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  1. Well my character is a Frost DK. She's very harsh. She fights, to fight, not for any real cause because, as I've found in lore, Deathknights need to sate a desire to kill and cause pain. She could be a very cruel character if placed in a like minded guild but I suppose the guild could sort of mold her into a direction that matches the guild's themes.
  2. Thank you for the suggestion. I've sent an in game mail to this person.
  3. Yes. I did make the correct choice. The alliance answered my call. Thank you for asking. ^.^ But seriously. I'm sorry I forgot to state that I'm in the Alliance.
  4. I am a long standing RPer looking for contacts in guilds that are for less benevolent characters. I have a mature play style and am looking to make connections in the servers connected to Twisting Nether. Please, if anyone out there has any suggestions feel free to contact me. In game as "Tatyahna" on Twisting Nether.