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  1. I don't remember actually going to Redridge. Like a sleepwalker suddenly awakening, I found myself stealthed, up on a ridge overlooking Lakeshire. Below me, the townsfolk had gathered at the cemetery... a funeral was underway. I could faintly hear the priest reading from a book. Passages reassuring the living that the dead had moved on to a better place. They seemed to accept what the priest was saying despite the fact that the dead lie not ten feet away in a hole in the ground. "A better place." "You need to kill them." The Black Blade whispered. I've grown accustomed to the da
  2. I remember the pain in my eye. Although it was raining when I emerged from the Mountain, I had been living in the darkness for so long that even the cloudy skies were painfully bright. The raindrops flashed with an intense light of their own as they fell, like miniature lightning bolts. I no longer felt weak as I stood at the entrance, my eyes attempting to adjust so that I could focus on the surrounding landscape. There is always the question, when one completes a great task, of "What's next?" When we think of a longtime struggle, or a lifelong dream, then finally, after weeks,
  3. The dream no longer haunts me. I don't know if it is because I have gleaned all I can from it and now it bores me, or if my exhaustion just allows me to sleep right through it. I no longer awaken in pain. It is as though my arms have become strong enough to withstand whatever force I had previously encountered. Things have changed. The other voices have gone silent now and even the Mountain Voice has changed. It is no longer the seductive feminine voice that guided me in my work. It has become deeper, stronger, more masculine. It no longer follows me around either. It seems on
  4. I agree that I keep coming back to Rogue as well. But I am interested in seeing how the changes have affected other classes. Perhaps those that I found unplayable are now within my reach. Since Rogue and Paladin are both melee, I've been thinking about trying a ranged class. Mage sounds like fun and Hunter is interesting, but I've heard a lot of people disappointed with Hunter, so no decision yet... but my main won't change regardless.
  5. Felonius had made a make-shift camp deep within Blackrock Mountain. He had found a small hidden cavern that gave him a safe place to work without needing to avoid the Dark Iron Dwarves that patrolled the area incessantly. He focused on his work, and when the voices in his head would give him a break, he thought about going to check on Audro. More than a few times, he packed his bag and headed for the entrance. But each time he reached daylight, he could feel the strength drain out of him. He became weak. He hated that feeling. Then one morning, the Mountain made good on her
  6. I awakened this morning feeling stronger than ever. My little make-shift camp in the bowels of the Mountain provided me everything I need... except a few things that will be forged into the Black Blade. "Come," said the Mountain, "I have something to show you." I've grown accustomed to her voice. I find it... soothing. Sometimes I try to imagine what she looks like... the Queen of the Mountain. With a voice like that, she must be beautiful. "What is it?" I asked aloud, "Where are we going?" She giggled. I've never heard her giggle before. I headed out of the narr
  7. I have packed a few provisions to last me a few days. I stopped off in Lakeshire to check on Audro, but he is still unconscious. If he were awake, I don't know what I would say to him... what I should say to him. Sorry? Sorry doesn't cut it. This isn't the first time I nearly killed my friend. There was that time when I first got the motorcycle. We were camped at Thunder Totem and I wanted to show off. I took Audro for a ride in the side-car and we ran a few laps around town. Audro wasn't exactly thrilled, so I kicked it up a notch and I tried to jump the motorcycle over the ele
  8. Felonius returned to Redridge after a day in Stormwind gathering his own supplies. He rode east along the southern highway. Bodies of gnolls littered the landscape. He felt a sense of pride that his new toxin worked as it was designed to. But, regretted that the poison had affected an innocent. Early in his life, Felonius embraced the rogue life. The freedom to do as he saw fit. He bent the laws to suit his own needs. He was very successful in his training as an agent and an assassin. He easily recalled the advice Lord Ravenholdt had given him decades ago: "Know your target." It was advic
  9. I don't know how long it has been. I never seem to remember to date these entries, not that I am even certain what day it is today. The Caravan is in need of supplies. Our usual custom is to barter our trade goods for whatever we need. This time of year, we tend to stockpile things for the winter. Now that our trade goods have been stolen, we are essentially penniless. Audro gave me a good tip that harvesting had not been completed yet in Redridge due to an increase in gnoll attacks. He felt this would be a window of opportunity for us to negotiate a deal, in exchange for ridding the area
  10. Felonius greeted the Magistrate as he entered the Lakeshire Town Hall. The Magistrate appeared busy with stacks of papers across his desk. He looked up, surprised to see Felonius. "You can't possibly have finished the job in one day!" Felonius smiled at the Magistrate. "I work smarter, not harder. But, no, it isn't done yet." "I see," said the Magistrate, "How did it go?" "Well, you do have a gnoll problem here. Worse than I remember. I found dens and camps all around Redridge. From Three Corners in the south, up through the Redridge Canyons, all the way to Render's Ca
  11. Core of Earth powdered... equal proportions to the iron... I know! Fiery core with a Heart of Fire... smelt until... SHUT UP! I know that part. When do I add the first socket? You mustn't be rude... never forget who you are speaking to... I'm sorry. You were saying? ... Hello? ... Look, I'm sorry. It's just that it's hard to think with all of you talking in my head at once. Please come back. ... Great, now I did it. I need a drink.
  12. Audro, I normally do not interfere with other people's business, especially friends, but I think the situation here is worthy of your immediate attention. I have met with Solomon and made arrangements for supplies if I take care of some errands for him. He introduced me to Lucas and Emily. I did not indicate that I knew you, nor did I discuss you in any way, as you requested. But Lucas is quite ill and honestly I don't know him well enough to know how ill he really is. He is clearly trying to appear strong. I spoke with Solomon briefly and it appears that Lucas is having a diffi
  13. The shipment of Core leather arrived today. It was expensive, but will be quite useful. I have drafted up the plans for the Black Blade and it is going to be incredible! It is going to take a long time to build though. Due to the way that each part interacts at various stages of the process, the process will be slow and methodical. Each of the phases of smelting, forging, and crafting have intermediate sub-phases that require specific processes over time, and key checkpoints at which the gems and relics must be incorporated. At first, I had a hard time visualizing each process
  14. Solomon and Felonius seemed to be in agreement. The two men made the short trip to a farm at the edge of town. As they traveled, Solomon mentioned that the farmer's health was failing and that he seemed a bit concerned about next year's crop. He said the farmer's son went missing awhile ago, and the old farmer has been a bit stressed over that as well. Felonius remained silent and listened. He wondered if Solomon was telling him a sad story to get him to give in a bit more on the deal they had just made. Before long, they arrived at their destination. The farm was not nearly as dilap