magister Raeventus, Director of the Shattered Son Project and commanding officer of SOL-ONE marched with furious strides down the halls from his office towards the now defunct Laboratory 31. The Adamantine used in the retrofitting of the compound had been bent and warped by the Subjects during their rapid escape. Impressive, he could not deny, but it only exacerbated his fury. As did the injured personnel whom were picking themselves off the ground from the skirmishes, not to mention that wretched stench of death that lingered in the halls. “Director--” The Knight stood at attentio
  3. “I am proud to announce the Gravity Engines have been completed in their construction. We are one step closer to ensuring this battle station is fully operational.” It had been months since he had seen these monolithic silhouettes. Last time he had kneeled before them, begging their forgiveness all thanks to the upstart’s actions. This time, he sat within his office—this time would be different. This time he was in control. “Once they are woven into the Acceleration Ring; we shall maximum have mobility on all axes. Which brings us to our weaponry—” “Yes, the reason we are gathere
  4. “You have failed us, Raeventus.” One of the four silhouettes that surrounded him spoke, the disdain painfully obvious. “Your subordinate… this Frostwhisper, gave us valuable Intel. He warned us of the return of the Legion. And you refused to utilize it, you advised against it.” “You read the reports, my esteemed lords.” The kneeling Magister’s eyes watching over the four silhouettes as he continued to make mental notes of what little information this illuminated council would betray of themselves. Even in his position as Director of Scryer Asset Protection and Acq