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  1. Full Name: Shanoris Fargaze Nicknames: Shan, Shanny Date of Birth: August 9 Age: Unknown, at least 10,000 years Race: Night Elf Gender: Female Hair: Black Skin: Dark blue Eyes: Burning green (ritually gouged) Height: 6’9’’ Weight: 250 lbs Place of residence: Place of Birth: Mount Hyjal Known Relatives: Idaro (Father), Shalari (Mother), Kyrande (Younger sister), Kiroda (Younger brother) Religion/Philosophy: (Formerly) The Sisterhood of Elune Occupation: Demon Hunter Group/Guild affiliation: Illidari Enemies: The Burning Legion Likes: To show off, talent shows, flying, anything to get her adrenaline going, hot baths Favorite Foods: Spicy Tofu Favorite Drinks: Pandaren Beer Favorite Colors: Green Weapons of Choice: Warglaives, axes, and swords Dislikes: Prisons, chains, or being underground Hobbies: Enjoys “singing” loudly (thousands of years have not blessed her with perfect or even acceptable pitch), also is fond of foraging and fighting Physical Features: Beautiful, bold, and deadly. Her body is built to be a weapon as much as her glaives are. She has a strong, yet agile build that allows for tremendous feats of physical skill. Her hair is waist-length, well groomed, and raven-black. Two small horns protrude from her head, marking her for the Demon Hunter she is. Her skin is a dark shade of blue. She often wears light clothing, with a harness over his chest for carrying her demon-slaying warglaives. Her gouged eyes are uncovered, displaying her fel side plainly for all to see. Her smug, satisfied expression shows no hint of shame for what she is. Her tattoos similarly are left open to view, and are bright green, easily catching the eye. Her face is clearly mature, but also carries a hint of ageless beauty that could be mistaken for youth. Doubtless, she is old beyond any human measure, but no hint of it shows on her. Special Abilities: The talents of a havoc demon hunter mixed with the stealth and natural knowledge of a night elf Positive Personality Traits: Cheerful, friendly. Dedicated and strong-willed. Direct and honest, not afraid of showing tough love. Good at crafting order and arranging things properly. Negative Personality Traits: Boastful, attention-grabbing, insensitive, showoffish. Inflexible and stubborn at times. Takes time to adapt to new situations or cultures. Comes off as judgmental or out-of-date in her ways of thinking. Finds it difficult to relax or stay in one place for long. Can't express emotions much. Obsesses over what others think of her. Easy to arouse to anger if insulted. Misc. Quirks: Always keeps her hands busy, whether with her glaives, or with things she keeps in her pockets. She can’t sit still for more than a few minutes at a time. Played by What Famous Person: RiktheRed21 History: Though night elven memory is long, many of the oldest living cannot remember exactly their age. Shanoris knows only she was born early enough to be considered a woman grown by the time the War of the Ancients tore her homeland apart. Back then, she had had a rather normal life: training to be a sentinel, hunting trolls who had strayed too far from their tribal homes, playing with her brother and sister in the shadows of the highborne courtyards. It was a simple life for an elf in those days, yet a peaceful one. When the demons invaded, her father joined the ranks of Malfurion's druids to fight the Legion, while her mother followed Tyrande and the Sentinels. Shanoris, as the eldest, was tasked with protecting her siblings. She couldn't stand waiting while her parents risked their own lives taking the fight to the enemy. Though her brother, Kiroda, begged her not to, Shanoris left their home to make her way to the battlefield. Her sister Kyrande followed eagerly, hoping to live up to her big sister's reputation as a skilled huntress. When they first faced the invading demons, they both nearly died. But, they were saved by a shadow of a man, who called himself Illidan Stormrage. Of course, they knew of Illidan. Malfurion's brother, and a local hero where they were from. Yet he was mistrusted for his less than reputable methods. Shanoris wanted to follow him into battle, but Kyrande urged her to find the Sentinels instead. They would be better off helping the main force, she said. But Illidan's plan was ambitious, and would cut the demons out of Azeroth completely. Just the sort of plan she liked. She joined Illidan's small following, and together, they banished the demons. After the war was ended, Shanoris' parents found her, and Kyrande told them what she had done. As punishment, Shanoris' dream of becoming a Sentinel was taken from her, and she was forced under house arrest until her tutor could cleanse her of her impure thoughts and impulses. She made her life miserable by acting out, running away, and turning her home into a catastrophe. Any way she could expend her energy and get a reaction out of the man was enough to tide her over in the boredom of imprisonment. Following the war, her father had joined Malfurion and the other druids in their long slumber in the Emerald Dream, leaving only her mother to take care of family matters. She often spent her time out in the world, with her sisters in the Sentinels. Kyrande continued her training until she finally was allowed to join. Whenever she returned home, she and Shanoris argued over who was right and wrong during the war, but despite their disagreements, and Shanoris' jealousy, (though she never admitted to it), the two enjoyed seeing one another and sharing stories of making their superiors' lives miserable. Kiroda, on the other hand, resented them both for their rash behavior during the war. He cut himself off from them to focus on his studies as a druid. One day, Shanoris ran away from her home again, this time to find Kiro and pay him a visit. She eventually found him, but he refused to even call her 'sister.' Angry and distraught, Shanoris ran into the wilds, resentment for her brother boiled into rage. She lost herself to the wilderness for many years thereafter. In a hidden grove behind a waterfall in what is now Felwood, she discovered a blind hermit named Kath, who taught her the ways of Lord Illidan. She learned gladly, wanting to honor the one man who had shown her what true vision was. When her training was at last complete, she committed the ceremony of gouging her eyes and drawing in fel magic. With his new recruit set on the path of the true hunt, Kath passed on his warglaives, and allowed himself eternal rest. He had been wounded by a foe many years before, but had kept himself alive, in agony, just to know his legacy would not end. Shanoris lived on as a Demon Hunter to honor the man's sacrifice, and to protect her people from their own blindness, For thousands of years, she watched over the lands of the night elves, ensuring no threat would overwhelm them for lack of conviction. She sometimes visited her sister when no one was around to see them. Kyrande was unsure of the path her sister had chosen, but never told anyone of what she had become. That is, until the night their brother happened across them speaking. Kyrande had not known Kiro was home. In an effort to save herself of condemnation, Kyrande claimed Shanoris was trying to put her under some spell to brainwash her, and begged Kiroda to save her. Heartbroken, Shanoris defended herself as her siblings turned on her, but would not bring herself to strike them down. She was captured for her restraint, and locked in a cell deep underground to fester until the end of time. During her long imprisonment, Shanoris received no visitors, but her sister Kyrande, who had become a Warden, was able to come to her cell regularly. It took decades before Shanoris was able to speak to Kyrande again, but eventually they spoke just like in old times. When asked why she became a Demon Hunter, Shanoris answered, "So I could watch over you." When asked why she became a Warden, Kyrande answered, "So I could watch over you." 10,000 years had passed since the War of the Ancients. Tyrande had set Illidan free, so Kyrande did the same for Shanoris, claiming she had been given the order from the mistress. The other Wardens were doubtful, but Kyrande managed to get Shanoris free, and told her to find Illidan and be free. The two left on good terms, though their paths had led them in different directions. Shanoris was among the first to join the Illidari, and served her Lord well to this very day. She carried the warglaives of her master Kath into battle time and again to save Azeroth without thanks from its inhabitants. She was among those who joined battle with the demons on Mardum, and ultimately, she faced her sister atop the Black Temple. Once again, Kyrande betrayed her, and assisted Maiev in imprisoning the Illidari alongside their master. Shanoris felt her heart torn apart all over again. Years later, she was freed from her prison, and took up her teacher's warglaives to once more bring the fight to the Legion. When faced with the choice of remaining loyal to Lord Illidan, she chose loyalty, because with the whole world baring down on them, and only an uneasy alliance to keep them from imprisonment again, sticking together, rather than splitting apart, was more important than forging a new path. She believed that Illidan's power would be a necessity if they ever hoped to stop the Legion. Image: