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  1. Name: Kahlan Gustblade Nickname: Phantom Age: 40s (Late teens/early 20s human equiv.) Date of Birth: Undisclosed Race: Blood Elf Gender: Female Hair: Strawberry blonde Skin: Healthy pale Eyes: Fel green Height: 5'7" Weight: 115 lbs. Place of Residence: Dragon's Roost Port, Twilight Highlands Place of Birth: Shattrath City, Outland Known Relatives: Selash Gustblade (father, alive), Carrowyn Cealliagh-Gustblade (mother, deceased), Nanori Gustblade (adoptive mother, alive), Kailei Windstalker (aunt-in-law, alive) Religion/Philosophy: Seemingly agnostic. She doesn't talk much about her beliefs in any kind of higher power, nor does she seem to have much interest in doing so. Occupation: Assassin and Mercenary Group/Guild Affiliation: Borrowed Time Enemies: Seemingly intolerant of humans. Serinar and his allies, the Raven and members of the Inner Circle. Likes: Her father and both of her mothers, swordsmanship, being able to work alone, machinery and working with formulas and compounds. Favorite Foods: Things that won't slow her down, prefers lighter meals but does appreciate pandaren cooking. Has a soft spot for sweets, particularly chocolate. Favorite Drinks: Anything fruit based, particularly if its tropical or exotic. Has a growing appreciation for alcohol, following in her father's footsteps. Favorite Colors: Reds, blacks, golds Weapons of choice: Her signature katanas and revolvers, handed down to her by her adoptive mother and father respectively. Dislikes: Anything to do with physical intimacy of any kind, killing/acting without purpose Hobbies: None witnessed Physical Features: Very lithe and flexible, almost always frowning or carrying at least a neutral facial expression. Special Abilities: Fully ambidexterous, has very limited use of arcane and fire magic. Very fast in her movements when fighting, almost to the point of being unnatural. [Will finish later]