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  1. “We require more than your feeble mewing, Raeventus.” One of the Illuminated silhouettes spoke. The Magister in question need not see the face, he could feel the dissatisfaction dripping from the Council’s voices. Each meeting since the loss of the Shattered Son was a beratement. It had gotten beyond tiresome. “Need we remind you what is at stake outside your walls?” “Not at all.” Raeventus shook his head as his unseen hand fidgeted with the grey cube that he usually kept upon his desk, his fingertips drawing the runic patterns common upon its vistage. It helped keep him balanced, focused. “I have read plenty of Intel reports that are delivered upon my desk. I’m well informed on the situations regarding the invasion.” “Unacceptable Casualties are on the rise.” Spoke another of the four. “I know, my lords,” Raeventus tried once more to get a word in. Even if simply to end these ceaseless criticisms on the job he was doing. “SOL-ONE is dedicated to finding a solution to the threat.” “Is that so?” The third of the Council spoke up. “Is this why Frostwhisper sought out one of our retired agents to fight with a Mercenary Company?” “He likely sought an alternative to Sanctuary, he has neglected to deliver an assessment on the organization. He’s even gone so far as to stop reporting in his logs altogether.” “Doubtful.” “Is that so?” The scarlet brow of the Director raised. “He has secured the Sanctuary-Scryer Accords. We have our army now.” The fourth of the silhouettes finally spoke up, the voice raising a challenge. “Was this not within your reports?” “...My apologies, it appears that report has yet to reach my desk.” His grip tightened upon the cube as he forced a pleasant smile upon his hawkish face. “I will be sure to keep an eye out for it. I’m eager to see the details.” “I see.” A dismissal. Silence left the Director to stew in his anger, the mask of civility threatened to crack all the while. What was likely merely seconds felt like minutes dragging into hours until one of the Illuminated Council mercifully stepped in. “We have made an important step in turning the tides of this conflict into more favorable circumstances. Alas, we cannot rest as the enemy continues their crusade of annihilation. We may have an army, that which we will work to properly equip for times ahead-- what we need now is our key operative to serve as the weapon we designed him to be. What is the Shattered Son situation?” “All our leads point towards Suramar. From trajectory of last known location to his psychological profile. There are far too many similarities of the civil war raging within their streets and the Shattered Son’s involvement in the ending of the Sunstrider regime. Their tactics similarly mirror the talents of insurrection he is best known for. Furthermore, given his… previous interests in the past, we think it probable that if the nationalist ideals hadn’t recruited him, the female element very well may have.” “Have you received visual confirmation?” “Not yet. His paranoia may be forcing him to act from the shadows. That being said… Our rangers in the area are devising a solution of drawing the Shattered Son from whatever hole he has hidden himself in. We will have him returned into our custody soon.”
  2. Magister Raeventus, Director of the Shattered Son Project and commanding officer of SOL-ONE marched with furious strides down the halls from his office towards the now defunct Laboratory 31. The Adamantine used in the retrofitting of the compound had been bent and warped by the Subjects during their rapid escape. Impressive, he could not deny, but it only exacerbated his fury. As did the injured personnel whom were picking themselves off the ground from the skirmishes, not to mention that wretched stench of death that lingered in the halls. “Director--” The Knight stood at attention despite his broken arm. “Whatever your pitiful excuses, I don’t care, Everryn. Where is the Doctor?” The Knight knew not to argue, and was happy to pass off the fury of the Magister before him with a bow of his head and a side step to reveal a one armed Doctor Peacebloom unconscious in one of the chairs that their subjects had been strapped to during the experiment “Wake him.” “You heard the Director, Tallion, wake up the good doctor. Quickly now.” Knight-Inquisitor Everryn refused to take his eyes off the livid Magister, his voice threatened to crack as he spoke. This was quite unlike the man Tallion was used to seeing, a man usually stern in his overseeing of the experiments. But the assistant simply did as he was told. He pulled out a vial and extracted the contents with a syringe. A syringe that was hastily injected into the neck of the unconscious man in question. Within a minute the one-armed doctor stirred. His eyes fluttered over the scene, still not entirely lucid. “...Wha… what’s going on?” “So glad you could join us once more in the world of the living, Doctor. We have so much to discuss…” A sadistic smile formed upon the Director’s lips, his wrath still not faded upon his features. “For example, if you would be so kind, could you enlighten me as to how you not only lost Seventeen-Hundred-Seventy-Seven-- But also allowed the Shattered Son to escape?” “Director Raeventus! I--” “In spite of this, surely you have accomplished your task? You can replicate the Shattered Son process on the living now?” “Seventeen-Hundred-Seventy-Seven has exhibited signs of true life. With that--” “That was not your assignment, Doctor. You were to produce a method of using the Shattered Son’s blood to empower our best agents. Not only have you have used an exorbitant amount of our resources on a fool’s errand, you allowed our weapon against the Legion, and a massive security risk, to go free in the process. You have failed me, Sollal ‘Peacebloom’.” The Director was no longer smiling, his eyes shifted back towards the Knight-Inquisitor, “Everryn, you are to assume command over Phase Two of the Shattered Son Project. To make up for his abysmal failures, Sollal has graciously volunteered to serve as Subject Seventeen-Hundred-Seventy-Eight. Let us hope he proves more useful as a test subject than he did as a researcher.” “What? No! Director, please!” “As you command, Director Raeventus.” The Knight gave a deep bow in lieu of his usual salute. This seemed to satisfy his superior, whom gave a simple curt nod before leaving the laboratory. “Our Arcane Intelligence Specialists have been set to the task of using Vindicator to track him, but he has eluded us from using this technique before.” The Inquisitor Magistrix Dawn spoke as soon as she caught sight of the Director’s departure. “Competent as always, Inquisitor.” The scowl melted for a mere moment before he continued. “Relay a message to House to reassign the Albatross. We have bigger concerns than a few charlatans now. We’ll start with our little Magister friend.”
  3. “I am proud to announce the Gravity Engines have been completed in their construction. We are one step closer to ensuring this battle station is fully operational.” It had been months since he had seen these monolithic silhouettes. Last time he had kneeled before them, begging their forgiveness all thanks to the upstart’s actions. This time, he sat within his office—this time would be different. This time he was in control. “Once they are woven into the Acceleration Ring; we shall maximum have mobility on all axes. Which brings us to our weaponry—” “Yes, the reason we are gathered here today.” One of the Council spoke. “We have given you time to adjust, how is the Shattered Son performing?” “…Despite our little setback earlier in the campaign, we have returned him to the field as your collective wisdom has declared. The shards we had purchased to give him the desired edge against the Legion proved to not be from the fallen prince’s Frostmourne as our Intel had lead us to believe. We were able to recover the financial hit we had expected from the purchase. I have sent the Agent from that mission to continue to make an example of those who thought it wise to deceive us. Not particularly clandestine, but we should not expect any retaliation. Only terror should someone try to cross us again.” “Did the shards prove entirely useless?” “Hardly. Despite it not being the blade of legend we sought, my men have managed to forge a runeblade of significance still. We have added countermeasures should the Shattered Son attempt to disobey us once more and have given them to his new handler.” “And whom might that be, Director?” “Lady Ninorra Bloodstone.” “You are entrusting one of our most top secret projects to Ninorra Bloodstone? Someone with the major markers of Demonic Influence? A commoner who married into money and nobility?” “Gentleman, I assure you… I have my reasons.” The scarlet haired Magister’s lips curled into a devious smirk. “The Shattered Son is hiding things from us, valuable assets we could utilize in this war for the very fate of Azeroth. He is highly resistant to mental manipulation, as I am sure you all are aware, so we need another way to get him to speak. The two share a history, she can get him to trust her—she will gain those secrets we desire for us.” “Or she could be a security risk.” “She’s not that stupid, Gentlemen. We know where she lives, we know who she cares about—she knows if she crosses us, she will not be the only one to pay dearly for her betrayal.” “What of Phase Two?” “We are undergoing the first trials as we speak.” From corner of his eye he could see a light flicker on. The Director’s smirk began to fade. Still he pressed on with the conversation. He would not be embarrassed this time. “Frostwhisper, despite his notable lack of a report on my desk still… has provided us quite the opportunity.” “And what opportunity would that be, Director?” “A specimen for our experiments. She has taken to the Shattered Son’s blood well enough that she—only temporarily—can be like him. The perfect simulation of life, yet with the abilities their condition affords them.” Another light flicked on next to the previous one. He should wrap this up. “With her help, we can develop a prototype before we go to live testing again. After all, what use is a General without an army?” The Illuminated Council proved silent for what seemed like an eternity. Something that would have irritated him normally, but drove him mad as he was left to wonder what alarms had been set off and why during his conversation. A third flicked on. He had to take action. “Gentlemen, I thank you for your time. But I have much more to do if I am to provide you a suitable report.” Not the most elegant way to end the conversation, he couldn’t help but scold himself as he cut the transmission. The illuminated silhouettes faded into the shadows as he frantically started to pull up all the scrys within the facility. Now that the call was over, another alarm would trigger as he sifted through the information relayed to him until he found the culprits. He trembled in rage as he activated the intercom, in case the incompetent idiots below hadn’t noticed yet.
  4. “You have failed us, Raeventus.” One of the four silhouettes that surrounded him spoke, the disdain painfully obvious. “Your subordinate… this Frostwhisper, gave us valuable Intel. He warned us of the return of the Legion. And you refused to utilize it, you advised against it.” “You read the reports, my esteemed lords.” The kneeling Magister’s eyes watching over the four silhouettes as he continued to make mental notes of what little information this illuminated council would betray of themselves. Even in his position as Director of Scryer Asset Protection and Acquisitions, they thought him unworthy of their identities. It was maddening. “I felt his inexperience had left him compromised.” “Then why wasn’t he pulled from the field? We have ways to assess his mental and emotional states.” The Second spoke. His voice was much calmer, though still distorted through the methods of this communication. “He was still valuable where he was, ensuring that Vyel did not ruin the finances of the Visca Estate. His extraction would have alerted Rayfeather to something wrong, ensuring less cooperation. And then there is the matter of the Sanc—“ A projection of a globe of Azeroth would cut him off. Upon it were green dots scattered in strategic areas around it. The First would speak once more. “Orgrimmar, Stormwind, and Dalaran have all reported direct strikes from the Burning Legion. There are also constant reports of reinforcements being brought in from Hillsbrad, the Barrens, Dun Morogh, Westfall and Tanaris.” “Why Tanaris?” The Third spoke up. “There are Titan Sites near the area; they may be attempting to seize those.” The Fourth responded. “We are lucky that everyone is taking this threat seriously, Raeventus. This could have been far worse given the reports we have of what happened at the Broken Shore.” The Second addressed the kneeling elf once more. “I feel we may need to impress upon you the disastrous ramifications of your tactical blunder.” “One of which we will not tolerate again.” The First continued to seethe. “I understand the dire situation we are in, my lords. And given the circumstances, I thank you for your wisdom and patience. I have my department looking into ways to counter the Legion Threat.” The Magister’s head would bow lower before bringing his eyes to face them once more through the globe. “I will not fail again.” “You had better not, Raeventus. We can neither tolerate nor afford such errors any longer. We are fighting for our lives, for the very survival of our race and all others upon Azeroth.” “It is good then that the Order of Eversong has managed to find a way to re-activate their Emergency War Protocols.” To this, Magister Raeventus froze. His voice, uncontrollable at this point hissed a single word. “What?” “Yes, just last night. Is this something else that has failed to catch your notice, Raeventus?” “Who authorized it?” “Magister Frostwhisper. Are you telling me that you forget who you granted such clearance to?” “No, my lord…” The man took a brief sigh, and then a small smile. “I am merely surprised. The man is not prone to taking the initiative without consulting his superiors first. May I see the report?” The Third summoned up another projection, one the size of a page in a tome, and sent it towards Raeventus who quickly skimmed the report. His face was a practiced neutral. Frostwhsiper seemed to be becoming quite the young upstart… “…I’m sure the man has a long career with us as a Scryer. He should be praised for his diligence.” “With the Order of Eversong returning and with their Emergency War Protocols activated, they are going to need as much assistance as we can grant them. How quickly can we activate the Shattered Son Project?” Magister Raeventus shook his head at this. “He is not ready. There are not enough safeguards in place as of yet, should he prove outside our control...” “We knew it was only a matter of time before we would run into something that we would require Him again. This is why we granted you those resources, Raeventus. You have until the end of the week to get him ready. You are dismissed.” They had spoken. It was all the elf could do to hold back the defeated sigh that threatened to escape from his lungs. His eyes closed for a second too long blink before returning their gaze to the council. His hand reached in the darkness to touch the orb upon a pedestal that relayed the communications. The projections vanished in an instant; the room slowly regained its lighting. This gave him a short time to consider his next move, to regain his composure, before returning back to the world that which was still within his control… for now. He rose from his knees, and proceeded to the door. Now that the communication was over, it was unlocked and slid open with ease. Upon the other side was his always faithful companion. A short and thin woman, her attire that of regality and the unspoken threat of what she was: One of the Scryer’s Inquisition. She eyed him for a mere moment, “I see the conversation went well, Magister.” “As well as could be expected, Dawn.” His voice terse. “Your orders?” “We were given until the end of the week to activate the Shattered Son. Contact Frostwhisper, we have much to do… and not enough time. Something I fear will be a pattern in the next few months.”