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  1. I can still hardly believe the events that have transpired in the last few days. Time has moved too fast all of a sudden, jerking and twisting like a storm, sucking me into a violent whirlwind and then spitting me out, hurt, confused, and hardly able to make sense of it all. After the horror of the Broken Shore I returned with Cavanaugh to Tyr's Hand, both of us badly injured and in a state of silent, angry shock. We had become separated during the mayhem and I feared I had lost him for good. I cannot even begin to describe the joy and relief I felt upon seeing his face again after the battle. Those emotions were all too brief and I fear it will be a very long time before I feel such things again. It has been nearly 10 years since I first met him. 10 years. I have fought by his side, followed him from one corner of the world to another. I have called him my friend, my brother, my Commander. I have known this man for 10 years and that night after the battle a part of him was lost. I see what he is to become and I will not stop it. He has always been the Light to my Dark, the straight path to my narrow, winding road, the voice of calm reason to my screams of madness. But now. Now his eyes and soul burn like mine and I will whisper in his ear and coax him gently into the Dark. Not too far, just a step or two. In the face of all that has happened he will hardly notice the lines as he steps over them.